Pluto travels direct again on 6 October 2021

Pluto changes direction again having been retrograde since 27 April 2021. The critical degrees of 24, 25 and 26 degrees Capricorn are most affected. If your Sun is at these degrees, you are being asked to make some fundamental changes in your life.
Pluto asks us to surrender, let go. It deals with matters related to debt, default and taxation. Time for tough decisions. It is also associated with death and loss.
The other cardinal signs will also be impacted by opposition – Cancer and square – Libra and Aries.

Mercury retrograde 28 September to 18 October 2021

Mercury, the trickster, will once again travel retrograde through the sign of Libra between 28 September and 18 October 2021. Libra is an air sign and Mercury has dignity which is positive. But when this planet travels retrograde it is a sign that positions need to be considered. Decisions taken often have to be reviewed post the retrograde period as new information becomes available. Delays might be welcomed.

As always back up information – phones, computers and any systems your business relies on. Check details when signing contracts as mistakes are more likely to happen. Get all the information you require. Expect some delays. This may prove useful. Be conscious of your communication as things are more easily misunderstood. In the sign of Libra there will be much dancing on egg shells. Diplomacy is the same of the game.

Libra 2021 year ahead

This is a difficult time personally and in relationship. There is a great deal of tension. Do you value your connection with your partner? There is a part of you that relishes your own freedom and independence?

Perhaps the conflict in your relationship relates to your work? Much of your energy is focussed on work and managing your day to day life – where does this leave your relationship?

You are very focussed on your professional goals and your family and home life, your connection with your children and your relationship seem to be taking a knock.

Your career provides you with authority and responsibility. What are your long term plans?

Are you actually content? It is time to look at what you want for yourself and your family and relationship.

You are keeping your emotions close to your chest. Do you feel alone?

It is important to manage your health and well-being. There is a lot of pressure on this aspect of your chart. Do you end up in hospital? There is much conflict in the work place. Do you need to take time for yourself to recharge?

“It’s the economy, stupid”

Following the theme of the Saturn Return in the 1961 Republic of SA chart versus the 1994 Democratic South Africa chart.
31 May 1961 Pretoria – Republic of SA
Saturn Return – Feb 1991 – Saturn is in the 11th house – Parliament and the Treasury.
The Saturn cycle is important as it speaks about taking responsibility for decisions and actions over time. It is an important marker in terms of reaching adulthood and maturing. This is true for a country too. The Apartheid government was running out of options in Feb 1991. The Berlin Wall had fallen in Nov 1989. The ANC was unbanned in Feb 1990. SA was an isolated, bankrupt country. Exiles had started returning to SA. Nelson Mandela was elected President of the ANC in 1991 having been freed from prison in Feb 1990.
1 February 1991President F.W. de Klerk announces during the opening of Parliament, that the Land Act, the Group Areas Act and the Registration of Population Act are to be scrapped. He also unveils a manifesto for a New South Africa.
This was a massive turning point in our journey to democracy and signalled the end of Apartheid.
27 April 1994 – Pretoria – Democratic SA
Saturn Return – Feb 2024 – Saturn is in the 2nd house – resources of the country – the economy. Our currency, the income we derive from taxation and how we spend it.
Democratic South Africa will soon be entering our Saturn return and once again it will be time to take stock and make some decisions about the direction we are taking as a country. The issue during this period will relate to the economy. Our debt burden has climbed astronomically over the last decade with the mismanagement of State Owned Enterprises (SOE), rampant corruption and wasteful expenditure in the public sector. We are fast running out of money and have to change our ways. It all boils down to taking responsibility for our economy and the long terms prospects of our country. It will be a time of reckoning.
2021 and 2022 continue to be a dark stain on our journey as our dirty laundry is aired and all manner of dirt is divulged. This is indeed a very difficult and dangerous time in our journey. (Pluto conjunct Uranus)
April to December 2022 we see Saturn square Moon – this indicates that ordinary people have had enough and we too need to take responsibility and hold leaders accountable. This will be an important time with regards public servants. Ordinary people will have to stand up and do the right thing. In all likelihood we will need to reduce our public service wage bill which has become unsustainable especially when measured against output.
July 2023 to May 2024 – Uranus opposed Moon – this is indicated as a volatile period in our history. Ordinary people have had enough and want significant change in our leadership and expect more from the public service. It is during this period in Feb 2024 when we experience our Saturn Return. The government will have to take responsibility for the state of our economy.