South Africa – Aries Ingress 2016 year ahead

When looking at the chart of a country, the Aries Ingress chart is drawn and this sets the scene for the solar year ahead. A new chart is drawn for each quarter (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) to add more detail. But the main themes come from the initial chart – the Aries Ingress chart set for the Capital – Pretoria.

This chart describes that President Zuma is all powerful. As the saying goes – “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. President Zuma is in very real danger of abusing his authority and power. He is likely to be drawn into legal battles – especially by the opposition, the youth and those interested in education. South Africans will resort to the courts on more and more matters.

Our image is one of instability and as things stand the situation in SA is currently unpredictable. The threat of strikes is also likely to harm our image in the world. Corruption is plaguing our economy.

The public servants are unhappy – they too may take the Government to court to settle differences. Our public service institutions are under enormous pressure currently – hospitals, prisons, military and police. Corruption is a massive problem.

The youth are focused and driven. Education is a big factor. The opposition are gunning for the youth and those that care about education. This is where our focus must be right now. We need to fix SA – provide education for the youth. They are our future.

The Cancer Ingress chart for 21 June 2016 (3rd quarter 2016) is very interesting. This is a stressful chart and in astrology stress creates circumstances ripe for change.
The people of SA are fed-up with the President and so too are the opposition. The lines of battle are drawn. The media could play an important role is exposing the President. Corruption remains a problem for our institutions and public servants. Our institutions are not running as they should. SA is still seen as unstable in the eyes of the world and our President is still seen as possibly abusing his position of authority. This is a stressful chart. Does the ANC recall Zuma? Do they get the fact that ordinary South Africans have had enough?

The Libra Ingress chart for 22 Sep 2016 (4th quarter 2016) shows that corruption remains a massive problem and is very harmful to our image in the world. Our economy remains unstable. We appear to be beholden to others financially. There is a chance Parliament regains power and recognises that it has a role to play in terms of keeping the President and Government accountable.

Oscar Pistorius release?

Oscar Pistorius was due to be released from prison on 21 August 2015. But the Justice Minister intervened on 19 August 2015 as Pistorius had not been eligible for consideration at the time of the parole board’s decision to release him. His release was only due for consideration on 21 August 2015.

The parole board made the decision to release Pistorius on June 5 2015, when Pistorius had served just over six months of his five-year sentence. This was in contravention of Section 73(7)(a), which required him to have served one-sixth of his five-year sentence before being considered for placement under correctional supervision.

On 19 September 2015, the parole board issued a statement saying that said Pistorius needed to wait for another 2 weeks behind bars after a second hearing to decide his early release was postponed.

Mercury went retrograde on 17 September 2015 and goes direct again on 9 October 2015.

Oscar Pistorius was originally sentenced to 5 years in prison on 21 October 2014. Mercury was once again retrograde.

On 20 Oct 2014 I wrote this……
‘Tomorrow the Judge will hand down sentence in the Oscar Pistorius trial. Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of Libra – the scales of justice. This literally describes how the information and evidence needs to be weighed in order to administer justice. No easy task.
Mercury is known as the jester, the joker, the trickster and the messenger. What are the implications for Oscar with the sentence being handed down when Mercury is still retrograde? Is the process complete?’

This process is not yet done and it seems there are still some twists and turns ahead for Oscar. The State’s appeal for the acquittal of murder charges against the culpable homicide-conviction will be heard in the Supreme Court of Appeal in November 2015.

Nepal Earthquakes – when is another big earthquake likely to occur?

On 15 Jan 1934 one of worst earthquakes in history hit Nepal. It measured 8.3 magnitude on Richter scale. The epicentre of this event was located in eastern Nepal about 100 km south of Mount Everest. The three towns of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan were severely affected and almost all the buildings collapsed. Large cracks appeared in the ground and several roads were damaged in Kathmandu. In Sitamarhi, not a single house was left standing. In Patna, only one castle remained standing, with the rest of the city being turned to rubble. In Rajnagar, near Madhubani, all the Kutcha buildings collapsed. The total number of deaths recorded in Bihar was 7253. and other deaths in Nepal ranged between 10,800 and 12,000.

I am interested in the planetary transits during these earthquakes and I wanted to see if there were any patterns with this current earthquake in Nepal. And then more importantly what was likely to happen in the future.

Between 18 Jan and 10 Feb 1934 the following transits occurred. These are a very powerful group of planetary transits. Uranus and Pluto are associated with earthquakes. Uranus has an unpredictable nature and Pluto is very destructive. Jupiter magnifies events.
• Uranus square Pluto
• Jupiter opposed Uranus
• Jupiter square Pluto

The latest earthquake occurred on 25 April 2015 in Nepal. The epicentre was near the village of Lamjung, in the Gorkha region, approximately 80km northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city.

Were there any similarities in terms of planetary transits?

Uranus square Pluto – this planetary configuration has just moved out of exactness – this process started on 3 June 2012 and ended on 7 April 2015. This square was exact between 24 June 2012 and 7 March 2015.

In the next few years Jupiter opposes Uranus and Jupiter squares Pluto. These were the other 2 planetary aspects at play in the 1934 earthquake. They have just missed getting involved this time in the Uranus square Pluto. Could this earthquake have been worse if these Jupiter aspects were involved? It very well may have been a lot worse.

• Jupiter opposed Uranus – exact between 26 Dec 2016 and 28 Sep 2017. Enters 19 Dec 2016 and leaves 2 Oct 2017.
• Jupiter square Pluto – exact between 24 Nov 2016 and 4 Aug 2017. Enters 18 Nov 2016 and leaves 10 Aug 2017.

There are no periods in the next 2 years when these two transits connect although they are active during a similar period.

It seems like this time only Uranus square Pluto was active and technically was out of aspect during this #Nepalearthquake.

Looking ahead geologists predict that this region experiences major earthquakes every 80 years. Uranus takes 84 years to complete a full circle around the Sun. Uranus and Pluto are both associated with earthquakes. Uranus creates sudden chaotic events and is an unpredictable planet. Pluto on the other hand is destructive and associated with death and decay.

Looking ahead when do these 3 major transits connect to create the possibility of another major earthquake in the world?

Between 23 April 2073 and 2 May 2073 the following transits will occur. These are the same as in 1934. Based on past history it would seem that another major earthquake could hit this region again. This is then sooner than the 80 year cycle geologists mention.
• Uranus square Pluto
• Jupiter opposed Uranus
• Jupiter square Pluto

It seems like this period ahead could be very problematic from an earthquake point of view. This is 58 years from now.

I would advise mountaineers to stay away from Mount Everest during this period in 2073. It looks like an unpredictable period in the world especially when it comes to natural disasters – acts of God. We know that both Uranus and Pluto are associated with earthquakes. Jupiter is an expansive planet and magnifies things – most likely making this earthquake more powerful than usual – probably greater than 8 magnitude on the Richter scale.

South Africa – Aries Ingress 2015 year ahead

Pluto sits 2 degrees from the Ascendant. This represents our image in the world and it is destroyed. Pluto is a very destructive planet and rules death, trauma and terrorism. It shows the dark side – and this is now visible for all to see. The rainbow nation is no longer – there are serious issues that we have to confront as South Africans as our image is destroyed in the eyes of the world.

Our challenges are with our neighbouring countries. The police and military will need to deal with tensions. Access to public services are the real issue – safety and health. Parliament will need to deal with these matters to restore our long term credibility. There are no quick fixes. SA has made global headlines in recent weeks with news of xenophobia attacks in Johannesburg and Durban. #NoToXenophobia has been a big trending topic.

The challenges also relate to rail, road transport, post and telecommunications and the media. There are likely to be some traumatic accidents in SA in the year ahead. In the last few days we have witnessed a tragic Metro Bus accident in Rosebank, Johannesburg and a rail disaster there too. #TrainCrash and #BusCrash.

For the people of SA – land is the issue. The President seems to realise that this is an important topic and he needs to find solutions. President Zuma comes across as isolated – ineffective.

The President realises too that our future depends on our children and their success and education plays a key role. We must get this right. We also need to value and protect women and children in our society.

The political opposition are strong and determined like never before. There are some disruptions and surprises on the political front. This could also point to the fact that we need to think about the land issue in a radically new way – we must find solutions. If not there will be more disruptions and general unrest.

South Africa – Aries Ingress 2014 year ahead

Government is in a difficult place this year. There is a strong focus from Government on the public service – health, police and the military. There is enormous potential in this sector and yet it seems to be falling short. There are problems in terms of service delivery and these issues need to be addressed. Illicit activities are taking place in much of the public service and this will need to be rooted out to turn the public service around. The prisons and hospitals are in a bad state and this does not aid those in the public service. The public service is also caught up in legal battles.

Parliament is also very focussed on the public service. There seems to be an acknowledgment from both Government and Parliament that service delivery is key and this sector must be turned around.

Disputes within the country are tarnishing the image of SA. A threat of violence and rebellion is present amongst those known to the state. The internal conflict in SA could also relate to our foreign policies. People are not in agreement.

The economy is in a difficult place. Government is very aware of this and is focussed on the long term goals of the SA economy. Issues to do with land, farming and mining are top of mind during this year.

There is massive tension between Government/President and the opposition. The opposition wants the President to go. There are also those known to the state who want radical changes at the top.

SA is very aware of the issues in our society related to women and children. There is an opportunity for good to prevail. The Government is also aware that the issues affecting women and children must be addressed. Resources are required and also political will to turn this situation around.

Pluto in Capricorn – 2008 to 2024

Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 and stays there for a very long time as it is a very slow moving planet. It finally leaves Capricorn at the end of 2024.

In this sign we see the obsession with being in power and having authority over others. The real danger is as the saying suggests…

‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

The issue we need to learn is to use power wisely and not to abuse the power we have over others.

Where is Oscar Pistorius now in his life?


Mercury phase – Nov 2004 to Nov 2017 – 18 years to 31 years – his sporting career is the focus this decade.
• Mercury/Sun – March 2014 to Jan 2016 – his sporting career and a significant relationship are the focus.
• Mercury/Venus – Jan 2016 to Nov 2017 – this will be a significant time in terms of his profession/status in world and his legal battle.

Progressed Moon

• Conjunct Moon in 6th – Feb 2014 – significant time emotionally and in terms of his work/daily routine and health.
• Square Venus – April 2014 – legal process appropriate – likely to experience both ups and downs. This will no doubt have a big impact on his family.
• Square Pluto – Jul 2014 – fall from Grace? Under severe pressure in the public arena.
• Square MC – Aug 2014 – career and standing in society under scrutiny.
• Conjunct 7th – Dec 2014 – significant time in his life with regards to a relationship.

For the next few years of his life, a relationship is in the spotlight – Dec 2014 to Dec 2016.

Solar Arcs

• Feb 2014 – Mercury = Saturn – have to rely on support of friends – especially old connections.

2013 Solar Return chart – Pretoria

This is an interesting chart.
• Sun ruler of Ascendant in 4th – he is relying on his family.
• Mars in 2nd ruler of 9th and 4th – his family are providing financial support for the legal process.
• Moon (rulership) and Jupiter (exalted) in 12th house – he is isolated and feels very alone. He has had a hand to play in his own sporting downfall. This has been spectacular. The risk of confinement/prison is weighing heavily on him emotionally.
• Moon opposed Venus – the tension is intense and the impact on his daily life/health and professional status may take its toll.
• Mercury and Saturn in 3rd trine Moon in 12th – he is being supported emotionally by his siblings.
• Pluto conjunct Venus in 6th and Venus ruler of 10th – risk of illness. Fall from Grace.
• South Node in 9th house – legal issues – this is tricky.


Nov 2013 – 27 years of age. Same cycle as 15 years.

A relationship is an important focus this year.
His family and sister provide emotional and moral support.
Friends provide enormous support to him during this year.
It is a tricky year personally, his ability to work and his health may be fundamentally affected this year.
Saturn rules legal issues in this chart. This implies that the legal process will take time.

Transits – looking backwards over the last few years…

• Neptune square Mars – March 2010 to Jan 2011 – illusion of success and self-importance – may not last?
• Neptune square Sun – March 2011 to Feb 2012 – illusion of professional success and a significant relationship – may not last?
• Uranus square Neptune – June 2011 to March 2012 – sudden change in financial situation, career resources suddenly dissolve/change.
• Saturn conjunct Venus – Nov 2012 to Jul 2013 – issue with career and the law/legal system. Family having to shoulder some responsibility.
• Saturn conjunct Pluto/MC – Dec 2012 to Sep 2013 – career over, change necessary, fall from Grace.

Transits – looking forwards to the next few years…

• Aug 2014 – Jupiter conjunct Moon/square Venus/Pluto/MC – this looks like an important time in terms of the legal process and the impact on his life. Progress.
• Jupiter opposed Ascendant /square Mercury – Sep 2014 to April 2015 – relationship in focus, important time in his personal and sporting professional life. He is supported during this time.
• Saturn conjunct Sun – Dec 2014 to Sep 2015 – time for him to take responsibility for his life. It is also an important time with regards a significant relationship. Saturn completes a cycle. Denotes an ending.
• Saturn conjunct Saturn – 1st Saturn Return – Jan to Sep 2016 – he reaches adulthood and this is a time to learn about responsibilities. Saturn rules 12th house in his chart – his own undoing. It also rules confinement/prisons and hospitals. It will be interesting to see where he finds himself at this important milestone in his life.

Oscar Pistorius birth chart

The Oscar trial is about to start and I wanted to look at the Oscar Pistorius birth chart and get an understanding of his life path.

Oscar Pistorius
22 Nov 1986

Sun in Scorpio – in 10th – career success is important to Oscar. Sun also rules 7th house – a relationship is also important to him.
Mars square Sun – he makes and creates his own success. He is a person comfortable in the limelight.
Mercury in 10th and ruling 5th – he can play sport in a professional capacity. He should enjoy what he does.
Pluto on MC – he wants to succeed and will do whatever it takes. The challenge is to use his position of power and influence wisely. This planet could indicate a rise or fall from Grace. He is obsessed about being successful.

Saturn ruler of Ascendant in 11th – financial success from career is important to him.
Uranus in 11th – resources are likely to fluctuate at certain stages in his career – big bonus or sudden slump in financial resources. Financial situation unpredictable.
Jupiter in rulership in 2nd and ruler of 11th – he will be successful financially. This is a lucky planet in his chart.

Moon in Leo in 6th – this is a person who needs to work. He needs to have a daily involvement in a meaningful pursuit. He likes to be admired and is a warm person. He likes to make a difference to the lives of others from the work that he does.

Venus ruler of 9th in 10th – this planet represents the law/legal issues and post graduate studies/travel opportunities. This planet has mixed dignity. It is a benefic in nature and in this way it wants good to prevail. But in detriment in Scorpio it will behave badly at times. He is likely to have a few run-ins with the law. These will play out in public and affect his profession.
Venus conjunct Pluto – this looks more tricky – obsession with success, power and influence may lead him to do some regrettable things. These issues will have to be resolved in the courts.

Venus also rules his 4th house (home/family/father) – an indication that the relationship he had with his father was not straight forward. His family/home life growing up had good aspects to it and some more challenging. His parents got divorced when he was 6 years old.

Mars ruler of 10th in 1st – he was close to his mother.
Pluto on MC – traumatic circumstances likely to affect his mother. Also an indication of how influential she was in his life.
• Neptune conjunct Pluto – Dec 2000 to Oct 2001 – the loss of powerful person in his life/his mother – life changing experience for him – 15 years of age when his mother died.

Mars in 1st – part of body – right tibia. Sabian Symbol – A tree felled and sawed.
He ended up with a bi-lateral, below the knee amputation as he was born without the fibula, the long, slender bone running along the outside of the leg from below the knee joint and down to the ankle, in each of his legs. This was done when he was 11 months old.
• Solar Arcs Pluto = MC – drastic change in life direction – 11 months after birth – Aug 1987.
• Transit Pluto conjunct MC – Dec 1986 to Oct 1987 – dramatic change in destiny/direction in life.

His athletics career started post a serious rugby injury in June 2003. He was introduced to running in Jan 2004 while undergoing rehabilitation at Pretoria University High Performance Centre. Competed in Athens in 2004 Paralympics. In June 2004, he was given his first pair of Össur manufactured Flex-Foot Cheetahs eight months after first stepping onto the track.
• Uranus conjunct Mars – April 2002 to Jan 2003 – accident or injury to body – sudden/unexpected.
• Uranus square Sun – March to Dec 2003 – radical change in career direction, new opportunities, new professional identity.
• Neptune conjunct Ascendant/square Mercury – April 2003 to Dec 2004. Direction in life slowly evolving and changing – will also have an impact on his sporting ability and profession.

Nelson Mandela

The first thing about this chart is to know that this man would not be complete without a strong women behind him or with him. He needed to be in a relationship and the chart promised more than one relationship. He had 3 wives – Evelyn Wase, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Graca Machel.

He also has a strong connection to his home/roots and place of birth. There will be issues with his children and those of his partners. He has often talked about the fact that he has not necessarily been a good father to his own children mostly because he was not around. We have a sense of him being the father of our nation and yet his own children lost out.

He is described as man of the law and will have issues with the law and authorities in general.

The Moon representing emotions and the way we respond to the world is in the 12th house and in astrology this space represents the place of self-undoing and is associated with hospitals and prisons. This was his great struggle being confined and not able to connect with women and children. The Moon is naturally associated with the mother/child.

Tutu often said ‘prison made the man’ and this was where he would learn an incredible amount about himself through pain and suffering.

Progressed Moon

10 Jul 2013 – progressed Moon opposed his natal Moon in birth chart. This was a very significant time and indicated a health crisis which landed him in hospital (place of confinement).

He died on 5 Dec 2013 at the age of 95 after suffering a prolonged respiratory infection.


What is happening to the ANC?

Jan to Nov 2006 – Pluto conjunct Mercury – hidden agendas. Secret enemies against organisation. Massive communication and legal issues for organisation.
Jan to Nov 2007 – Pluto opposed Pluto – this was a time of fundamental change and upheaval in the organisation. The destructive forces from within the ranks of the organisation out to destroy it.
March to Nov 2008 – Jupiter conjunct Sun – President of ANC is buoyant and optimistic.
March 2009 to Jan 2010 – Neptune square Mars – the ANC is losing its way with regards education and land issues. Time of conflict internally.
May to Dec 2009 – Jupiter square Mars – throw more resources at the education system to try and solve problems.
Uranus square Mercury – April 2009 to Feb 2010 – unexpected legal issues. Corruption and other secret scandals. Service delivery protests. Unpredictable time in organisation.
Uranus square Pluto – April 2010 to Jan 2011 – revolutionaries within the organisation want to transform and ultimately destroy the organisation.
Saturn square Sun – Jan to Sep 2011 – the president will be challenged during this time. He as leader will have to take responsibility for where the organisation finds itself.
Saturn square Uranus – Jan to Sep 2012 – the leadership of the ANC must take charge and discipline radical elements within the ANC. Status quo versus radical new solutions.
Neptune square Venus – March 2013 to Jan 2014 – value system of the organisation is under threat. The ANC are not taking the issues of women, children and education seriously.
Neptune square Jupiter – March 2014 to Jan 2015 – manipulation of justice system and truth. Corruption is a real problem within the ANC.
Neptune opposed Moon – April 2014 to Feb 2015 – women within the organisation are disillusioned.
Uranus square Sun – July 2014 to April 2015 – radical change for the leadership of the organisation. Sudden change in leadership of the ANC. Leader falls.
Pluto conjunct Sun – Feb to Dec 2016 – devastating time for leadership of ANC. Time for fundamental change within the organisation.

• Zuma charged with rape in Dec 2005 and charges dropped in May 2006.
• Zuma elected leader of ANC at Polokwane congress held in Dec 2007.
• Mbeki recalled as President of SA in Sep 2008.
• General election held in April 2009 – Zuma becomes President of SA in May 2009.