Libra 2017 year ahead

Your focus at this time is your family and your children. There are some challenges. You may not be an content as you would like. The real issue is perhaps finding time for yourself in this mix. The demands of your family and children leave little space for personal pleasure. But this is what is required at this time. What would you love to do that would fill your cup? It should be light and fun. What would you love to do? Creative and or sporty pursuits?

This is a good time to use your creative talents and perhaps benefit financially. You are focussed on the details and this is good.
You are very busy at work but this is becoming emotionally draining. Your daily routine is not good for your emotional well-being at this time. Perhaps make some changes. What about your connections to neighbours, the school and or your siblings? You may need to make some changes to improve things on an everyday basis. There is a real danger that your health suffers as a result of this continued stress.

Make some time for yourself. Take a break before it is forced upon you. Just step back and or aside for a moment to catch your breath. It could be a game changer.

There is tension with regards your joint financial situation. This is a time to be prudent and sensible with your joint financial interests. Look at your joint responsibilities to your family. What is appropriate and prudent financially?

Virgo 2017 year ahead

The focus this year is your home and family. This is a very good time to put family first. You will be rewarded for doing so. Your priorities are your partner/spouse and your children. All these members of your family are important right now. Your partner is very supportive of the role you play for the family. So don’t think this is just dog’s body work. Your efforts are being noticed and appreciated. You seem quite involved in your local community, the school routine and all that goes with that.
Your work is important to you and is rewarding in more ways than just being financially beneficial. You like to feel of service to others and you seem to be able to be doing this right now. So things are good and your routine is working for you – even if you are quite busy.
It is also good to acknowledge how much you value your connections with your siblings. These relationships are also important to you and broadly fit into your family/your roots.
There is some discomfort about your role professionally and you may need to make some changes. But it looks like you are not really clear about how you want to proceed. This is appropriate. It looks like you need to have a conversation with your partner about the financial implications of making any changes to your work and or professional role.
Does a sibling or someone from your neighbourhood end up in hospital unexpectedly? What is the impact on you personally? What happens to your busy routine?

Leo 2017 year ahead

The focus this year is your relationship. It is an excellent time to be in a relationship. This is all you want at this time. But what is the tension about? Relationships rely on synergy – the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. 1+1 = 3. It is important that you stand in your own power at this time. Do you give all of yourself to your partner? What is left for you? It is very satisfying at the moment to be in a relationship. But what are you hiding from yourself? Are you being truthful and honest with yourself and you partner? The focus is shared resources and your home. Make sure you are both on the same page.

You are working very hard and it may be taking its toll on your well-being. Make sure you have time to recharge your batteries.
Perhaps your partner has some ideas on your work/relationship balance at this time?

What about a business partnership? Will this be good for your business at this time? Is this the opportunity you are looking for you? Make sure it works for you.

Is there a disruption at home? Time for a move? Big change perhaps?

Cancer 2017 year ahead

This is a very important time to focus on yourself. It is an important period financially. Seems like your financial situation is complex as you are personally doing very well, however it looks like your business or the company you are involved in may have some financial issues. Resources from your business or career may be unstable currently and this may be creating some issues for you personally. It looks like you are hiding some of your personal financial resources – perhaps you don’t want others to know how well you are doing financially. There is lots of activity happening behind the scenes – financially and with regards some personal relationships.

There is tension in the chart between yourself and your partner. Looks like this relationship is good and stable but perhaps there is some secret connection that you are engaged in behind the scenes. Be mindful that this love connection may lead to your own downfall if pursued for any length of time. Are you prepared to risk your relationship for a fling?

Home life is good – but financial pressure may be making things uncomfortable for you at the moment. It seems like you need to get a handle on financial matters. Time to be honest with yourself on many levels.

Gemini 2017 year ahead

Your focus at this time is your children and your relationship. You are very busy dealing with the needs of your children and the demands of family life. You perhaps feel pulled in different directions as you try to deal with everything at the moment. It looks like things may be a bit disruptive on the home front. It may be time to move. Perhaps a big move which demands much change – this would be very appropriate.

You are very involved in the school routine. It is good to be focussed on those relationships that are near and dear to you – siblings, neighbours, school connections. But there may be some issues that need to be resolved.

You are torn between managing your career and the needs of the children/family. Resources are a focus and so work is a necessity at this stage.

There is no point in working all the time and feeling stressed. You need to make a plan to have some fun with your family too – partner and children.

A trip abroad would be great – is there an issue at work that makes this difficult or with the school? Travel with siblings? Could be some issues making this happen. An adventure would be a good thing right now no matter how tricky to organise.

Taurus 2017 year ahead

Your focus is your home and family at this time. Much of your energy is focused on your children and you may be frustrated managing the needs of the family together with what you want to achieve personally. It would be wise to make time to expend energy on yourself too! Make time for exercise or stimulating creative pursuits. You need to actively be engaged in something that brings you pleasure. It is going to be hard managing these demands.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself and your own emotional requirements together with your needs within your relationship. Stand in your own power. Time to assert yourself. It is an excellent time to look at your personal goals and aspirations. Where do you want to be in your life and where is your career taking you? This is an excellent time to look at any opportunities and take advantage of any changes or growth opportunities that come your way.

Relationships with siblings are very rewarding at this time. So too your connections with your local community and neighbours. You feel very blessed in this regard.

Aries 2017 year ahead

This is an important year from a career or business perspective.
There are some issues at work that need to be addressed. There may be some relationships that are challenging at the moment and there are some financial issues that you need to resolve. You may feel undervalued at work. Make sure your expectations are realistic. You want to be more creative in your role and want to find more joy in the work that you do. This is causing tension in your world at this time. It is perhaps time to take a risk financially. You are likely to be rewarded financially if you do.

Your career may need to change as your commitments to your children increase. You may need to redefine your career direction taking these factors into account.

It is a good time to focus on your relationship and the commitment you have to your partner and your financial needs and commitments within this relationship. Some things may need to change and you both need to agree on what those changes will be. There are important implications financially at this time.

You may feel like you are taking strain with your friends. Perhaps it is time to be bold and find some new friendships.

Pisces 2017 year ahead

As usual you are dreaming about far flung places! Your desire to spread your wings is ever present during this year.

It seems like you need to focus on your career and your direction in life. This is an excellent time to look at the financial rewards from your business or career. Your are very determined right now to be more successful financially. This is an excellent time to use this energy in a positive direction. It is also a very good time to focus on your network and make this work for you financially. You may need to take a few risks. You may need to be bold in your decision making. But now is the time. The big issue that you need to resolve is to use your creative talents in your business/career and make sure you are adequately rewarded. This is where there may be some discomfort – what you like to do does not pay as you would like. It is now time to decide how you want to manage this issue.

Your kids are very busy and this creates busy-ness for you too. Is there something that your children inspire in you from a business perspective? You would like your work to be fun and pay the bills. Is this possible right now? Your children’s needs are demanding financially.

Your relationship needs some emotional support right now too. It may not be an easy period for your partner and your relationship. He or she may be under emotional strain at this time which impacts on your emotional well-being too.

It is important that you and your partner focus on the long term financial commitments you share. These may require changes in your business or career as you make a commitment to meet your financial obligations.

Friendship is a big theme this year too.

Aquarius 2017 year ahead

You are in a positive space this year. Your focus is your work, career and your direction in life. A focus too is your daily routine. Your work is going really well and this is a good time to apply yourself and get positive results. It may very well be time to look at your opportunities and make some changes. Perhaps you do not feel that you are being rewarded adequately for your efforts. It may be time to assert yourself in this regard.

It seems like there is tension in your life with regards a relationship. You may experience a rocky period going forward. The chart describes the situation as unstable and unpredictable. You need to decide if this is a relationship that works for you. Your work could very well be causing problems – perhaps you are spending too much time at work. This may be causing issues in your relationship.

If you are currently not involved in a relationship you may be surprised and meet someone unexpectedly. Things could develop quicker than you expect. You may be taken by surprise and whisked off your feet. The romancing process may not be comfortable for you. Make sure you don’t lose your sense of self in the process.

Make time for some light relief. You will need a change from just work and the daily grind. It is important to get involved in creative or sporty activities.

You may be finding it hard balancing the work/home/children aspect of your life. This may be causing conflict in your relationship too. It is time to make decisions that work for you. You are likely to find your children more challenging than usual in the year ahead. It may be time to make some changes at home too. It may seem traumatic at the moment but the chart shows that the changes are more than likely to improve the situation in the end.

Capricorn 2016 year ahead

The focus for the year ahead is your career and personal goals. These would include any sporting goals you may have too.  Your children too are a focus in the year ahead.

Is there tension in your relationship? It is important that you invest emotional energy into your relationship and home and family life. There may be tension with regards finances. Your personal financial situation is likely to be more unpredictable than usual, although your career will provide financially. Effort and hard work pays off. Do you have a secret savings fund?

It is important that you focus on your own goals this year and look at your relationship and home and family life. These both need to be rewarding to make you feel complete.