The message is loud and clear. We have to SURRENDER. Stay home. The enemy is invisible and yet powerful. Surrendering is a profound spiritual concept. We can all learn so much as this time. Stop fighting. SURRENDER.

Definition of surrender

  • stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority
  • give up or hand over (a person, right, or possession), typically on compulsion or demand

In a time of crisis we naturally respond with either FIGHT or FLIGHT. We are now being asked to do something quite different. SURRENDER. It is time to submit and go with the flow. We need to understand that we are all connected here is SA and globally.

This time of lockdown will give nature time and space to breathe. This will be the greatest climate change experiment ever conducted. At the end of this process, we will have the data and evidence needed to track our impact on the planet. The world needs to stop this excessive drive for growth and consumption. It is an outdated 80’s concept which was when this cycle last began. Saturn conjunct Pluto between 21 January 1982 to 26 September 1983 and now again between 28 February 2019 to 24 November 2020. The world is looking for a new paradigm. We all have a part to play.

It is time to find the stillness within. We often blame our situation on others. Now we have to look deep within. There are no distractions. This is often an uncomfortable process, but very powerful. It is time to take personal and collective responsibility. We need to stop being so selfish. It’s not about you. It’s about us.

21 days. It is always said that new habits form in this time. There is no time like the present. Make changes to your life or lifestyle. Start a new practice. Meditation. Breathe work. Mindfulness. Drawing. Writing. Painting. Settle. Find calm. Do whatever it takes to get into the flow of life and living. Find the peace within. This is a profound time of letting go. There will be loss – life and resources. It is going to be incredibly challenging and yet we have an opportunity to do something quite different once this crisis has settled. Make this time count. You may never get another opportunity.

Time to act – Covid -19 virus

Between 17 and 27 March 2020, Mars will connect with both Jupiter and Pluto. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and this supports the need to act decisively to contain and slow down the spread of this virus. It is important to flatten the curve of new infections which are growing exponentially. We do not need to overwhelm our health care system with an additional burden in this time of crisis.

And so last night on 23 March, President Ramaphosa announced that SA would be in lockdown from Thursday 26 March at midnight for 21 days. Only food and medical trips would be allowed and the people of SA have been asked to stay at home.

Covid-19 and its impact globally and here is SA

Jupiter conjunct Pluto – this conjunction started on 29 Feb 2020 and ends on 12 Nov 2020. It is exact on 5 April, 30 June and 12 Nov 2020. These dates may become important in this pandemic.

These planets were last conjunct between 16 Nov 2007 and 5 Jan 2008. The global financial crisis of Dec 2007 to June 2009 which started with the subprime mortgage crisis. It was followed by a period of extended recession – Great Recession between 2012 and 2015.

As I have mentioned before Pluto is associated with the following – atomic bombs, assassinations, bacteria, betrayal, catastrophes, cemeteries, coffins, convicts, crematories, crime, death, decay, decomposition, defiance, demolition, destitution, devastation, dictators, disasters, epidemics, evacuation, executions, extremism, filth, gangsters, garbage, mortality, murder, obituaries, plagues, plutonium, poison, pornography, procreation, prostitution, purging, rape, rodents, rotting, rubbish, sewage, suicides, swamps and bogs, taxation, tyrants, victims, viruses, volcanoes and wars.

Jupiter will magnify these problems. Jupiter is fallen in Capricorn – this creates further problems. Jupiter is not comfortable in this sign. With respect to the Covid-19 virus we must expect the death toll to rise and the cases to increase. Debt problems will escalate post the shut-down here in SA and globally. Those with debt problems prior to this crisis will find themselves in very difficult circumstances. The ripple effect across the economy will multiply exponentially – just like the Covid-19 cases. That is why it is so important for us to flatten the curve so that the health professionals can cope and not become overwhelmed by the problem. We need to stay at home.

Government will realise it has a massive fiscal deficit. With businesses not able to trade and generate income, the government will feel the effects of less tax revenue. The government will need to provide financial support for all entities caught up in the shut-down. It is going to be a massive undertaking for everyone.

We can’t take our eye off the ball currently – these are unprecedented times. We need to find sustainable solutions collectively.

Black Death – 1346 to 1353

During this period Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Aries between 25 Feb 1350 to 8 Feb 1351. It was exact on 13 April 1350. This is an interesting graphic showing the spread of the disease and the timeline as it moved across Central and East Asia and into Europe. It was thought to have been carried by fleas or black rats that travelled on the merchant ships spreading the disease across Europe. It was referred to as the Black Death but also the Pestilence, the Great Bubonic Plague, the Great Plague to just the Plague. The effects were devastating. It is regarded as the most devastating pandemic in human history. The death toll was estimated to be between 75 million and 200 million people. It peaked between 1347 and 1351.

Saturn is conjunct Pluto once again – this time in Capricorn between  28 Feb 2019 to 24 November 2020. It was exact on 12 Jan 2020 when news starting emerging from China that there was a problem. The earliest case has been traced to 17 Nov 2019 and the outbreak took hold in Dec 2019, the epicentre being Wuhan, China. WHO declared this a pandemic on 11 March 2020 as the virus had spread to every continent. Air travel globally has been severely disrupted as the world tries to slow the pace of this pandemic and flatten the curve of new infections.

Astrologically this is serious and needs to be treated this way. The lessons are about taking personal and collective responsibility to create a sustainable path forward. Fear is paralysing and is not going to help us solve this problem. This is a different kind of war – an invisible enemy – a virus that does not respect our man-made borders and boundaries. We need to imagine that we each have the virus and make decisions about our actions based on not wanting to infect others and in this way change our behaviour.

Things are grim and this is why.

Saturn is conjunct Pluto and the signature for war and or financial meltdown are powerful.

Pluto is associated with atomic bombs, assassinations, bacteria, betrayal, catastrophes, cemeteries, coffins, convicts, crematories, crime, death, decay, decomposition, defiance, demolition, destitution, devastation, dictators, disasters, epidemics, evacuation, executions, extremism, filth, gangsters, garbage, mortality, murder, obituaries, plagues, plutonium, poison, pornography, procreation, prostitution, purging, rape, rodents, rotting, rubbish, sewage, suicides, swamps and bogs, taxation, tyrants, victims, viruses, volcanoes and wars.

As you can see this list is filled with associations we don’t particularly find pleasant. But there it is.

Saturn is a malefic planet – tending towards difficulty. It is also associated with death and endings, but its main message is to teach us about our personal and collective responsibilities and duties. Once again these are not light and fluffy associations – more like burdens.

Saturn is conjunct Pluto (28 Feb 2019 to 24 November 2020) and this planetary configuration is particularly challenging and doesn’t happen frequently making it more powerful.

Previous Saturn Pluto conjunctions since 1900.
• 22 July 1914 to 5 July 1915 – WW1Exact – 4 Oct and 1 Nov 1914 and 19 May 1915
• 2 Nov 1946 to 3 June 1948 – post WW2Exact – 11 Aug 1947.
• 21 Jan 1982 to 26 Sep 1983 – Cold War period (1979 to 1985 – threat of Nuclear War) and Falkland Islands War – Great Britain and Argentina (1982), Iran/Iraq War (Sep 1980 to Aug 1988), Lebanon War (1982)Exact 8 Nov 1982

It could be that the world is fighting a different kind of war currently. Covid-19 might just be what humanity needs at this time. Instead of waging conventional warfare as we have seen in our past history we are waging war against a virus that doesn’t respect international borders and boundaries. We might just realise that we are all connected and in this together. We will need to take individual and collective responsibility going forward. We will also need to realise that we are as strong as our weakest link.

The responses from certain countries in terms of lockdown are extraordinary when we consider that this is a time of peace. The financial disruptions and uncertainties are like no other as this is a supply crisis. With certain borders closed, travel bans in place, schools closing and sporting contests cancelled amongst many other interventions, the implications are vast and extensive.
The debt levels in society are extreme and unsustainable. People, businesses and countries are drowning in debt. When businesses are forced to close and life as we knew ceases to function as it did, the implications financially could be quite dramatic especially for any entity high geared. Debt requires income to service the debt and when the income dries up, the debt problem explodes. We would be naïve to think we have this under control.

The message is clear – we are on an unsustainable path going forward. Individuals, corporations and countries are drowning in debt. With an economic crisis those on the edge will falter. We will need to fundamentally restructure our personal lives, the way business functions and society and governments at large.

Harry Prince of Wales – Just call me Harry

I wanted to see what was happening in his chart and it is interesting that he has transiting Saturn (1st house) squaring Pluto (10th house). This speaks about giving up a position of power and authority and finding a path independently. This transit starts in April and runs through until Dec 2020. In addition Jupiter (1st house) squares Venus (10th house) and this describes his desire to seek new opportunities professionally (Feb to Sep 2020).
Looking ahead transiting Neptune will oppose his Sun – May 2021 to Jan 2023. The Sun in his chart is in 9th house (places abroad and legal matters) and rules his 8th house (shared resources/inheritance). This will be a tricky time for Harry as the dream he envisioned is perhaps harder to achieve in reality than he anticipated. There is no doubt he wants to be abroad. He likes being abroad and likes to travel. It is great having access to resources of others to make this happen. Transiting Neptune implies that this access to resources is dissipating and changing. He may even feel that he has been deceived. But with Neptune we need to work out was is real and what is an illusion.
In addition from June 2021 to March 2022 transiting Uranus will oppose Saturn in his chart – this is an indication that he does need to reinvent his income stream professionally.

Mercury retrograde – 17 Feb to 10 March 2020

Mercury rules communication, technology, contracts, travel and cars. These are the aspects of life that may become troublesome during this period. Take time, check details in contractual matters – don’t get fussed with delays – these may actually be in your best interest. If you need to sign contracts during this time, be mindful that there may be delays or information could go missing. Did your email reach the recipient? Was there a hiccup with the server? Was you message understood as you intended? This is classically a time when there may be more misunderstandings. Be careful how you word your messages so that there is less chance of anything being misunderstood.

Back up computers and phones. There may be more problems with technical equipment. What about your house alarm?

Travel details may need to be revised. Once again check details. Allow extra time for delays and unforeseen issues. What about baggage going missing?

Pay attention on the roads – you don’t want any unnecessary issues with your car.

Be patient and use the time to reflect. You may need to be more patient.

Ramaphosa – does he have the determination to succeed?

17 Nov 1952

Soweto, Johannesburg

Sun and Moon in Scorpio – this explains a certain level of intensity. The Moon is uncomfortable in Scorpio. Moon rules our emotions and responses to situations and connects us to people. This may well describe how difficult it is for Ramaphosa to connect with ordinary people. He always seems awkward in his responses to situations – shocked at this or that. Scorpio is a mute sign – it has no voice. He feels deeply and yet perhaps finds it hard to articulate his feelings. His Moon is also connected to the star Agena which emphasises that this person identifies with some cause which needs to be healed or corrected on a personal or collective manner.

He was also born with Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra. Dreams vs reality and wanting a fair and just society knowing that those in authority are doing the right thing and not abusing their positions of authority in society. Being born in the apartheid era which was clearly an unjust system was good reason to want to change the system to a more equitable, fairer system for all. This was the dream and the challenge lay in making this reality. Saturn and Neptune are conjunct the star Spica in his chart adding to his brilliance in this regard.

He was also born with Mars in Capricorn giving him large doses of drive and determination to make things happen. Mars squares Saturn and Neptune giving him the drive and determination to imagine and change the existing system/status quo in society.

Uranus squares Saturn and Neptune creating the revolutionary spirit to challenge the status quo and imagine a new society embracing new opportunities.

This is the chart of an activist and someone that will be very successful in life through shear grit and determination.


Pluto conjunct Saturn/Neptune – 2019 and 2020 – this is a really challenging situation and requires a fundamental shift in his ideals for the society he imagines. It indicates that the imagined reality is not working and he must not be scared to let go of old models and beliefs around the ideal society and reimagine the possibilities. The dream did not materialise and a new dream needs to be imagined from the ashes of the current destruction. There is an implosion happening and fundamental shifts are required. This is happening to Ramaphosa personally but also very much about the SA he imagined. It has not worked out as planned. He needs to make a fundamental shift personally to create the change required in SA.

Jupiter square Saturn/Neptune – March to Nov 2020 – making space for growth around new dreams and ideals that can create a new reality. This is a time of opportunity even when things look so dismal and delusional.

Saturn conjunct Mars – Feb to Nov 2020 – decisions must be made and taken. Action must happen at this time. Duty to act responsibly and do the right thing. Jupiter conjunct Mars – April to Dec 2020 – giving much energy and opportunity to action matters of importance. This is not the time to be soft – the chart talks about a certain amount of resolve and determination to act. It is now or never for Ramaphosa.

Pluto conjuncts Mars in April 2021 and through to the end of 2022. This describes a situation of no more Mr Nice guy. It is time to get angry and tough. It is time for extreme measures to shift the fundamentals. This is described as a time of being ruthless. Is this when we see what Ramaphosa is made of? There have been many calls for Ramaphosa to grow a backbone – it is time. In 2021 Jupiter will square his Sun and Moon and give him more reason to be positive and optimistic.

We need Ramaphosa to succeed to turn SA around. Here’s hoping he has the balls to do what is required when we have our backs to the wall.

9 Oct 2020

Mars square Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter. Mars in Aries – very powerful. War like archetype. Mars opposed Sun. Sun square Moon. Moon opposed Jupiter. Sun and Jupiter fallen. Leadership compromised. Truth and justice compromised. Saturn and Mars both in rulership. Action and doing what is right. Versus abusing authority and acting with excessive force. Moon in rulership – people strong.

Saturn Pluto conjunction 2020

These planets are conjunct between 28 Feb 2019 to 24 November 2020.
The conjunct is exact on 12 Jan 2020. This is a very powerful and destructive force for change. The only positive thing about this conjunction is that Mars and Uranus are not aspected in this chart and make no connection to this conjunction. These are 2 volatile planets – one associated with war and aggression (Mars) and the other rebellion (Uranus).

4 Aug to 19 Oct 2020 – Saturn conjunct Pluto, Mars in Aries, Mars square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto. This is a very powerful and destructive period. The signature for war is very prevalent. Mars is very powerful at this time and connects to this powerful collection of planets in Capricorn.
Mars in Aries – 28 June 2020 to 7 Jan 2021.

Retrograde planets –

Mars 9 Sep to 14 Nov 2020

Jupiter 14 May to 13 Sep 2020

Saturn 11 May to 29 Sep 2020

Pluto 25 April to 4 Oct 2020

All these players are retrograde during this period too and once they travel direct things could shift dramatically. The signature for war is very powerful in 2020.

Previous Saturn Pluto conjunctions since 1900.

22 July 1914 to 5 July 1915 – WW1

Exact – 4 Oct and 1 Nov 1914 and 19 May 1915

2 Nov 1946 to 3 June 1948 – post WW2

Exact – 11 Aug 1947.

21 Jan 1982 to 26 Sep 1983 – Cold War period (1979 to 1985 – threat of Nuclear War) and Falkland Islands War – Great Britain and Argentina, Iran/Iraq War, Lebanon War

Exact 8 Nov 1982

Data wars? Data rights are new human rights. Data is now more valuable than oil. Data most valuable commodity. Personal data being used without our permission makes human beings commodities. Are we entering into a period of data wars?