Nepal Earthquakes – when is another big earthquake likely to occur?

On 15 Jan 1934 one of worst earthquakes in history hit Nepal. It measured 8.3 magnitude on Richter scale. The epicentre of this event was located in eastern Nepal about 100 km south of Mount Everest. The three towns of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan were severely affected and almost all the buildings collapsed. Large cracks appeared in the ground and several roads were damaged in Kathmandu. In Sitamarhi, not a single house was left standing. In Patna, only one castle remained standing, with the rest of the city being turned to rubble. In Rajnagar, near Madhubani, all the Kutcha buildings collapsed. The total number of deaths recorded in Bihar was 7253. and other deaths in Nepal ranged between 10,800 and 12,000.

I am interested in the planetary transits during these earthquakes and I wanted to see if there were any patterns with this current earthquake in Nepal. And then more importantly what was likely to happen in the future.

Between 18 Jan and 10 Feb 1934 the following transits occurred. These are a very powerful group of planetary transits. Uranus and Pluto are associated with earthquakes. Uranus has an unpredictable nature and Pluto is very destructive. Jupiter magnifies events.
• Uranus square Pluto
• Jupiter opposed Uranus
• Jupiter square Pluto

The latest earthquake occurred on 25 April 2015 in Nepal. The epicentre was near the village of Lamjung, in the Gorkha region, approximately 80km northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city.

Were there any similarities in terms of planetary transits?

Uranus square Pluto – this planetary configuration has just moved out of exactness – this process started on 3 June 2012 and ended on 7 April 2015. This square was exact between 24 June 2012 and 7 March 2015.

In the next few years Jupiter opposes Uranus and Jupiter squares Pluto. These were the other 2 planetary aspects at play in the 1934 earthquake. They have just missed getting involved this time in the Uranus square Pluto. Could this earthquake have been worse if these Jupiter aspects were involved? It very well may have been a lot worse.

• Jupiter opposed Uranus – exact between 26 Dec 2016 and 28 Sep 2017. Enters 19 Dec 2016 and leaves 2 Oct 2017.
• Jupiter square Pluto – exact between 24 Nov 2016 and 4 Aug 2017. Enters 18 Nov 2016 and leaves 10 Aug 2017.

There are no periods in the next 2 years when these two transits connect although they are active during a similar period.

It seems like this time only Uranus square Pluto was active and technically was out of aspect during this #Nepalearthquake.

Looking ahead geologists predict that this region experiences major earthquakes every 80 years. Uranus takes 84 years to complete a full circle around the Sun. Uranus and Pluto are both associated with earthquakes. Uranus creates sudden chaotic events and is an unpredictable planet. Pluto on the other hand is destructive and associated with death and decay.

Looking ahead when do these 3 major transits connect to create the possibility of another major earthquake in the world?

Between 23 April 2073 and 2 May 2073 the following transits will occur. These are the same as in 1934. Based on past history it would seem that another major earthquake could hit this region again. This is then sooner than the 80 year cycle geologists mention.
• Uranus square Pluto
• Jupiter opposed Uranus
• Jupiter square Pluto

It seems like this period ahead could be very problematic from an earthquake point of view. This is 58 years from now.

I would advise mountaineers to stay away from Mount Everest during this period in 2073. It looks like an unpredictable period in the world especially when it comes to natural disasters – acts of God. We know that both Uranus and Pluto are associated with earthquakes. Jupiter is an expansive planet and magnifies things – most likely making this earthquake more powerful than usual – probably greater than 8 magnitude on the Richter scale.