Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius was re-sentenced on 6 July for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp and was given a 6 year sentence. The legal process has taken time to reach this conclusion.

I looked back at what I wrote in Dec 2015.

Saturn return – 29 years of age – Dec 2015 to Sep 2016.
This is a testing time for Oscar. Friendships will be under pressure – will his old friends be there for him? Will some fall by the wayside?
Saturn is ruler of 12th house – prison. Saturn is a malefic planet and associated with restrictions and boundaries. His freedom will be tested for sure. Does he end up back in prison? Distinct possibility.
Saturn is also associated with duty and responsibility – this is the time in his life where he will need to take responsibility for his actions. Saturn is also ruler of his Ascendant – himself. This is a time of reckoning for Oscar.

And so it has come to be that he finds himself behind bars serving his sentence and taking responsibility for what he did.

It is interesting to note that in 2013 when the incident occurred, transiting Saturn was making a conjunction to Venus, Pluto and his MC – all planets that talk about his career abroad and legal matters. This process unfolded from Nov 2012 to Sep 2013. Saturn is limiting by nature and is associated with endings and responsibility. This literally defines the period where he fell from Grace – feeling perhaps all powerful and not using his power and influence wisely.

Venus is his chart refers to legal matters. It is a planet in detriment and is likely to behave badly and be challenging to him in his life. This describes his brushes with the law. But what is also interesting is that Venus is a benefic planet and wants to do good. The legal process was perhaps kind to him. But with Venus close to Pluto – this would increase his troubles especially if he thought he was perhaps above the law.

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