Client Testimonials

” I have visited Louise a few times over the years to have my chart read. Every time I have chatted to Louise, I have always been amazed at how well she is able to articulate exactly what I am feeling. She has the incredible ability to be able to use examples and situations that relate to my current and future circumstances that fit in perfectly with how I am or have been feeling. It is as if she knows exactly what I am feeling and thinking!
I have recently been through big changes in my career that Louise helped me understand, giving me confidence in the uncertainty that lay ahead. As these changes rolled out, it was amazing to see and recall all of the things we had discussed, unfold!
Louise is fantastic at what she does and there is no doubt that I will be back to hear what Louise can share with me next.”

Pippa Rauch

Fertility feedback from a client.

“I’ve started an email to you in my mind about a dozen times (as ‘contact Louise’ sat stubbornly on my to do list) and especially when I’ve just told someone the incredible story in which you play such a pivotal role. However travelling everywhere alone with my little daughter until a week ago and then coming back to a house of disease for all of us, somehow the weeks have slipped by. Anyway, I am 9 weeks pregnant today. And the doctor at the clinic was beside himself with delight and surprise when he saw the little heartbeat on the scan. I realised seeing his reaction that he really didn’t think it was going to work. But then he was just looking at the science of it.  So Louise thank you thank you thank you for all the careful wisdom.”

“Just re reading your summary below …. You can’t believe how accurate it is … Some things I obviously did not want to hear at the time but it’s phenomenal ….”

“I first saw Louise on my own at the beginning of 2009 and really enjoyed my session with her. She is soft natured and welcoming and articulates her findings very easily. It was a very reassuring hour and half in which I had the opportunity for quiet reflection based on her findings. How can I say it? You know yourself but you don’t necessarily acknowledge it until someone describes exactly how you are feeling and possibly behaving in relation to the world around you. Even now, a year and half on, I refer back to the notes and often chuckle to myself as her findings fit so perfectly.”


“I find Louise’s approach to be refreshing and very empowering. Astrology provides another perspective to understanding what defines me as well as the nature of the challenges I have in certain areas of my life. This awareness enables me to better accept recurring themes as part of life’s journey and to be more open to ‘riding the waves’ life presents to me.”


“I am going through an acrimonious divorce and with Louise’s advice, I have been able to plan my life taking into account what’s happening in my chart. So far, all major decisions have been spot on! Louise’s insight is amazing and I really value her recommendations.”


“Just confirms that what I am doing is right, like a warm support. No flashing lights or bells, just strong affirmations.”


“Louise offers a pragmatic approach to astrology. Her professional business background instils an added sense of confidence. I love her consultations.”


“I have found learning about astrology empowering in a way nothing else has been. I thought it was all crystal balls and crazy ladies in a tent at the fair, but I am amazed to see how scientific it all is and exact in detail. I have learnt so much about myself and been able to work within my boundaries, making progress with so many aspects of my life. It’s the one thing that is really only for me, it’s about me and totally self. Communication has always been difficult for me and Louise helped me to understand exactly why that is, which allowed me to understand what the obstacles are and work around them. I would recommend investigating it and give it a chance to make a difference in your life.”


“Having my chart read by Louise was a wonderfully uplifting experience. I didn’t know what to expect but I was completely blown away by how accurate it was. Not only about me but the key milestones in my life, even down to the way I’ve been feeling/thinking for the past month. My husband also had his chart read and I loved the way Louise integrated our 2 charts for us both to be aware of how our relationship works together. This has been invaluable. I really enjoyed the experience and refer back to Louise’s notes often. In fact my husband says – according to the chart….”