Excessive debt and spending crisis looming in 2019/2020

We are entering an interesting period astrologically in the next few years. Jupiter entered Sagittarius on 9 Nov 2018. It will stay in this sign for about a year until 2 Dec 2019. Jupiter loves being in Sagittarius, the sign of its rulership. The attributes attached to this combination are of optimism, adventure, travel, trade and gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the world.

But at the same time Neptune will square Jupiter creating some confusion and deception. This phase starts on 19 Dec 2018 and ends on 19 Oct 2019. It is exact on 16 June and 21 Sep 2019. Expressed positively this will create circumstances that are naively optimistic. Opportunities to speculate and gain with little effort. There will be a sense of endless positive growth and expansion. Expressed negatively this could lead to poor speculation and mass panic as people fear losing their wealth. Circumstances are perfect for scandals to flourish – ultimately caused by an underlying instability. The analysts may have a difficult time diagnosing the real issues. It is also likely a period of extreme greed and wastefulness. This period was last active in 1936.

In early 2019 Saturn will connect with Pluto. This period is effective from 28 Feb 2019 to 24 Nov 2020. This aspect is exact on 12 Jan 2020. This is a difficult combination of 2 powerful planets. Expressed positively it describes toughness and tenacity , extreme endurance and the ability to be disciplined while working in challenging conditions. Expressed negatively it describes a cold-hearted, hard and unfeeling disposition, with a tendency towards violence and fanatical adherence to principals once adopted – no matter the outcome. This is a very self-destructive energy and could imply the loss of one’s fortune or possessions. Pluto rules death, debt and taxes. A crisis will hit those who have not managed their financial affairs appropriately and are unable to service their debt. The tax authorities may eventually catch up with those who have evaded tax for a very long time. Banks may be forced to stop lending and the cycle of spending may cease or slow down dramatically. This period was active in 1914/15 and 1946/47/48 and then again in 1982/83.

In addition Jupiter will connect with Pluto. This period is effective from 29 Feb 2020 to 11 Dec 2020. This aspect is exact on 5 April, 30 June and 12 Nov 2020. Once again this is a powerful combination. It describes an extreme desire for power. Expressed positively it describes the desire to lead the masses and the need for social and or religious regeneration. It describes the search for justice of those oppressed. The world needs a moral and social rejuvenation. Expressed negatively it describes the pursuit of fanatical gains and the desire to exploit the masses. As the saying goes ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. This is described as a period of massive social uprisings. The loss of social status and the possibility of losing all your worldly possessions. Excessive debt. It describes conflicts with those in power. This period was active in 1918/19 and 1930/31 and 1943 and 1955/56 and 1968/69 and 1981 and 1994 and 2007/08. We know what happened to the global economy in 2008. It all started in 2007 with the subprime mortgage crisis in the US. It soon resulted in a banking crisis with the collapse of Lehman Brothers on 15 Sep 2008. Excessive risk taking by banks across the globe magnified the crisis. Massive bail-outs by governments followed to avert a full blown global financial collapse. The European debt crisis followed.

This pressure cooker situation is at its peak between 8 and 24 Nov 2020. Let us hope that the global leaders can avert a crisis and make a commitment to address the global challenges related to debt, wealth and poverty. Citizens across the world need to hold those in power to account. Corruption and excessive greed and waste need to be stopped. Money and power needs to be used appropriately for the betterment of society as a whole. A new respect for all countries and cultures needs to be cultivated. The oppression of groups of people must stop. We have an opportunity to create a better world once we have made some fundamental changes in policy and application. We need dedicated and committed leaders who respect citizens and are working towards the greater good of the world and humanity.

Mercury retrograde 17 Nov to 6 Dec 2018

Mercury once again changes direction during this period. This is a reminder to back up your phone and computer. Be mindful of any contractual agreements. Do you have all the information at hand? Part of this time Mercury will find itself in detriment in Sagittarius. It could very well behave badly! Be careful how you deliver your message – the brutal truth may be more easily misinterpreted. Travel disruptions and misunderstandings? Check travel details. Pay attention to the detail at this time generally. More likely to have car troubles? Could be an irritation more than anything else.

8 to 24 Nov – 2020 – Time of fundamental readjustment globally

• Saturn finds itself in rulership in Capricorn hence very powerful. This is the authority. Doing what is right and knowing right from wrong. Being responsible and taking charge. Setting limits and boundaries. Knowing and understanding what responsibility is and what it entails.

• Jupiter finds itself fallen in Capricorn – the real lesson here is knowing what is enough. Jupiter wants us to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world. The problems of greed and excessive use of authority will be problematic at this time.

• Pluto finds itself in Capricorn and one gets the sense that this is very much about power and authority and the use of this influence. So the saying ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ seems to describe this time very appropriately. One can only hope that all that is wrong with the current system collapses at this time. Those who find themselves holding positions of power and influence who have not used these positions to create good in the world must take responsibility for this abuse of power. This applies to people as well as corporations, institutions and governments.

What is concerning is that Mars (God of War) is squaring this very powerful collection of planets. This is something that should have us all concerned. Mars finds itself in Aries and this is a powerful and aggressive Mars.

In 1940 and 1941 Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct (WW2). In 1915 and 1916 Saturn and Pluto were conjunct (WW1).

Jupiter conjunct Saturn – happens about every 20 years
Jupiter conjunct Pluto – happens about every 13 years
Saturn conjunct Pluto – happens about every 35 years

It truly does seem like the world needs to take stock of where we find ourselves and take responsibility for our actions and decisions taken to get to this point. One would hope that those found wanting end up paying the ultimate price for their abuse of power and that a new set of leaders can emerge at this time that want to do things differently for the betterment of society and humanity.

So many retrograde planets!

On 7 Aug Uranus starts its retrograde motion. There are currently 6 planets in retrograde. Those being Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!
It seems like we really need to retrace our steps! From 19 August things shift as Mercury travels direct again, followed by Mars on 27 August, then Saturn on 6 September, Pluto on 1 October and Neptune on 25 November. Uranus will turn direct again on 6 Jan 2019.
It appears to be a frustrating period. Not easy to get things done at this time. Not easy to see who takes responsibility? What about the communication misunderstandings? Seems like processes and procedures are getting blocked at each and every turn. Have to check the details. We may have to retrace our steps before we can proceed.

Total lunar eclipse – 27 July Pretoria 2018 and its connection to South Africa

This eclipse is powerfully connected to the South Africa chart of 27 April 1994. The eclipse forms a strong connection to the Government and ruling party and the opposition. This is a powerful configuration with Moon and Mars forming a grand cross with the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. Mars is powerful in Capricorn but finds itself retrograde and frustrated. Mars is square Uranus which in itself is a very volatile and aggressive combination. The connection to Jupiter magnifies this tension and aggression.

A lunar eclipse in the first 10 degrees of Aquarius is a health warning for a certain king or leader. SA experienced this eclipse as total and this magnifies the impact in our country.

Mercury retrograde 26 July to 19 Aug 2018

Are you about to sign a contract? Things might well get delayed. Get all the information – some extra information might also reveal itself in this time. Delays are inevitable and may help the process ultimately.
Back up phones and computers.
Be conscious of your conversations and your general communication with others. This is a classic time when things can easily get misunderstood.
Look after your car keys – they may more easily get lost!
Be careful on the roads – you don’t want to get involved in an unnecessary car accident. It could be a real inconvenience.

Partial solar eclipse – 13 July Cape Town

This eclipse takes place at 20 Cancer at the new moon. Pluto (retrograde) opposes the Sun and Moon. This adds a level of intensity to this eclipse. In the Cape Town chart this eclipse is taking place in the financial houses – yours and those you share with your partner or spouse. Pluto rules debt and death. What needs to shift? Look at your levels of debt and make some fundamental adjustments to your lifestyle. Do you experience loss and perhaps benefit financially? How does this allow you to perhaps restructure your debt levels?

William Lilly described the solar eclipse in the last 10 degrees of Cancer as a signal that men of this sign will suffer from many diseases. He specifically talks about French Pox. This was because of the outbreak in the French army and this disease refers to syphilis. So take care from a health perspective.

This eclipse also belongs to the saros series 2 Old North. This eclipse is thought to bring unfortunate news concerning friendships or relationships. The concept of loss and or endings is appropriate. It does however describes that with this unfortunate news things are likely to turn out positively in the end. You will know what must be done to move forward with the situation you find yourself in.

Looking back in history – Uranus in Taurus – June 1934 to Oct 1941

We need to bear in mind that the last time Uranus travelled through Taurus was during the period 6 June 1934 to 5 Oct 1941. This was a particularly challenging time globally as the world recovered from the Great Depression of the early 1930’s. Sadly it will be remembered as a time when fascism took hold across Europe and World War 2 began on 1 Sep 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. France and Britain then declared war on Germany. We can only hope we don’t end up in a similar space this time around. But we need to be very mindful as history has a way of repeating itself and we are back there again. Fascism is extremely dangerous and polarising.
Uranus is once again moving through Taurus. It started this journey on 15 May 2018 and will stay in this sign until 8 Nov 2025.

Uranus in Taurus – May 2018 to Nov 2025

Uranus started its journey into Taurus on 15 May 2018 and will stay in this sign until 8 Nov 2025. Uranus usually spends about 7 years in each sign.
Uranus is a disruptive and unpredictable planet. It likes drastic change and risk. Uranus strives for personal freedom and independence. Its nature is inventive and it wants to find innovative solutions to problems. Uranus likes to create chaos and in that way disrupt the status quo so that dramatic changes are necessary. Mostly one needs to remember that Uranus is very unpredictable and likes sudden and unexpected surprises and changes. Uranus likes things to be exciting and crazy all at the same time. You may very well feel like your life is on a roller coaster ride.
So with that in mind what can we expect for the next 7 years? Firstly Taurus is a fixed, earth sign and the ruler Venus naturally signifies money and love. In the sign of Taurus the role of Venus relates to our value system – mostly financial and our sense of worth – financial worth. Taurus likes stability and with Uranus travelling through this sign we can expect some major discomfort. If you have your Sun in Taurus then big changes are on their way as Uranus moves across your Sun. It will be time to take a calculated risk and back yourself. It signifies a time to re-invent yourself.
Scorpio opposes Taurus and those with Sun in Scorpio will have Uranus opposing their Sun creating circumstances ripe for a radical change in direction. So whichever house your Sun resides that is the area of your life where big changes will be taking place. The key houses on the angles are self/body and your relationship. In addition career and home and family life. The most visible changes happen in these houses. All the fixed signs will experience the affects of Uranus moving through Taurus. So those with Sun in Leo and Aquarius will have Uranus making a 90 degree square aspect to the Sun. The same message applies – expect big changes.

Mercury retrograde – 3 to 23 Dec 2017

Once again Mercury changes direction and turns retrograde. Back up phones and computers. Be patient concluding deals and signing contracts – there may be delays. Information may change – new things may come to light. Be careful how you articulate your thoughts and ideas – others may misinterpret your communications. Car troubles? Accidents? Annoying period where little things may go wrong.