Taurus 2021 year ahead

This is an excellent time to focus on a new creative project – something you love doing – whether this is creative and or sporty – now is the time. Try something new – be more daring – step out of your comfort zone – remember it is just for fun.
This is also a great time to focus on your children – your relationships with your children are highlighted. Build on the love and joy – do fun things together – build memories and experiences.
What about romance? If you are not in a relationship, this is a wonderful time to get out there and meet new people. Perhaps you meet someone through a shared interest. Time to take a few risks in the search for love.
Your relationship is an important focus at this time – being loved and loving and caring for your partner. Are you feeling nurtured in your relationship? If you are carrying grudges and old hurt you need to let these go. Focus on the love, connection and care that you want to give and get in return. Is there tension in the relationship? Can you forgive? Can you let go old baggage? Will this transform your sense of self and your relationship? Things on the home front are slowly changing – you may not even be clear about what these changes mean at this time for you and your partner. The situation is fluid and lacks clarity – you need to sit with this discomfort until clarity emerges.
It is important to focus on your own financial well-being.
Your work and day to day life is a focus too. Use your abilities to communicate and write in your daily life.