Leo 2021 year ahead

This is an important period financially – both shared and personal resources. There is some tension between you and your partner (personal or business partner). It is time for you to be prudent personally. Excellent time to plan for the future personally and jointly.

It does look like you are in a difficult place personally. You are feeling very fragile emotionally. You need to take good care of your physical and emotional well-being. Is it you? Are your emotional needs being met in your relationship? This difficult period personally is creating issues in your relationship.

What will make you happy? Travel to far away places – seems like this may not be that straight forward, but there are certainly options you can consider.

Would studying put you in a different place? Would this build more self-confidence? You have built walls around yourself – neither you nor your partner can access your inner being. Time for some soul searching to find your direction personally and jointly. There is tension in relationship – seems like it is a very good time to be sharing your emotional vulnerability and communicating what you need in your relationship. It does seem important to start by taking personal responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being. Put boundaries in place – don’t build walls.

What do you desire? Romance? Keen to take a risk – could have serious implications personally and in relationship. Rather channel this energy into a new creative pursuit. Do something different – time to be bold. Build confidence in your abilities and find your passions.

Siblings are a great support at this time. Your father may be having issues at work or with his health and well-being.

Do you have a legal matter that you need to resolve? Is this causing you to feel some personal discomfort?

Are you struggling to fall pregnant and have a child? A trip far away maybe just be what is required.

Cancer 2021 year ahead

You are in a very difficult place emotionally. Work and routine are getting you down. You need to manage your well-being. Are you suffering from illness. Things are not working for you day to day – what changes do you need to make? Do you end up in hospital unexpectedly?

You are very worried about financial matters. Your personal financial situation is important.

You are in a strong position personally and need to focus on your own needs – work, day to day and financial. This is a good time to look at your career and or business interests. There are opportunities you may need to consider. It is important that you grow and expand your personal and professional goals. Are your dreams idealistic and achievable?

Is there a legal matter that you need to resolve from a work perspective? Decisions need to be taken in this regard.

Gemini 2021 year ahead

Your focus is your children but also your own need to find joy and pleasure through sporty and or creative pursuits.

Work is a focus and things are going very well. You are able to provide the service to others that feeds you positively. Managing your own health and well-being is as important as being of service to others. That is why it is important to also have fun!
There are some frustrations around work and the family routine and day to day activities. Perhaps not getting the go-ahead completely. Still some disruptions and uncertainty at home that you need to navigate.

This is a good time personally and financially. You are in a good position to set yourself up financially for the future. Being responsible and prudent financially is important. Money is coming your way and this will certainly open up opportunities for you.

It looks like you are keen to travel to some place further afield. This is looking promising despite the difficulties with travel abroad and Covid-19.

Taurus 2021 year ahead

This is an excellent time to focus on a new creative project – something you love doing – whether this is creative and or sporty – now is the time. Try something new – be more daring – step out of your comfort zone – remember it is just for fun.
This is also a great time to focus on your children – your relationships with your children are highlighted. Build on the love and joy – do fun things together – build memories and experiences.
What about romance? If you are not in a relationship, this is a wonderful time to get out there and meet new people. Perhaps you meet someone through a shared interest. Time to take a few risks in the search for love.
Your relationship is an important focus at this time – being loved and loving and caring for your partner. Are you feeling nurtured in your relationship? If you are carrying grudges and old hurt you need to let these go. Focus on the love, connection and care that you want to give and get in return. Is there tension in the relationship? Can you forgive? Can you let go old baggage? Will this transform your sense of self and your relationship? Things on the home front are slowly changing – you may not even be clear about what these changes mean at this time for you and your partner. The situation is fluid and lacks clarity – you need to sit with this discomfort until clarity emerges.
It is important to focus on your own financial well-being.
Your work and day to day life is a focus too. Use your abilities to communicate and write in your daily life.

Aries 2021 year ahead

This is an important time to focus on your personal and professional goals. This is a wonderful time to use your creativity in business to guide the success you desire. It is important that not only do you focus on profit but also the people in your business. Value the relationships you have in business.
There seems to be some issues that you need to resolve and these relate to your home/family situation. You are very focused on the financial aspects of your life – personal and business.
It is a very good time to expand your knowledge and understanding. If there is something you want to study, now is the time to commit and be disciplined. Will this knowledge improve your earning capacity?
You may need to deal with a legal matter. It is time. There may be some surprises that you are not aware of currently. The situation could change significantly.
Perhaps your partner’s work or health changes unexpectedly. How will this impact on your situation at home?

Pisces 2021 year ahead

This is an important time to focus on yourself – your identity and your physical and emotional well-being. What does your heart desire?
You are conflicted – perhaps you are finding your relationship is in a tricky place – there is conflict. Is your partner satisfied personally and in the relationship? Your relationship needs work and this requires energy and to actively manage your expectations. Are you and your partner dealing with a legal matter? This is likely to be tricky and takes its toll on you and your relationship.
It is important to focus on your personal goals and career objectives. Your day to day work routine is important. Is what you are doing sustainable? Can you continue doing this for a long time? If not what needs to change? What is best for you and your family?
There is lots of tension in the chart with regards legal matters, countries further afield, areas of knowledge and the importance of education and career options. Are your children looking at travelling or studying abroad? What are the financial implications for you personally and jointly? It certainly does not look easy, but it seems like it is important to investigate the options.
Someone unexpectedly in hospital – how does this change things?

Aquarius 2021 year ahead

The big focus is your children and your relationship. You are not content personally – having a hard time managing the children in these times. You are also struggling as there are so few joys. Everything is serious – nothing light. Make time for activities that bring you joy – you and your children. Make time for pleasure with your partner. Make time for yourself – being creative and or sporty may lift your spirits. Perhaps it is time to stop focusing on the needs of the other members in your family all the time.

Your relationship is an important focus too – it provides emotional support but there is huge pressure on financial matters – personal and joint financial matters. Things are difficult and unpredictable. There is much uncertainty and disruption.

Capricorn 2021 year ahead

This is an important time professionally. The real focus is your financial situation and that of your business. Debt and taxation issues are important to resolve. Focus on long term financial sustainability. You can do well financially if you use this time to sort out financial matters. Financial instability is also still a possibility.

You are in a good place personally. But you need to remain grounded – can’t look at life through rose tinted glasses during these times.

Your children add to your emotional well-being. Make sure you find time for enjoyment. Life can’t be only about work and money.

Sagittarius 2021 year ahead

Big focus in this chart is partnerships – personal and or business. There is some tension and it could well relate to your work and daily routine. Power dynamics within these relationships are important – so too your joint responsibilities. It is important to find sustainable solutions at this time. Are you committed to your relationship and if so what needs to shift for both parties going forward? Work and well-being are important.

Joint resources are a focus too. Once again message is all about financial situation that is changing and it will be good to be sensible and prudent financially.

You seem very keen to travel – is this even possible at this time? You may get the break you desire. Luck may just be on your side.

Work is very unpredictable and disruptive. You need to embrace change and uncertainty. This may very well open up new opportunities and new ways of operating which could be beneficial in the end. Difficult managing career and family matters – think about what is important when it comes to resources and relationships. What truly matters?

It is important to make time for sporting or creative pursuits. Time to have some fun or connect with your children.

Scorpio 2020/21 year ahead

The big focus in this chart is your relationship – personal and or business. This is not an easy period. There are issues to resolve – are you emotionally supported in your relationship? Do you support your partner from an emotional perspective? What fundamentally needs to change? The theme is letting go. It is important to manage your joint financial resources – this includes matters of debt and taxation. Your joint financial matters need to reflect circumstances that suit long term planning. A working partnership looks particularly challenging.

What legal matters need attending at this time? This is a very good time to be decisive. Has your relationship (personal and or business) run its course? Can it fundamentally shift and evolve?

How do you deal with significant loss or trauma? How does your partner cope? What about your work and daily routine? How does this impact on your relationship?

Home and family is a focus. There is tension in chart between career and personal goals and career objectives. It is a good time to look at a radical change in direction. Find a new business or career opportunity. Be bold and take a risk. Look at ways of managing your personal and shared resources. There are some sticking points that need to be resolved.

Would you like to move further a field – perhaps abroad? Is this legally possible and what financial position do you need to be in to make this happen?