Gemini 2017 year ahead

Your focus at this time is your children and your relationship. You are very busy dealing with the needs of your children and the demands of family life. You perhaps feel pulled in different directions as you try to deal with everything at the moment. It looks like things may be a bit disruptive on the home front. It may be time to move. Perhaps a big move which demands much change – this would be very appropriate.

You are very involved in the school routine. It is good to be focussed on those relationships that are near and dear to you – siblings, neighbours, school connections. But there may be some issues that need to be resolved.

You are torn between managing your career and the needs of the children/family. Resources are a focus and so work is a necessity at this stage.

There is no point in working all the time and feeling stressed. You need to make a plan to have some fun with your family too – partner and children.

A trip abroad would be great – is there an issue at work that makes this difficult or with the school? Travel with siblings? Could be some issues making this happen. An adventure would be a good thing right now no matter how tricky to organise.