Sagittarius 2021 year ahead

Big focus in this chart is partnerships – personal and or business. There is some tension and it could well relate to your work and daily routine. Power dynamics within these relationships are important – so too your joint responsibilities. It is important to find sustainable solutions at this time. Are you committed to your relationship and if so what needs to shift for both parties going forward? Work and well-being are important.

Joint resources are a focus too. Once again message is all about financial situation that is changing and it will be good to be sensible and prudent financially.

You seem very keen to travel – is this even possible at this time? You may get the break you desire. Luck may just be on your side.

Work is very unpredictable and disruptive. You need to embrace change and uncertainty. This may very well open up new opportunities and new ways of operating which could be beneficial in the end. Difficult managing career and family matters – think about what is important when it comes to resources and relationships. What truly matters?

It is important to make time for sporting or creative pursuits. Time to have some fun or connect with your children.

Scorpio 2020/21 year ahead

The big focus in this chart is your relationship – personal and or business. This is not an easy period. There are issues to resolve – are you emotionally supported in your relationship? Do you support your partner from an emotional perspective? What fundamentally needs to change? The theme is letting go. It is important to manage your joint financial resources – this includes matters of debt and taxation. Your joint financial matters need to reflect circumstances that suit long term planning. A working partnership looks particularly challenging.

What legal matters need attending at this time? This is a very good time to be decisive. Has your relationship (personal and or business) run its course? Can it fundamentally shift and evolve?

How do you deal with significant loss or trauma? How does your partner cope? What about your work and daily routine? How does this impact on your relationship?

Home and family is a focus. There is tension in chart between career and personal goals and career objectives. It is a good time to look at a radical change in direction. Find a new business or career opportunity. Be bold and take a risk. Look at ways of managing your personal and shared resources. There are some sticking points that need to be resolved.

Would you like to move further a field – perhaps abroad? Is this legally possible and what financial position do you need to be in to make this happen?

Libra 2020/21 year ahead

The big focus is your relationship and your shared financial resources. This is not an easy period for you and your partner (personal and or business). What is the impact on your home and family? There may well be some disruptions and surprises. Change is appropriate. Perhaps it is time to move and or relocate? Are there legal matters that need to be resolved?

This is an important time to manage your boundaries and understand your own limitations. Do you find yourself needing time out? Important to rest and recharge otherwise you may be forced to rest. Find yourself in hospital? Is a friend in hospital?

The chart could indicate that your partner is having a difficult time from a work and or wellness point of view. It seems like something significant needs to shift. This could be putting tension on you in your relationship and your joint financial resources may be under pressure.

Your personal financial circumstances seem somewhat constrained. It is important to manage your debt and taxation issues. Is money slipping through your fingers? Be mindful that you are not easily deceived at this time.

What are your professional goals at this time? Is your work fulfilling? Does it make your heart sing?

The chart shows some tension with siblings and or schools and shared resources and or legal matters.

Virgo 2020/21 year ahead

This is an important time with regards your significant relationship – personal and or business. Joint financial matters are a priority.

The tension in the chart relates to your siblings and perhaps those of your partner/spouse. Is the tension connected to knowledge versus faith? What about legal matters related to your work? Schooling requires much of your energy at this time – many disruptions and uncertainty.

Be mindful of your own limitations. You may need time to rest and recharge. Hospital? Is your partner unwell? How do those near and dear cope? Including yourself.

Your connection to your children is also important at this time. Once again also tension. Does it relates to illness and or hospitalisation?

Use this time constructively. Set aside this time for quiet contemplation. Time to look deeply inside of self. Letting go of past hurt and pain is important. No time to hold onto things that no longer serve you positively. Important to be dealing with all hidden matters. This is no time to be delusional about your personal financial situation. You need to sort out matters of debt and taxation.

Leo 2020/21 year ahead

This is an important time professionally. Your are very focussed on what you need to achieve in your career/business. The financial rewards and recognition is important to you. As much as you are successful in the world you may feel alone. How do you reconnect with your own emotional well-being?

Your relationship is very important and needs your focus and attention. There are some issues that you need to resolve with your partner and these relate to home and family and the children too. Your joint financial circumstances may change unexpectedly.

It is important to make time for your children. Equally you need to make time for pleasure in your life too. Schedule time for creative or sporty pursuits. It can’t be all about work all the time.

Cancer 2020/21 year ahead

Your big focus is home and family and your children. Your are however not content personally and professionally. There are some constraints and concerns when it comes to the financial well-being of your business/career. It is important to focus on the revenue stream in your business. Look at the long term sustainability of your business. What are your responsibilities with regards debt and taxation? This is an important time to restructure if necessary. You need to be realistic. This is not the time to be fooling yourself.

Very good time to be very focussed on your personal financial situation. You can do very well if you are single minded in your focus and drive.

Gemini 2020 year ahead

The big focus is your relationship and your joint finances. Your professional situation is likely to change unexpectedly especially with regards to any partnership agreements. Your career/business may need to embrace some exciting changes that could be beneficial going forward. So even it feels a little chaotic, good things may come of this time personally and professionally. If things change at work what will the impact be on your home/family situation?

If you are not involved in a personal relationship, there is a great opportunity to meet someone unexpectedly. The relationship may proceed at a pace you didn’t expect and your social standing could change fundamentally.

The stability of home and family is good. Spending time with your children doing sporty and creative activities is great. Make time for yourself too. Allocating time to pursuits that make you happy is very good right now.

You would like to plan a trip further afield and yet it seems that work and day to day routine is not certain at this time. Make plans for an adventure regardless. It may just be what you need.

Taurus 2020 year ahead

Your focus is your relationship. You are currently investing much of yourself in your relationship/business partnership. There are some struggles within your relationship and family dynamic and these look like they relate to your children. You are emotionally sensitive currently and may be more easily deceived. What does your heart desire when it comes to your relationship? It is time to make sure your relationship is working for you. What needs to change for you to feel more emotionally content?

Your children are a big focus. There are frustrations and these relate to schooling and or neighbourhood dynamics. Is there a complication with a sibling? Things are moving along much slower than anticipated. This is what is causing problems. There is a need to focus on what is controllable and let go the issues that are beyond your control.

It is important to find structure day to day for yourself and your children. This will help you feel like you are in control. Make time for your own creative and/or sporting pleasure. This may also be causing you frustrations. No time – what does this mean? Make time – this is the message. Let go of things that are unimportant and prioritise those things that will bring you joy day to day.

Your joint financial situation is unpredictable and unstable currently. Expect big changes and uncertainty. Are you looking to move money off shore? You seem to be uncertain about what to do. Where is the value?

Aries 2020 year ahead

This is an excellent time to focus on your personal life, your work and day to day routine. There is a great deal of focus in this chart on financial matters professionally. There are some challenges. Is your revenue growing in the direction you want? These are challenging economic times and you may need to make some changes in the business that have financial implications going forward. What opportunities exist at this time professionally? Time to be single-minded and determined in solving these financial matters. It may well be time to look at the things that don’t bring in the resources you expect. What can you change? It is important to focus on the long term sustainability in your business – look at revenue and debt levels in business. You need to make this time count financially. Restructure if necessary – it could help your business in the long run. Study again in you need to progress your business interests. You may also need to get legal advice to resolve these financial matters.

There are some issues in your relationship and at home – but it appears you are not ready to deal with these currently. If yours is a relationship with children on both sides, this may also be causing some concerns. You will need to deal with these matters at some stage.

This is a social period in your life and it is important to make decisions about the people and friends you want to be around. You may want to make some changes.

Pisces 2020 year ahead

There is lots of pressure in your chart – firstly you are not content – you are concerned about your career prospects and the financial implications. The financial rewards that you had hoped for are not likely to materialise. It is important to take a long term view and manage all your debt and tax obligations prudently. You need to pay attention – this is not the time to think that all will ok. You are delusionary if this is your approach. It is time to get real. Financial issues are causing you great discomfort and this is affecting your relationship and your joint financial situation. It is time to be decisive and put all your energy into resolving these issues. Children are a concern – perhaps the long term financial implications need to be prioritised. It is time to make serious decisions that will make it easier to navigate this path going forward in the future. You can’t hide away – you need to deal with these matters decisively. There may well be issues with friends or work colleagues. Power struggles. The main message is to look for long term sustainable solutions in your business.