Where is Oscar Pistorius now in his life?


Mercury phase – Nov 2004 to Nov 2017 – 18 years to 31 years – his sporting career is the focus this decade.
• Mercury/Sun – March 2014 to Jan 2016 – his sporting career and a significant relationship are the focus.
• Mercury/Venus – Jan 2016 to Nov 2017 – this will be a significant time in terms of his profession/status in world and his legal battle.

Progressed Moon

• Conjunct Moon in 6th – Feb 2014 – significant time emotionally and in terms of his work/daily routine and health.
• Square Venus – April 2014 – legal process appropriate – likely to experience both ups and downs. This will no doubt have a big impact on his family.
• Square Pluto – Jul 2014 – fall from Grace? Under severe pressure in the public arena.
• Square MC – Aug 2014 – career and standing in society under scrutiny.
• Conjunct 7th – Dec 2014 – significant time in his life with regards to a relationship.

For the next few years of his life, a relationship is in the spotlight – Dec 2014 to Dec 2016.

Solar Arcs

• Feb 2014 – Mercury = Saturn – have to rely on support of friends – especially old connections.

2013 Solar Return chart – Pretoria

This is an interesting chart.
• Sun ruler of Ascendant in 4th – he is relying on his family.
• Mars in 2nd ruler of 9th and 4th – his family are providing financial support for the legal process.
• Moon (rulership) and Jupiter (exalted) in 12th house – he is isolated and feels very alone. He has had a hand to play in his own sporting downfall. This has been spectacular. The risk of confinement/prison is weighing heavily on him emotionally.
• Moon opposed Venus – the tension is intense and the impact on his daily life/health and professional status may take its toll.
• Mercury and Saturn in 3rd trine Moon in 12th – he is being supported emotionally by his siblings.
• Pluto conjunct Venus in 6th and Venus ruler of 10th – risk of illness. Fall from Grace.
• South Node in 9th house – legal issues – this is tricky.


Nov 2013 – 27 years of age. Same cycle as 15 years.

A relationship is an important focus this year.
His family and sister provide emotional and moral support.
Friends provide enormous support to him during this year.
It is a tricky year personally, his ability to work and his health may be fundamentally affected this year.
Saturn rules legal issues in this chart. This implies that the legal process will take time.

Transits – looking backwards over the last few years…

• Neptune square Mars – March 2010 to Jan 2011 – illusion of success and self-importance – may not last?
• Neptune square Sun – March 2011 to Feb 2012 – illusion of professional success and a significant relationship – may not last?
• Uranus square Neptune – June 2011 to March 2012 – sudden change in financial situation, career resources suddenly dissolve/change.
• Saturn conjunct Venus – Nov 2012 to Jul 2013 – issue with career and the law/legal system. Family having to shoulder some responsibility.
• Saturn conjunct Pluto/MC – Dec 2012 to Sep 2013 – career over, change necessary, fall from Grace.

Transits – looking forwards to the next few years…

• Aug 2014 – Jupiter conjunct Moon/square Venus/Pluto/MC – this looks like an important time in terms of the legal process and the impact on his life. Progress.
• Jupiter opposed Ascendant /square Mercury – Sep 2014 to April 2015 – relationship in focus, important time in his personal and sporting professional life. He is supported during this time.
• Saturn conjunct Sun – Dec 2014 to Sep 2015 – time for him to take responsibility for his life. It is also an important time with regards a significant relationship. Saturn completes a cycle. Denotes an ending.
• Saturn conjunct Saturn – 1st Saturn Return – Jan to Sep 2016 – he reaches adulthood and this is a time to learn about responsibilities. Saturn rules 12th house in his chart – his own undoing. It also rules confinement/prisons and hospitals. It will be interesting to see where he finds himself at this important milestone in his life.

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