Oscar Pistorius birth chart

The Oscar trial is about to start and I wanted to look at the Oscar Pistorius birth chart and get an understanding of his life path.

Oscar Pistorius
22 Nov 1986

Sun in Scorpio – in 10th – career success is important to Oscar. Sun also rules 7th house – a relationship is also important to him.
Mars square Sun – he makes and creates his own success. He is a person comfortable in the limelight.
Mercury in 10th and ruling 5th – he can play sport in a professional capacity. He should enjoy what he does.
Pluto on MC – he wants to succeed and will do whatever it takes. The challenge is to use his position of power and influence wisely. This planet could indicate a rise or fall from Grace. He is obsessed about being successful.

Saturn ruler of Ascendant in 11th – financial success from career is important to him.
Uranus in 11th – resources are likely to fluctuate at certain stages in his career – big bonus or sudden slump in financial resources. Financial situation unpredictable.
Jupiter in rulership in 2nd and ruler of 11th – he will be successful financially. This is a lucky planet in his chart.

Moon in Leo in 6th – this is a person who needs to work. He needs to have a daily involvement in a meaningful pursuit. He likes to be admired and is a warm person. He likes to make a difference to the lives of others from the work that he does.

Venus ruler of 9th in 10th – this planet represents the law/legal issues and post graduate studies/travel opportunities. This planet has mixed dignity. It is a benefic in nature and in this way it wants good to prevail. But in detriment in Scorpio it will behave badly at times. He is likely to have a few run-ins with the law. These will play out in public and affect his profession.
Venus conjunct Pluto – this looks more tricky – obsession with success, power and influence may lead him to do some regrettable things. These issues will have to be resolved in the courts.

Venus also rules his 4th house (home/family/father) – an indication that the relationship he had with his father was not straight forward. His family/home life growing up had good aspects to it and some more challenging. His parents got divorced when he was 6 years old.

Mars ruler of 10th in 1st – he was close to his mother.
Pluto on MC – traumatic circumstances likely to affect his mother. Also an indication of how influential she was in his life.
• Neptune conjunct Pluto – Dec 2000 to Oct 2001 – the loss of powerful person in his life/his mother – life changing experience for him – 15 years of age when his mother died.

Mars in 1st – part of body – right tibia. Sabian Symbol – A tree felled and sawed.
He ended up with a bi-lateral, below the knee amputation as he was born without the fibula, the long, slender bone running along the outside of the leg from below the knee joint and down to the ankle, in each of his legs. This was done when he was 11 months old.
• Solar Arcs Pluto = MC – drastic change in life direction – 11 months after birth – Aug 1987.
• Transit Pluto conjunct MC – Dec 1986 to Oct 1987 – dramatic change in destiny/direction in life.

His athletics career started post a serious rugby injury in June 2003. He was introduced to running in Jan 2004 while undergoing rehabilitation at Pretoria University High Performance Centre. Competed in Athens in 2004 Paralympics. In June 2004, he was given his first pair of Össur manufactured Flex-Foot Cheetahs eight months after first stepping onto the track.
• Uranus conjunct Mars – April 2002 to Jan 2003 – accident or injury to body – sudden/unexpected.
• Uranus square Sun – March to Dec 2003 – radical change in career direction, new opportunities, new professional identity.
• Neptune conjunct Ascendant/square Mercury – April 2003 to Dec 2004. Direction in life slowly evolving and changing – will also have an impact on his sporting ability and profession.

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