Mercury retrograde – 13 August to 5 September 2017

Mercury is retrograde again and this time it is retrograde in Virgo – a sign it rules. This should be an interesting retrograde period. In Virgo Mercury is very pedantic, taking care to dot i’s and cross t’s. Detail, detail, detail. This is the important theme.
It would be very good to be extra careful about any communication that is uttered or sent out in emails, letters and or contracts. Choose words carefully and precisely. Look over all the details before signing important documents or contracts.
Check flight details and plan trips paying attention to all the details.
Look after keys and make sure you put them in a safe place so as not to displace them.
Backup all computer and phone information. It would be a real inconvenience if you lost information unnecessarily.
This is an important time to be patient and make sure you have all the information you need to make decisions. Perhaps hold off signing documents until you feel you have all the information required. This could well only happen once Mercury changes direction and goes direct again. Be patient. Delays may end up being kind to you. Don’t get frustrated if contracts are taking time to conclude. Once again it may well work in your favour.
If you lose an item, you may very well find it once Mercury goes direct again.

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Louise Kerby

I am an astrologer practising traditional astrology in Cape Town. I specialise in birth chart readings. I am passionate about people’s stories and their life’s journey. It is very empowering for a client to understand and accept their life story. I am also fascinated by world events and the links to the planetary cycles. It is this notion of history repeating itself that fascinates me.

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  1. To complicate matters Mercury opposes Neptune at the start of this retrograde period. Neptune is associated with deception and lies. It is going to be a difficult period working out exactly what is being said and written about as there will be much deception present.

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