Cancer 2022 year ahead

This is an excellent time in business and your chosen career. Your plans are working out and you will be rewarded financially.

Partnerships are very significant currently. Are you ready to make a commitment? This is a very good time to deal with legal matters associated with the your relationship/partnership. There is a big emphasis on joint financial matters for you and your partner/spouse and or business partner. The financial rewards look very promising and your joint resources are likely to grow.

The chart indicates that work and well-being are important to manage day to day. You are unlikely to be able to control all issues day to day at work.

This is a good time to travel – do you and your partner want to travel to the same destination? You may need to negotiate!

Gemini 2022 year ahead

Your big focus is communication and your own ideas. You seem plugged in to your local community and these connections with neighbours and people in the local or school community are supportive at this time. It is also a good time to connect with siblings. But with Mercury in Gemini and retrograde and combust, you may need to consider what you think and or say. You may need to revisit certain ideas.

You are concerned about financial matters – your personal financial resources. It seems like things may be up and down currently. The chart indicates that income is unpredictable. You may need to consider a new income stream but with this comes a certain amount of risk. It seems like an appropriate time to consider your options.

Relationships may be more challenging and you may need to work though some issues. The matter of love and financial resources has your attention.

This is an important time professionally and your focus is on achieving status, recognition and financial rewards. There appear to be certain things professionally that are beyond your control. You may need to surrender?

You are excited about travel opportunities in the year ahead.

Taurus 2022 year ahead

This is an important time financially. You are feeling joyful and optimistic. Be mindful of excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Escaping in no way to cope. You have many dreams. What about falling pregnant and having a child? Is this a good time? Is there ever a good time?

There is some emphasis on your local community, schools and siblings. It seems like things are going well – but could still be somewhat disruptive and unsettled. You seem to be dealing with matters behind the scenes. This is a good time to communicate your thoughts to those close to you. Keep strong boundaries. Know your limits when it comes to dealing with siblings/neighbours and school matters.

Your partner may be very engaged with day to day work and is working very hard. Financial rewards look good jointly. You would love to travel – perhaps coincide with a work trip with your partner.

Its time to reassess what success means to you – you need to make some changes. Some friendships may have run the course. Connecting with old friends is great as long as the connection is positive and not toxic. You may need to let go of some friendships.

Aries – 2022 year ahead

This is an important time for you in partnership – personal and or business. There is a need for growth and expansion. There are some niggles which need to be resolved. It is important for the partnership to find purpose and direction. You need to ask yourself what you want for yourself in your relationship/business partnership. Other partnership opportunities may cross your path. What then? What is best for your family? Should the family move? Are these dreams realistic?

It seems that you and your partner need to negotiate matters related to your work and routine. It is important to focus on your roles and responsibilities at work and or your day to day responsibilities in your partnership. What needs to change? Is there a legal matter that needs your attention? Is there an opportunity further afield that you need to consider? Things may take an unexpected turn. There is much uncertainty when considering opportunities abroad.

This is an important time financially. If your work responsibilities need to change, what are the financial implications? What do you need to discard day to day to make changes to your work responsibilities?

Important to look after your well-being – health and wellness must also take priority day to day and these aspects need to be scheduled into your daily routine. Making time for your children and sporty or creative pursuits is equally important to work responsibilities.

Pisces 2022 year ahead

The big focus in your chart is your relationship – personal and or business especially long term committed partnerships. There could very well be work collaborations and or partnerships that you need to consider. It seems important to focus on your passions day to day. Focus on the long term dynamics day to day. What needs to change – what can be changed from a work perspective? Look at day to day debt. Focus your energy on daily achievements and being of service to others. You can achieve a lot at this time. Also make sure you expend energy on work that you value. This notion of service to others is important. Work should serve you as much as you serve others.

There is a big focus on resources – personal and shared. There is some tension – money disappearing quicker than you would like jointly. Be careful of being deceived financially. Resources are plentiful – don’t be careless and wasteful.

You would love to use some of those resources to travel abroad. This would be a good time for an adventure.

Health and well-being is important too. Look after your knees!

Aquarius 2022 year ahead

Your financial situation is a focus at this time. You have some concerns. These could relate to your personal financial situation or your joint financial circumstances with your partner and or business partner. It is important to have a plan and to be disciplined with your resources and spending. Take care of your financial responsibilities. These expenses could certainly relate to your children and this could be adding extra financial pressure.

This is a good time to fall pregnant especially if you feel ready financially. It is time to step up and take on the responsibility of a child. The chart speaks about an exciting time with some surprises. A child will certainly shake things up. Your family may well expand.

You need to be thinking about your work and career and your financial situation. This is a good time to make plans and look at opportunities that benefit you financially.

It looks like your local community is very supportive at this time – be those siblings, neighbours and people in your local community. This could also speak about the school community.

Capricorn 2022 year ahead

There is a big focus on resources – those shared with your partner (personal and or business) and those of your own. This is a very important time financially especially when it comes to your personal financial resources. Good time to get your resources into a healthy state. Look at debt and taxation matters personally and jointly. Deal with any legal matters related to your financial situation. This is a good time to get things sorted – the system is supportive of getting your affairs in order. Focus on the long view. Important to consider the financial requirements of your children and or a stay in hospital. Your relationship needs your energy at this time.

You may want to travel and this looks possible if your financial situation allows. But be sensible.

It looks like you are unsure about your direction in life currently. It is a time to dream and explore – perhaps time to study again? But you seem uncertain and will need to wait for clarity.

A family member may well find themselves unexpectedly in hospital. Do you end up dealing with loss? This is possible and there may well be a financial benefit in the form of an inheritance which could change your circumstances significantly.

Sagittarius 2022 year ahead

This is an important time personally. You are very determined to assert yourself at this time. You have focus and determination which will be needed to get things done. There is tension in your relationship. It speaks about things being disruptive. Perhaps your partner wants more freedom and independence? Things are up and down. Perhaps you are looking for more excitement in your relationship? If you are not in a relationship now is a fantastic time to make this your mission.

Home and family provides stability to your life, but it does also speak about the need to purge. Do you want to make changes to your home? Time for a massive clear out. What about the family dynamic?

In true Sagittarius fashion you want to have more fun. You need to get involved in sporty and or creative pursuits. Time with your children is also important. Perhaps this is what you relationship requires? Children. Good time to fall pregnant and take on the responsibility of a child. That will certainly change the dynamics in your relationship – a new chapter so to speak. A conversation needs to happen with your partner about resources – personal and shared the expenses related to your children.

You would love to travel again far and wide. This is all part of your desire to have a great time and be adventurous. It would be wonderful to plan an adventure with your family.

Scorpio 2021/22 year ahead

This is an important time to step back and reflect on your goals and direction in life. You seem uncertain about which direction to go. Perhaps you are torn in different directions and this is not helpful. Work quietly behind the scenes and find direction and clarity. It is appropriate to keep things close to your chest as you are not certain what you want to do. Work and day to day routine seems to be problematic. What needs to change? Trying to please others and not focussed on what you desire? Well-being is important – take time to rest. You don’t want to end up in a situation where forced rest is required.

This is a wonderful time to focus on your relationship. There is much love and blessings in this area of your life. Home and family are important too. The structure and stability of home and family/children are important.

If you are not in a relationship, you may well be surprised. Your situation may change quicker than you think. Be open to the unexpected when it comes to relationships.

It’s a good time to focus on your own financial situation. Money flows more easily.

Libra 2021 year ahead

This is a difficult time personally and in relationship. There is a great deal of tension. Do you value your connection with your partner? There is a part of you that relishes your own freedom and independence?

Perhaps the conflict in your relationship relates to your work? Much of your energy is focussed on work and managing your day to day life – where does this leave your relationship?

You are very focussed on your professional goals and your family and home life, your connection with your children and your relationship seem to be taking a knock.

Your career provides you with authority and responsibility. What are your long term plans?

Are you actually content? It is time to look at what you want for yourself and your family and relationship.

You are keeping your emotions close to your chest. Do you feel alone?

It is important to manage your health and well-being. There is a lot of pressure on this aspect of your chart. Do you end up in hospital? There is much conflict in the work place. Do you need to take time for yourself to recharge?