Aquarius 2020 year ahead

The big focus this year is resources – especially shared resources with your partner/spouse or business partnership. It is very important to plan for your financial future and look at your financial situation especially with regards to debt and taxation. This could be a very difficult time financially especially if you are highly geared and indebted. You may well need to cut your cloth according to your means. You need to work as you need the money. The chart indicates that resources from your career are up and down and irregular in nature. You will need to navigate a rocky path financially. Resources will come your way -more than likely in lump sums and then nothing. Plan for this irregular flow of income from your business/career.

These partnerships need your focus and attention as things may not be going as easily as you would like. Jointly you need to buy into a plan and a future.

You would like to travel and or move abroad. Is the grass greener on the other side? This could also be creating tension in your relationship. It looks like a good time to plan a holiday far away.

If you need to deal with any legal matters with regards a partnership then you need to proceed.

Loss is a theme you will need to contend with over this period.

9 Oct 2020

Mars square Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter. Mars in Aries – very powerful. War like archetype. Mars opposed Sun. Sun square Moon. Moon opposed Jupiter. Sun and Jupiter fallen. Leadership compromised. Truth and justice compromised. Saturn and Mars both in rulership. Action and doing what is right. Versus abusing authority and acting with excessive force. Moon in rulership – people strong.

Saturn Pluto conjunction 2020

These planets are conjunct between 28 Feb 2019 to 24 November 2020.
The conjunct is exact on 12 Jan 2020. This is a very powerful and destructive force for change. The only positive thing about this conjunction is that Mars and Uranus are not aspected in this chart and make no connection to this conjunction. These are 2 volatile planets – one associated with war and aggression (Mars) and the other rebellion (Uranus).

4 Aug to 19 Oct 2020 – Saturn conjunct Pluto, Mars in Aries, Mars square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto. This is a very powerful and destructive period. The signature for war is very prevalent. Mars is very powerful at this time and connects to this powerful collection of planets in Capricorn.
Mars in Aries – 28 June 2020 to 7 Jan 2021.

Retrograde planets –

Mars 9 Sep to 14 Nov 2020

Jupiter 14 May to 13 Sep 2020

Saturn 11 May to 29 Sep 2020

Pluto 25 April to 4 Oct 2020

All these players are retrograde during this period too and once they travel direct things could shift dramatically. The signature for war is very powerful in 2020.

Previous Saturn Pluto conjunctions since 1900.

22 July 1914 to 5 July 1915 – WW1

Exact – 4 Oct and 1 Nov 1914 and 19 May 1915

2 Nov 1946 to 3 June 1948 – post WW2

Exact – 11 Aug 1947.

21 Jan 1982 to 26 Sep 1983 – Cold War period (1979 to 1985 – threat of Nuclear War) and Falkland Islands War – Great Britain and Argentina, Iran/Iraq War, Lebanon War

Exact 8 Nov 1982

Data wars? Data rights are new human rights. Data is now more valuable than oil. Data most valuable commodity. Personal data being used without our permission makes human beings commodities. Are we entering into a period of data wars?

10 Jan 2020 – Appulse lunar eclipse

The big emphasis in this chart is this concept of service to others. All emphasis is on the role of work and well being in your daily life. Doing the right thing and knowing how to use your power and influence appropriately day to day. It is important not to abuse this power and influence especially if you have a role that carries certain duties and responsibilities.
The chart describes that those who abuse their responsibilities will be accountable to the people and in all likelihood end up behind bars.
This chart emphases the importance of the institutions in our society and the public servants in our country and we, the people, need to hold those in power accountable. The activists need to stand up and be counted. It is time to work very hard at uncovering all hidden agendas and to expose those who have done wrong.
The chart describes the importance of functioning prisons and hospitals for the people. These require dedicated public servants to function appropriately. There is great tension here.
This chart also describes a time of illness and disease – some mysterious viral outbreaks that could be very difficult to deal with. If you are unwell it may be necessary to do some investigative tests to ascertain what is wrong. It may take time to understand the problems. Diagnosis could be very difficult. It could also describe that certain people end up in hospital as a result of disease. Women and children may be more susceptible.
William Lily describes in the 16th C that this eclipse foretells of diseases to the female sex and also sudden, miserable and unexpected deaths to many people, and of dishonourable births and or mean people.

Excessive debt and spending crisis looming in 2019/2020

We are entering an interesting period astrologically in the next few years. Jupiter entered Sagittarius on 9 Nov 2018. It will stay in this sign for about a year until 2 Dec 2019. Jupiter loves being in Sagittarius, the sign of its rulership. The attributes attached to this combination are of optimism, adventure, travel, trade and gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the world.

But at the same time Neptune will square Jupiter creating some confusion and deception. This phase starts on 19 Dec 2018 and ends on 19 Oct 2019. It is exact on 16 June and 21 Sep 2019. Expressed positively this will create circumstances that are naively optimistic. Opportunities to speculate and gain with little effort. There will be a sense of endless positive growth and expansion. Expressed negatively this could lead to poor speculation and mass panic as people fear losing their wealth. Circumstances are perfect for scandals to flourish – ultimately caused by an underlying instability. The analysts may have a difficult time diagnosing the real issues. It is also likely a period of extreme greed and wastefulness. This period was last active in 1936.

In early 2019 Saturn will connect with Pluto. This period is effective from 28 Feb 2019 to 24 Nov 2020. This aspect is exact on 12 Jan 2020. This is a difficult combination of 2 powerful planets. Expressed positively it describes toughness and tenacity , extreme endurance and the ability to be disciplined while working in challenging conditions. Expressed negatively it describes a cold-hearted, hard and unfeeling disposition, with a tendency towards violence and fanatical adherence to principals once adopted – no matter the outcome. This is a very self-destructive energy and could imply the loss of one’s fortune or possessions. Pluto rules death, debt and taxes. A crisis will hit those who have not managed their financial affairs appropriately and are unable to service their debt. The tax authorities may eventually catch up with those who have evaded tax for a very long time. Banks may be forced to stop lending and the cycle of spending may cease or slow down dramatically. This period was active in 1914/15 and 1946/47/48 and then again in 1982/83.

In addition Jupiter will connect with Pluto. This period is effective from 29 Feb 2020 to 11 Dec 2020. This aspect is exact on 5 April, 30 June and 12 Nov 2020. Once again this is a powerful combination. It describes an extreme desire for power. Expressed positively it describes the desire to lead the masses and the need for social and or religious regeneration. It describes the search for justice of those oppressed. The world needs a moral and social rejuvenation. Expressed negatively it describes the pursuit of fanatical gains and the desire to exploit the masses. As the saying goes ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. This is described as a period of massive social uprisings. The loss of social status and the possibility of losing all your worldly possessions. Excessive debt. It describes conflicts with those in power. This period was active in 1918/19 and 1930/31 and 1943 and 1955/56 and 1968/69 and 1981 and 1994 and 2007/08. We know what happened to the global economy in 2008. It all started in 2007 with the subprime mortgage crisis in the US. It soon resulted in a banking crisis with the collapse of Lehman Brothers on 15 Sep 2008. Excessive risk taking by banks across the globe magnified the crisis. Massive bail-outs by governments followed to avert a full blown global financial collapse. The European debt crisis followed.

This pressure cooker situation is at its peak between 8 and 24 Nov 2020. Let us hope that the global leaders can avert a crisis and make a commitment to address the global challenges related to debt, wealth and poverty. Citizens across the world need to hold those in power to account. Corruption and excessive greed and waste need to be stopped. Money and power needs to be used appropriately for the betterment of society as a whole. A new respect for all countries and cultures needs to be cultivated. The oppression of groups of people must stop. We have an opportunity to create a better world once we have made some fundamental changes in policy and application. We need dedicated and committed leaders who respect citizens and are working towards the greater good of the world and humanity.

Oct/Nov – 2020 – Time of fundamental readjustment globally

• Saturn finds itself in rulership in Capricorn hence very powerful. This is the authority. Doing what is right and knowing right from wrong. Being responsible and taking charge. Setting limits and boundaries. Knowing and understanding what responsibility is and what it entails.

• Jupiter finds itself fallen in Capricorn – the real lesson here is knowing what is enough. Jupiter wants us to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world. The problems of greed and excessive use of authority will be problematic at this time.

• Pluto finds itself in Capricorn and one gets the sense that this is very much about power and authority and the use of this influence. So the saying ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ seems to describe this time very appropriately. One can only hope that all that is wrong with the current system collapses at this time. Those who find themselves holding positions of power and influence who have not used these positions to create good in the world must take responsibility for this abuse of power. This applies to people as well as corporations, institutions and governments.

What is concerning is that Mars (God of War) is squaring this very powerful collection of planets. This is something that should have us all concerned. Mars finds itself in Aries and this is a powerful and aggressive Mars. Mars moves into Aries on 28 June 2020 and travels through this sign until 7 Jan 2021. It travels retrograde between 9 Sep and 14 Nov 2020.

The key planets will all be retrograde during this period. Jupiter is retrograde between 14 May to 13 Sep 2020. Saturn is retrograde between 11 May to 29 Sep 2020. Pluto is retrograde between 25 April to 4 Oct 2020. Frustrations may well build in these periods.

In 1940 and 1941 Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct (WW2). In 1914 and 1915 Saturn and Pluto were conjunct (WW1).

Jupiter conjunct Saturn – happens about every 20 years
Jupiter conjunct Pluto – happens about every 13 years
Saturn conjunct Pluto – happens about every 35 years

It truly does seem like the world needs to take stock of where we find ourselves and take responsibility for our actions and decisions taken to get to this point. One would hope that those found wanting end up paying the ultimate price for their abuse of power and that a new set of leaders can emerge at this time that want to do things differently for the betterment of society and humanity.

Computer viruses and cryptocurrencies – 2019 and 2020

In 1981 Elk Cloner created a program called the “Elk Cloner” which was developed for the Apple II Systems. It was created to infect Apple DOS 3.3. These programs were designed to spread through files and folders that were transferred to other computers via the floppy disk.
In 1983 the term “virus” was coined by Frederick Cohen. These were defined as computer programs that were infectious as they had a tendency to replicate themselves.
During this period Saturn was conjunct Pluto – it started on 21 Jan 1982 and ended on 26 Sep 1983.
We are approaching another cycle of Saturn conjunct Pluto. This period starts from 28 Feb 2019 and ends on 24 Nov 2020. These 2 planets are exact on 12 Jan 2020.
We need to mindful of computer viruses during this period. It could very well be described as another kind of war. I wonder what the impact will be on the cryptocurrencies?

The big themes at this time are Jupiter square Neptune (2019) and Saturn conjunct Pluto (2019 and 2020).

Neptune is associated with spying and illicit activities. Jupiter will exaggerate and magnify these allegations.

Investigations and surveillance are associated with Pluto. Saturn describes doing the right thing and working within defined structures with institutional integrity.

What does this all mean?

All the illicit and illegal activities that have been perpetrated in the past will come to light eventually after a deep and thorough investigation. Those involved in these investigations are likely to be obsessed about finding the evidence to hold those accountable for their actions. It is likely to be a deeply difficult task but rewarding if the rot of corruption and greed are purged. In this way we will have a chance to push the reset button as the skeletons of the past get exposed for what they are and new systems emerge to replace what has gone wrong in the past.

That saying ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is very evident at this time. Doing the right thing is important. Equally power and influence can very easily be used in the wrong way. We must insist that leaders holding positions of authority in the political and corporate sectors use their influence for the greater good.