Aries 2020 year ahead

This is an excellent time to focus on your personal life, your work and day to day routine. There is a great deal of focus in this chart on financial matters professionally. There are some challenges. Is your revenue growing in the direction you want? These are challenging economic times and you may need to make some changes in the business that have financial implications going forward. What opportunities exist at this time professionally? Time to be single-minded and determined in solving these financial matters. It may well be time to look at the things that don’t bring in the resources you expect. What can you change? It is important to focus on the long term sustainability in your business – look at revenue and debt levels in business. You need to make this time count financially. Restructure if necessary – it could help your business in the long run. Study again in you need to progress your business interests. You may also need to get legal advice to resolve these financial matters.

There are some issues in your relationship and at home – but it appears you are not ready to deal with these currently. If yours is a relationship with children on both sides, this may also be causing some concerns. You will need to deal with these matters at some stage.

This is a social period in your life and it is important to make decisions about the people and friends you want to be around. You may want to make some changes.

Pisces 2020 year ahead

There is lots of pressure in your chart – firstly you are not content – you are concerned about your career prospects and the financial implications. The financial rewards that you had hoped for are not likely to materialise. It is important to take a long term view and manage all your debt and tax obligations prudently. You need to pay attention – this is not the time to think that all will ok. You are delusionary if this is your approach. It is time to get real. Financial issues are causing you great discomfort and this is affecting your relationship and your joint financial situation. It is time to be decisive and put all your energy into resolving these issues. Children are a concern – perhaps the long term financial implications need to be prioritised. It is time to make serious decisions that will make it easier to navigate this path going forward in the future. You can’t hide away – you need to deal with these matters decisively. There may well be issues with friends or work colleagues. Power struggles. The main message is to look for long term sustainable solutions in your business.

Aquarius 2020 year ahead

The big focus this year is resources – especially shared resources with your partner/spouse or business partnership. It is very important to plan for your financial future and look at your financial situation especially with regards to debt and taxation. This could be a very difficult time financially especially if you are highly geared and indebted. You may well need to cut your cloth according to your means. You need to work as you need the money. The chart indicates that resources from your career are up and down and irregular in nature. You will need to navigate a rocky path financially. Resources will come your way -more than likely in lump sums and then nothing. Plan for this irregular flow of income from your business/career.

These partnerships need your focus and attention as things may not be going as easily as you would like. Jointly you need to buy into a plan and a future.

You would like to travel and or move abroad. Is the grass greener on the other side? This could also be creating tension in your relationship. It looks like a good time to plan a holiday far away.

If you need to deal with any legal matters with regards a partnership then you need to proceed.

Loss is a theme you will need to contend with over this period.

Capricorn 2020 year ahead

This is an important time personally. But it seems like you are keeping things close to your chest. You are working behind the scenes looking at opportunities personally. You need to take responsibility for yourself and do what is best for you in the long run. What is going on financially? Take matters in hand and look at your personal financial circumstances. Debt and taxes. Are these matters in order? Are you up to date? Are you drowning in debt? How can you restructure your financial situation? It is time to cut back and look at the long term sustainability of your personal financial situation. Debt/worth and resources – these are important matters to consider and sort out.

How do you define your personal success in the world? Is it all about financial success? There may be something you are missing when you think of success only in this narrow way. How would you define your success if you consider more broadly your influence in the world? Colleagues, friends and your relationship. You may realise that you are not completely content when it comes to these other aspects of your life.

You are struggling on an emotional level. The financial strain may be taking its toll. Make decisions and be firm. Know your limits. Resources and children. You may need to make some adjustments which will be disruptive but consider the long term situation. You need to be able to cope in the long run. It is pointless drowning in debt.

Some family matters may be weighing you down. You are inclined to push these away and not deal with them. This will not be helpful in the long run.

Sagittarius 2020 year ahead

This is an important time financially especially with regards your joint financial circumstances in your relationship. You need to make it count personally and jointly. Important that you operate as a team but there appears to be tension. You want more freedom and independence. What is best for yourself and your relationship/partnership? What is best financially for your partnership? This may not be easy to decide. If you were single or independent you may act differently. How does the partnership expect you to act? What is in the best interest of your partnership? Financial matters are top of mind.

Pooling resources to jointly benefit is an important theme. Do you have money to travel? Family trip with your children?

Good time to think about your career and long term prospects in life. Is there any additional knowledge you require to meet your long term objectives? Any opportunities further afield? Will these amount to anything substantial? Financially they may appear to be too good to be true. Look at things carefully and make sure all legal documents are well understood in terms of contractual matters.

Good time for your partner to fall pregnant. Go for treatment if required. May just be what is required at this time if this has been a struggle.

Scorpio 2019 year ahead

The big focus for the year ahead is your relationship. There is tension. You seem to want or need more independence and this needs to be negotiated within your relationship. You seem prepared to take a risk and you are torn between wanting to look after yourself and then work with what’s best for your relationship. This is not going to be easy. It could very well relate to work opportunities. Perhaps your partner gets a work offer and this creates a new dynamic for your relationship? You will need to manage this tricky time. It seems like it is also difficult to talk about what is best for your you and ultimately your relationship. Is your partner able to verbalise what they want? Seem muted. It is a tricky time to work out what is best for you and your relationship. Compromises may be necessary. How to manage and navigate these dynamics is not straight forward. Work with tension and assert your own needs. This may very well upset the apple cart when it comes to relationship matters!
Roles are perhaps changing or reversing – how does this impact the work or daily routine? There may be conflict about issues to do with the children. You and your partner are not on the same page in terms of how to deal with these matters. You need to talk about these issues to resolve them but this may be tricky. Hear each other out and find some consensus so that you can move forward together. If you are pulling in different directions it is going to be difficult to get things done.
What is this desire to travel and or work abroad? Is it attainable? Seems like there may be some struggles. Conflict in workplace? Need to seek legal advice? Certain things are beyond your control.
This is a good time financially for your partnership. Be present emotionally for your family. The family benefits financially. Seems like it is important to take a long term view when it comes to your career and or direction in life.

Libra 2019 year ahead

This is an important time to focus on your personal and professional goals. You are somewhat conflicted. There are certain elements of your professional life that are working for you. Financially it seems like things are very positive at the moment. But how do you want to define your own sense of success? Is it all about the financial reward from your career? What do you value about your professional involvement? Is it the people you work with and/or the financial rewards? You are in a good place personally and it seems like you want to assert yourself more professionally. Are you heading in the right direction? What would you like to change? Where are the opportunities?
There is a big focus on financial matters in this year ahead – personal and professional resources as well as resources that are shared. There is tension in this regard but no shortage of opportunities to do well financially. Good to be prudent. Manage debt and your tax situation. Be sensible and plan for your future. You and your partner are in a good place financially at this time – manage the tension and get on the same page financially.
Do you want to fall pregnant? This could be a good year.
You may well be carrying extra weight this year – too much indulgence!

Virgo – 2019 year ahead

The big focus at this time is your career and personal goals. What do you want at this time professionally? Are you in the right business? What needs to change? There may well be some relationships in the business that are not easy and causing conflict and unhappiness in the work place. Is there a business partnership opportunity that you need to consider? How will this change your status professionally? There are certainly opportunities that you need to consider. Some might even be seen as quite risky. It would be appropriate to consider these options at this time. Your work life is good but could do with a shake-up. This may create some disruption and uncertainty but it seems like change is appropriate at this time. You are in a very good place personally and can capitalise on opportunities that come your way. You are in a position to create your own luck in a sense. Your outlook is optimistic currently.
This is an important time financially. Be sensible and prudent financially. Reduce debt. Manage your lifestyle within your financial means and you will do well. Don’t waste money on unnecessary playful pursuits. Be sensible when it comes to financial matters to do with your children.
This is an important time from a relationship perspective. Set goals together with your partner. The social status of your relationship seems top of mind

Leo 2019 year a head

This is a very important time financially. All emphasis in this chart is on your personal and shared financial resources. You may very well end up with a bonus you least expected. Seems hard to believe when things are so tight economically. But it could also indicate that your income from your career and business is unpredictable and unstable. This will have an impact on your personal financial circumstances. There is tension between personal and shared resources. It is a great time to take a long term view of your shared financial situation and look to reduce debt as much as you can. What opportunities do you have professionally? You may look to make some changes. This is a good time to grow your partnership and look to your goals and vision and make plans to keep on track.
If you are not in a relationship, it seems like there are any opportunities that will come your way this year.

Cancer 2019 year ahead

The focus at this time is your relationship and or business partnership. The real stress seems financial – personal resources and debt versus resources that are shared. Your partner’s financial situation may be somewhat stressed. Costs related to your children? You need to make sure that you are careful and responsible financially – be mindful of excessive debt. You need to be able to service debt particularly if your financial situation changes. What added responsibility do you need to shoulder if your joint financial resources are not where you would like them to be? If you look at your personal financial situation you perhaps need to ask yourself what is enough? Time to stop obsessing about accumulating more money and being comfortable with what you have, knowing that it is enough particularly if you are careful with your resources and set limits around your spending. You both seem to be very focussed on financial matters and this is important and necessary at this time. What needs to change financially – personally and jointly?
What can you do together to have fun to bring some spice and excitement into your relationship?
You seem to be enjoying your work – make sure you value your day to day work involvement. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.
What is happening at home? Things appear good but you may be avoiding dealing with a family matter or something that needs doing at home. Water/damp?
If you are not in a relationship and you really fancy your chances – get dating. You may be surprised!