Libra 2019 year ahead

This is an important time to focus on your personal and professional goals. You are somewhat conflicted. There are certain elements of your professional life that are working for you. Financially it seems like things are very positive at the moment. But how do you want to define your own sense of success? Is it all about the financial reward from your career? What do you value about your professional involvement? Is it the people you work with and/or the financial rewards? You are in a good place personally and it seems like you want to assert yourself more professionally. Are you heading in the right direction? What would you like to change? Where are the opportunities?
There is a big focus on financial matters in this year ahead – personal and professional resources as well as resources that are shared. There is tension in this regard but no shortage of opportunities to do well financially. Good to be prudent. Manage debt and your tax situation. Be sensible and plan for your future. You and your partner are in a good place financially at this time – manage the tension and get on the same page financially.
Do you want to fall pregnant? This could be a good year.
You may well be carrying extra weight this year – too much indulgence!

Virgo – 2019 year ahead

The big focus at this time is your career and personal goals. What do you want at this time professionally? Are you in the right business? What needs to change? There may well be some relationships in the business that are not easy and causing conflict and unhappiness in the work place. Is there a business partnership opportunity that you need to consider? How will this change your status professionally? There are certainly opportunities that you need to consider. Some might even be seen as quite risky. It would be appropriate to consider these options at this time. Your work life is good but could do with a shake-up. This may create some disruption and uncertainty but it seems like change is appropriate at this time. You are in a very good place personally and can capitalise on opportunities that come your way. You are in a position to create your own luck in a sense. Your outlook is optimistic currently.
This is an important time financially. Be sensible and prudent financially. Reduce debt. Manage your lifestyle within your financial means and you will do well. Don’t waste money on unnecessary playful pursuits. Be sensible when it comes to financial matters to do with your children.
This is an important time from a relationship perspective. Set goals together with your partner. The social status of your relationship seems top of mind

Leo 2019 year a head

This is a very important time financially. All emphasis in this chart is on your personal and shared financial resources. You may very well end up with a bonus you least expected. Seems hard to believe when things are so tight economically. But it could also indicate that your income from your career and business is unpredictable and unstable. This will have an impact on your personal financial circumstances. There is tension between personal and shared resources. It is a great time to take a long term view of your shared financial situation and look to reduce debt as much as you can. What opportunities do you have professionally? You may look to make some changes. This is a good time to grow your partnership and look to your goals and vision and make plans to keep on track.
If you are not in a relationship, it seems like there are any opportunities that will come your way this year.

Cancer 2019 year ahead

The focus at this time is your relationship and or business partnership. The real stress seems financial – personal resources and debt versus resources that are shared. Your partner’s financial situation may be somewhat stressed. Costs related to your children? You need to make sure that you are careful and responsible financially – be mindful of excessive debt. You need to be able to service debt particularly if your financial situation changes. What added responsibility do you need to shoulder if your joint financial resources are not where you would like them to be? If you look at your personal financial situation you perhaps need to ask yourself what is enough? Time to stop obsessing about accumulating more money and being comfortable with what you have, knowing that it is enough particularly if you are careful with your resources and set limits around your spending. You both seem to be very focussed on financial matters and this is important and necessary at this time. What needs to change financially – personally and jointly?
What can you do together to have fun to bring some spice and excitement into your relationship?
You seem to be enjoying your work – make sure you value your day to day work involvement. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.
What is happening at home? Things appear good but you may be avoiding dealing with a family matter or something that needs doing at home. Water/damp?
If you are not in a relationship and you really fancy your chances – get dating. You may be surprised!

Gemini 2019 year ahead

You seem frustrated personally in your career and relationship. Are you fulfilled emotionally in your relationship? What is bothering you? Is this relationship one that will stand the test of time? What needs to transform for you personally within your relationship to maintain your commitment to your partner? You seem torn between doing what works for you versus the needs of your relationship. Focus on your career and personal goals – is your partner supportive of what you want to achieve in your life professionally?
Work is very busy – you have many things on the go and this is good. You work is fulfilling. You dream about taking a vacation – make this happen.
Is there a partnership at work that is difficult at the moment? Seems like there are opportunities from a career point of view. Focus on the relationships that are good and working positively for you in your career. There are exciting opportunities that should be considered. You will be rewarded financially if you take the risk. This is a very good period for you financially in your career. Unexpected financial bonus could come your way.

Taurus 2019 year ahead

The big focus is your career and the success you want from your chosen profession or business interest. The focus is the financial rewards from your career. Expect some surprises. Bonus and or unexpected lump sum payment. The circumstances around this financial arrangement are somewhat unpredictable. You may be taken by surprise by the outcome and or speed with which things change. Be open to the unexpected when it comes to career success and financial rewards from your career or business.
It seems like you need to make it happen for yourself. Focus on what you want and what you love. Be bold and embrace new opportunities.
This is an excellent period from a relationship perspective. Your relationship grows from strength to strength. What do you want in terms of your relationship status at this time?
This is an important time financially – especially with regards joint financial resources. Make sure your financial situation is well structed and you have a handle on your debt burden. This is an excellent time to plan for your future – think long term.
You may experience loss at this time.
There is tension in your life between your children and your career. The needs of your children are demanding and not only does the chart describe that the emotional needs of your children are draining – but so too the financial needs of your children.
Do you want to have another child at this time? It may be difficult emotionally. But there are indications that you will be successful falling pregnant. Do you need the assistance of fertility treatment? It may be appropriate to embark on a fertility treatment program. This of course will also have financial implications.

Aries 2019 year ahead

Family and home life is a focus. But it seems like there is tension at home and this relates to your career or business. Your work role is frustrating and you are conflicted about your work and daily life. Managing your children and work is perhaps also proving to be challenging.
This is an important time personally – you need to focus on your financial situation. Focus on long term financial goals. Deal with debt. Put measures in place to deal with these matters. You need to be serious about sorting out financial matters. This is a very good time to be making decisions and putting plans in place. What changes do you need to make in your business/career? What is the impact on your day to day work role? What must change at home to make matters easier financially? It is time to be disciplined and time to act.
It is important that you and your partner/spouse are on the same page and ready to make some changes to alleviate the issues at home. There is something on the home front that you are not dealing with and or not seeing. Make sure you are communicating and sorting out family matters.

Pisces 2019 year ahead

This is a very good year personally. You are full of joy and optimism. You want to travel and explore the world. This seems like your main mission at this time. It would also be a good time to study if you so desired.
Your focus is your family and ideally you would love to travel with your family – but there seem to be some issues. Your partner appears to be uncertain and the rest of the family members may also have their doubts. Can you convince them and pull it off or will it be best to go on your own?
This is an important year financially. It is a time to be sensible and prudent financially. Think about your long term financial situation. It is important that you make sensible decisions about the value of things and what they cost. Be careful about excessive debt at this time. Make sure that if your financial situation changed at some point in the future that you would still be able to service the current debt. Be sensible about borrowing and perhaps it is time to be more prudent and cautious financially.
You are wanting some adventure – perhaps try a new sporting and or creative activity. It may not work out as you expect.
What about your children at this time? Things may be up and down and your child/children may be more challenging than normal – perhaps a bit rebellious?

Aquarius 2019 year ahead

Your big focus at this time is your career and status in the world. This is a very good time to look at your roles and responsibilities and make changes if required. There may very well be some issues that you need to deal with and these relate to power dynamics in the work place. Some could be toxic. What must you change? Look long term at your professional goals. Don’t be afraid to make changes if necessary. You may need to let go.
Home is a very good place for you right now. You have made it feel just right. But there is tension between home, career and work. What about resources and debt? You need to set up sustainable solutions going forward. This is an important time to be sensible financially and plan for your future. Your personal financial situation may be unstable and unpredictable currently.
You are in a confident place personally. You are ready to back yourself and act. It seems like you want to travel and or study again. This is a very good time to look at both these options.
What about a relationship with someone further afield or abroad? Perhaps you connect with a foreigner? This is all very appropriate right now. What do you plan to do about this relationship? It is time to back yourself and act.

Capricorn 2019 year ahead

Your focus is your home and family. Home provides stability in your life. It is also a responsibility – family, children and the house. Perhaps it is time to teach your children more about their own roles and responsibilities. Do they understand the value of money? You have concerns about your financial situation and the family need to understand the value of things. What is important to you and your family – and what is this worth? Understanding your financial situation and your value system is important at this time. Perhaps your personal and joint financial situation is not what you desire. It is likely that your joint financial situation changes unexpectedly. How does this impact on you personally? It is an unpredictable time.

Your work and day to day routine are also a focus in terms of the structure this brings to your life. Work provides for your family. There is however some discontent with your career. You are pulled in different directions. Are you using your knowledge and experience professionally? Are you happy about where you find yourself professionally? What do you need to change?

Your relationship needs your attention and energy at this time. It is a good time to find common purpose and make sure you are on the same page in terms of schools and or neighbourly issues. This is a good time to connect with siblings and sort out any misunderstandings.