Zimbabwe – new chapter

The sun is a country chart refers to the identity of the country and its leadership. The sun is at 28 degrees Aries in the Zimbabwe chart. This has been an interesting time for Zimbabwe as Uranus passes through the end degrees of Aries. Uranus is currently conjunct the Sun in the chart of Zimbabwe and the critical time frame is from July 2017 to April 2018. The key months are July and Sep 2017 and April 2018. Uranus is a revolutionary planet. It demands radical change. It requires innovative changes. It is a disruptive planet and creates chaos to enforce change. This is a time of fundamental change in Zimbabwe. The country requires a new identity and new leadership – ideally younger leadership.

Between Feb and Dec 2018 Pluto will square itself in the chart of Zimbabwe. This refers to fundamental changes that need to take place within the legal framework of the country. It is time to discard aspects of the legal system that no longer work, break with the past and recreate a new legal system for Zimbabwe. The key months are Feb, Jul and Dec 2018. This planetary transit requires the new leadership of the country to make significant changes to the constitutional framework of the country. This is not going to be an easy process but if done properly it will give Zimbabwe a chance to more forward in a new direction with a new legal framework. The old system must be discarded to move forward.

2017 and 2018 will prove to be significant for the future of Zimbabwe.

Jupiter – fixed signs – end Oct 2017 to Nov 2018

Jupiter moves into Scorpio and the impact will be felt in all fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. So for those who have your Sun in any of the fixed signs this promises to be a period of opportunity and growth. You need to be aware of new opportunities in your life. You are being asked to expand and grow. Get new knowledge, travel, look at new opportunities as they present themselves during the year ahead.

Mars in Libra – 23 Oct to 9 Dec 2017

Mars is not comfortable in Libra. Mars likes to be single-minded in its approach. In this space it is not able to act in the manner it would like. Libra is after all the turf of Venus – relationships. Taking action will have an impact on others who may not like what you have done. This causes conflict. During this time we have to learn that our actions have direct implications for others. Sometimes there is conflict and we have to work hard again to restore the balance. Equally not acting is also problematic. Not doing what you want because you are aware that others will not be happy only leads to one outcome – you get frustrated!

Jupiter moves into Scorpio

On 11th Oct 2017 Jupiter moved into Scorpio. It will take about a year to move through this sign. This passage lasts until 8 Nov 2018.
All those with Sun in Scorpio will benefit from this period of growth and expansion. Think back to what was going on in your life between end Oct 2005 and Nov 2006. You are in a similar phase currently. Did you get involved in a relationship, did you get a new job, did your role expand at work? Did you benefit financially at this time? Where the Sun is in your chart, your luck changes and the focus shifts to growth and opportunities.

ANC needs to reinvent itself – key message in 2018

Between April 2018 to Jan 2019 the message is loud and clear – it is time for the ANC to re-invent itself. The ANC needs to look back to the roots of the organisation and find a new sense of purpose and direction. It is time for a new generation of leaders to emerge. Uranus indicates a period of great instability as the reset button is activated. One wonders if the organisation will once again expel disruptive elements within the party. The time is ripe again for this kind of reaction. The key months to be aware of are April and Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. The action is likely to be sudden and unexpected.

Between Oct 1974 and Aug 1975 the ANC found itself in a similar position. This was an important time to redefine the strategy and purpose of the ANC. It was a time of radical change. It was a period of great instability. At this time, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC held a meeting in Tanzania and unanimously expelled eight members. The reason given was that these people were described as being involved in “disruptive factionalist activities based on reactionary racial grounds”. Amongst those expelled were Alfred Kgokong Mqota, Tennyson Makiwane, Jonas Matlou, Ambrose Mzimkulu Makiwane, George Mbele, Thami Bonga, Pascal Ngakane and O. K. Setlhapelo.

ANC in crisis

The ANC needs to redefine its purpose and reinvent itself. There is no doubt this organisation needs a major shake-up in its leadership and direction. Uranus is always associated with the rebellious and revolutionary. It is an unstable and unpredictable force. It demands change often in a chaotic manner. Its main message is innovation and reinvention. This is a critical time for the ANC – May 2017 to March 2018 (May and Oct 2017/March 2018).

The ANC faced a similar crisis between Dec 1973 and Oct 1974. A major shake-up in the ANC leadership was required. Chris Hani and Thabo Mbeki were co-opted onto the ANC’s National Executive Committee. They were the youngest members to sit on the committee at the time.

It is time again to be bold and get younger leadership involved in the ANC. The organisation needs to reinvent itself and come up with innovative solutions to the problems it faces. It indicates that this will also be a very disruptive and chaotic period in the organisation. Uranus likes chaos and surprises.

Mercury retrograde – 13 August to 5 September 2017

Mercury is retrograde again and this time it is retrograde in Virgo – a sign it rules. This should be an interesting retrograde period. In Virgo Mercury is very pedantic, taking care to dot i’s and cross t’s. Detail, detail, detail. This is the important theme.
It would be very good to be extra careful about any communication that is uttered or sent out in emails, letters and or contracts. Choose words carefully and precisely. Look over all the details before signing important documents or contracts.
Check flight details and plan trips paying attention to all the details.
Look after keys and make sure you put them in a safe place so as not to displace them.
Backup all computer and phone information. It would be a real inconvenience if you lost information unnecessarily.
This is an important time to be patient and make sure you have all the information you need to make decisions. Perhaps hold off signing documents until you feel you have all the information required. This could well only happen once Mercury changes direction and goes direct again. Be patient. Delays may end up being kind to you. Don’t get frustrated if contracts are taking time to conclude. Once again it may well work in your favour.
If you lose an item, you may very well find it once Mercury goes direct again.

The ANC in crisis – what do the eclipses in Aug 2017 reveal?

The ANC was founded on 8 Jan 1912 in Bloemfontein. On that day the Sun was at 16 degrees Capricorn.

The sun refers to the identity of the organisation and the leadership. The sun is always associated with life/vitality. But these are dark days for the ANC.

There are 2 powerful eclipses in Aug 2017 – one today on 7 Aug – partial lunar eclipse and another on 21 Aug – total solar eclipse. In these 2 charts, Pluto sits at 17 degrees Capricorn. This is very difficult for the Sun in the chart of the ANC.

It reiterates the narrative that this is a crisis period for the leadership of the ANC. The identity of the organisation is also in a crisis. Pluto denotes that powerful and fundamental change is required. It indicates that the organisation needs to purge the current leadership or risk self-destruction. Fundamental change is required to move forward as an organisation. This vote of #NoConfidence in Zuma is critical at this time. It is a crisis point for those Members of Parliament as they have to consider voting with the conscience. Will the ANC members put South Africa ahead of the interests of the ANC? Do they recognise that this is a fundamental point in the history of the ANC and a time where the reset button needs to be activated?

The message is clear – to renew the ANC they need to purge the current leadership. If not they will self-destruct and only have themselves to blame.

Total Solar Eclipse – 21 Aug 2017 – President Trump and USA

This eclipse’s path will black out the entire midsection of the USA, from Oregon through to South Carolina. The path where an eclipse is total, is where it will be felt more powerfully on our planet. So this is a very significant eclipse for the USA. It is the first eclipse since 1918 that will completely black out the USA stretching from the west coast (Oregon) through to the east coast (South Carolina).

In addition this eclipse is very powerful and prominent for Donald Trump. He was born on 14 June 1946 in New York on the day of a total lunar eclipse. This indicates that his role in business and his public life will be prominent. His business and family interests are powerful in this chart.

The Sun and Moon at 28 Leo sits on Trump’s Ascendant (29 degrees) and Mars (26 degrees) and opposes his Part of Fortune (28 degrees) in his relationship house. His personal life and his relationship are in the spotlight. Mars is his chart rules his home and family life, foreign countries and legal issues too. In addition Saturn makes an aspect to the Sun opposed Moon and Nodes in his birth chart. Saturn teaches us to take responsibility for our actions – in his case his professional and business interests and his family. Saturn is a burden, it teaches lessons around limitations and restrictions. His role as President and his family life are under pressure at this time.