Leo 2019 year a head

This is a very important time financially. All emphasis in this chart is on your personal and shared financial resources. You may very well end up with a bonus you least expected. Seems hard to believe when things are so tight economically. But it could also indicate that your income from your career and business is unpredictable and unstable. This will have an impact on your personal financial circumstances. There is tension between personal and shared resources. It is a great time to take a long term view of your shared financial situation and look to reduce debt as much as you can. What opportunities do you have professionally? You may look to make some changes. This is a good time to grow your partnership and look to your goals and vision and make plans to keep on track.
If you are not in a relationship, it seems like there are any opportunities that will come your way this year.

Mercury retrograde 8 to 31 July 2019

Mercury once again travels retrograde in July – this time in Leo. Mars is close to Mercury with Uranus square both these planets. This could be explosive! Retrograde Mercury is always a time to be mindful of your thoughts and what you say. We may all be prone to verbal outbursts during this time especially at the start of this retrograde cycle.
Be patient. Read the fine print. Don’t sign things until you are certain. You made very well change your mind. The deal you thought was concluded may backtrack.

Cancer 2019 year ahead

The focus at this time is your relationship and or business partnership. The real stress seems financial – personal resources and debt versus resources that are shared. Your partner’s financial situation may be somewhat stressed. Costs related to your children? You need to make sure that you are careful and responsible financially – be mindful of excessive debt. You need to be able to service debt particularly if your financial situation changes. What added responsibility do you need to shoulder if your joint financial resources are not where you would like them to be? If you look at your personal financial situation you perhaps need to ask yourself what is enough? Time to stop obsessing about accumulating more money and being comfortable with what you have, knowing that it is enough particularly if you are careful with your resources and set limits around your spending. You both seem to be very focussed on financial matters and this is important and necessary at this time. What needs to change financially – personally and jointly?
What can you do together to have fun to bring some spice and excitement into your relationship?
You seem to be enjoying your work – make sure you value your day to day work involvement. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.
What is happening at home? Things appear good but you may be avoiding dealing with a family matter or something that needs doing at home. Water/damp?
If you are not in a relationship and you really fancy your chances – get dating. You may be surprised!

Gemini 2019 year ahead

You seem frustrated personally in your career and relationship. Are you fulfilled emotionally in your relationship? What is bothering you? Is this relationship one that will stand the test of time? What needs to transform for you personally within your relationship to maintain your commitment to your partner? You seem torn between doing what works for you versus the needs of your relationship. Focus on your career and personal goals – is your partner supportive of what you want to achieve in your life professionally?
Work is very busy – you have many things on the go and this is good. You work is fulfilling. You dream about taking a vacation – make this happen.
Is there a partnership at work that is difficult at the moment? Seems like there are opportunities from a career point of view. Focus on the relationships that are good and working positively for you in your career. There are exciting opportunities that should be considered. You will be rewarded financially if you take the risk. This is a very good period for you financially in your career. Unexpected financial bonus could come your way.

Some thoughts on SA and the ANC 2019 and ahead ANC

Looking back, on 8 Jan 1990, Saturn made a conjunction to the Sun – a time for the leadership of the ANC to step up, taking on new responsibilities. A month later on 2 Feb 1990 the ANC was unbanned by FW de Klerk. It sure was a time for the ANC to play a much more significant role in the leadership and direction of SA.
Fast forward to 2019 and Saturn is once again conjunct the Sun in the ANC chart. A full cycle has completed – 29 year Saturn cycle. It is an important time to look at the roles and responsibilities of the ANC leadership. This is significant as once again it requires the leadership to be disciplined in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. It is a time to grow up, take charge, make important long term decisions and show leadership, thereafter earning the respect of others. This period is active from Feb to Nov 2019.
In addition there is a very difficult transit affecting the chart of the ANC – Pluto opposed Neptune – March 2019 to Nov 2020. This is going to be a very difficult time for the ANC as it gets to the bottom of all the illicit activities that have been going on within the organisation. Pluto demands that these allegations be investigated thoroughly. It is a time where the ANC needs to purge those involved in illicit activities and deal with matters that have been swept under the carpet. This is not going to be an easy process but is absolutely necessary for renewal. Strong leadership will be incredibly important at this time.
From March to Dec 2020, Saturn will make a conjunction to Uranus in the ANC chart. This last happened on 26 Jan 1991 after the ANC was unbanned in early 1990. This will once again be a time when we are likely to see the emergence of something new within the ANC. It describes that there will be a clash of the traditional versus more modern/innovative/revolutionary values and ideas. It speaks about a time of renewal if undertaken in a responsible, methodical and structured manner. It is likely to be rocky and unstable during this period of transition. Hopefully after this time they have rid the organisation of the corrupt and rotten members of the party and can move forward on a new trajectory.

The chart of South Africa has the Sun at 6 degrees Taurus. Uranus is currently moving through the sign of Taurus. This is a time where change is disruptive and unpredictable. The sun in a chart refers to the leadership of the country and this indicates that big changes are necessary. It describes that these times will be rocky and turbulent but could also be exciting if we embrace a new direction. We will need to be bold and innovative.
We do need to clean out the rot and this is not going to be a pleasant process. The SA chart describes that for the next 3 years from 2020 to 2022 we have to embark on a major clean out and those responsible for corruption need to be sent to jail.
From Jul 2023 to April 2024 things will shift significantly. Do we have a woman in the presidency? The public will have had enough and demand significant change. The public service will need to be changed fundamentally. This is not going to be easy. Transformed into a public service – truly at service to the people of SA?

The big themes at this time are Jupiter square Neptune (2019) and Saturn conjunct Pluto (2019 and 2020).

Neptune is associated with spying and illicit activities. Jupiter will exaggerate and magnify these allegations.

Investigations and surveillance are associated with Pluto. Saturn describes doing the right thing and working within defined structures with institutional integrity.

What does this all mean?

All the illicit and illegal activities that have been perpetrated in the past will come to light eventually after a deep and thorough investigation. Those involved in these investigations are likely to be obsessed about finding the evidence to hold those accountable for their actions. It is likely to be a deeply difficult task but rewarding if the rot of corruption and greed are purged. In this way we will have a chance to push the reset button as the skeletons of the past get exposed for what they are and new systems emerge to replace what has gone wrong in the past.

That saying ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is very evident at this time. Doing the right thing is important. Equally power and influence can very easily be used in the wrong way. We must insist that leaders holding positions of authority in the political and corporate sectors use their influence for the greater good.

Taurus 2019 year ahead

The big focus is your career and the success you want from your chosen profession or business interest. The focus is the financial rewards from your career. Expect some surprises. Bonus and or unexpected lump sum payment. The circumstances around this financial arrangement are somewhat unpredictable. You may be taken by surprise by the outcome and or speed with which things change. Be open to the unexpected when it comes to career success and financial rewards from your career or business.
It seems like you need to make it happen for yourself. Focus on what you want and what you love. Be bold and embrace new opportunities.
This is an excellent period from a relationship perspective. Your relationship grows from strength to strength. What do you want in terms of your relationship status at this time?
This is an important time financially – especially with regards joint financial resources. Make sure your financial situation is well structed and you have a handle on your debt burden. This is an excellent time to plan for your future – think long term.
You may experience loss at this time.
There is tension in your life between your children and your career. The needs of your children are demanding and not only does the chart describe that the emotional needs of your children are draining – but so too the financial needs of your children.
Do you want to have another child at this time? It may be difficult emotionally. But there are indications that you will be successful falling pregnant. Do you need the assistance of fertility treatment? It may be appropriate to embark on a fertility treatment program. This of course will also have financial implications.

Aries 2019 year ahead

Family and home life is a focus. But it seems like there is tension at home and this relates to your career or business. Your work role is frustrating and you are conflicted about your work and daily life. Managing your children and work is perhaps also proving to be challenging.
This is an important time personally – you need to focus on your financial situation. Focus on long term financial goals. Deal with debt. Put measures in place to deal with these matters. You need to be serious about sorting out financial matters. This is a very good time to be making decisions and putting plans in place. What changes do you need to make in your business/career? What is the impact on your day to day work role? What must change at home to make matters easier financially? It is time to be disciplined and time to act.
It is important that you and your partner/spouse are on the same page and ready to make some changes to alleviate the issues at home. There is something on the home front that you are not dealing with and or not seeing. Make sure you are communicating and sorting out family matters.

Mercury Retrograde – March 2019

Mercury changes direction on 5 March and travels retrograde until 29 March 2019 before turning direct again. What will make this retrograde period more challenging is that Mercury finds itself in Pisces – the sign of its detriment and fall. Mercury is not comfortable in Pisces. Mercury concerns itself with details. In Pisces which is Jupiter ruled, the focus is the big picture and the search for the truth. It is a time where we are going to need to go over things and re-look small details and sift through the bits and pieces of information in search of the truth. Jupiter is in Sagittarius the sign of its rulership and is particularly strong at the moment. The search for the truth is very powerful at this time. The trickster (Mercury) will be desperate to continue telling stories and half-truths. There will be intense pressure for the truth to come out. But deception is all over Mercury and those peddling lies will continue to fabricate stories and half-truths. This is powerful when Neptune will connect with Mercury on 24 March and 2 April. Neptune will add to the confusion. Be aware of lies and being deceived. Seems appropriate that South Africa is dealing with matters of corruption and state capture through the various commissions of enquiry. Let’s hope the truth comes out.
Make sure you back up phones and computers. Hold off making travel plans. Make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Things may change or you may become aware of things that may influence your travel plans. Use this time for research and information. Don’t get mad if people don’t get back to you – they may not have received your email. You may very well have to start the conversation again.
Be mindful about any business dealings. Are you being deceived? Is the deal too good to be true? If so, it probably is.

Pisces 2019 year ahead

This is a very good year personally. You are full of joy and optimism. You want to travel and explore the world. This seems like your main mission at this time. It would also be a good time to study if you so desired.
Your focus is your family and ideally you would love to travel with your family – but there seem to be some issues. Your partner appears to be uncertain and the rest of the family members may also have their doubts. Can you convince them and pull it off or will it be best to go on your own?
This is an important year financially. It is a time to be sensible and prudent financially. Think about your long term financial situation. It is important that you make sensible decisions about the value of things and what they cost. Be careful about excessive debt at this time. Make sure that if your financial situation changed at some point in the future that you would still be able to service the current debt. Be sensible about borrowing and perhaps it is time to be more prudent and cautious financially.
You are wanting some adventure – perhaps try a new sporting and or creative activity. It may not work out as you expect.
What about your children at this time? Things may be up and down and your child/children may be more challenging than normal – perhaps a bit rebellious?