Taurus 2019 year ahead

The big focus is your career and the success you want from your chosen profession or business interest. The focus is the financial rewards from your career. Expect some surprises. Bonus and or unexpected lump sum payment. The circumstances around this financial arrangement are somewhat unpredictable. You may be taken by surprise by the outcome and or speed with which things change. Be open to the unexpected when it comes to career success and financial rewards from your career or business.
It seems like you need to make it happen for yourself. Focus on what you want and what you love. Be bold and embrace new opportunities.
This is an excellent period from a relationship perspective. Your relationship grows from strength to strength. What do you want in terms of your relationship status at this time?
This is an important time financially – especially with regards joint financial resources. Make sure your financial situation is well structed and you have a handle on your debt burden. This is an excellent time to plan for your future – think long term.
You may experience loss at this time.
There is tension in your life between your children and your career. The needs of your children are demanding and not only does the chart describe that the emotional needs of your children are draining – but so too the financial needs of your children.
Do you want to have another child at this time? It may be difficult emotionally. But there are indications that you will be successful falling pregnant. Do you need the assistance of fertility treatment? It may be appropriate to embark on a fertility treatment program. This of course will also have financial implications.