Virgo – 2019 year ahead

The big focus at this time is your career and personal goals. What do you want at this time professionally? Are you in the right business? What needs to change? There may well be some relationships in the business that are not easy and causing conflict and unhappiness in the work place. Is there a business partnership opportunity that you need to consider? How will this change your status professionally? There are certainly opportunities that you need to consider. Some might even be seen as quite risky. It would be appropriate to consider these options at this time. Your work life is good but could do with a shake-up. This may create some disruption and uncertainty but it seems like change is appropriate at this time. You are in a very good place personally and can capitalise on opportunities that come your way. You are in a position to create your own luck in a sense. Your outlook is optimistic currently.
This is an important time financially. Be sensible and prudent financially. Reduce debt. Manage your lifestyle within your financial means and you will do well. Don’t waste money on unnecessary playful pursuits. Be sensible when it comes to financial matters to do with your children.
This is an important time from a relationship perspective. Set goals together with your partner. The social status of your relationship seems top of mind