Total lunar eclipse – 27 July Pretoria 2018 and its connection to South Africa

This eclipse is powerfully connected to the South Africa chart of 27 April 1994. The eclipse forms a strong connection to the Government and ruling party and the opposition. This is a powerful configuration with Moon and Mars forming a grand cross with the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. Mars is powerful in Capricorn but finds itself retrograde and frustrated. Mars is square Uranus which in itself is a very volatile and aggressive combination. The connection to Jupiter magnifies this tension and aggression.

A lunar eclipse in the first 10 degrees of Aquarius is a health warning for a certain king or leader. SA experienced this eclipse as total and this magnifies the impact in our country.

Leo 2018 year ahead

This is a great time to get involved in any sporting or creative activity that you enjoy. Find self-expression through the pursuit of pleasure. Children are a big focus too. If you want to have a child it seems like a great time to proceed.

This is a very important time professionally. Your career provides you with status and authority. You are determined to achieve success professionally. Your personal financial situation may change unexpectedly. Perhaps a bonus comes your way?

It seems like your relationship and your working life needs attention. Is your work getting in the way of your relationship? Your joint financial situation is showing growth at this time.

Plan an adventure with your family.

Mercury retrograde 26 July to 19 Aug 2018

Are you about to sign a contract? Things might well get delayed. Get all the information – some extra information might also reveal itself in this time. Delays are inevitable and may help the process ultimately.
Back up phones and computers.
Be conscious of your conversations and your general communication with others. This is a classic time when things can easily get misunderstood.
Look after your car keys – they may more easily get lost!
Be careful on the roads – you don’t want to get involved in an unnecessary car accident. It could be a real inconvenience.

Partial solar eclipse – 13 July Cape Town

This eclipse takes place at 20 Cancer at the new moon. Pluto (retrograde) opposes the Sun and Moon. This adds a level of intensity to this eclipse. In the Cape Town chart this eclipse is taking place in the financial houses – yours and those you share with your partner or spouse. Pluto rules debt and death. What needs to shift? Look at your levels of debt and make some fundamental adjustments to your lifestyle. Do you experience loss and perhaps benefit financially? How does this allow you to perhaps restructure your debt levels?

William Lilly described the solar eclipse in the last 10 degrees of Cancer as a signal that men of this sign will suffer from many diseases. He specifically talks about French Pox. This was because of the outbreak in the French army and this disease refers to syphilis. So take care from a health perspective.

This eclipse also belongs to the saros series 2 Old North. This eclipse is thought to bring unfortunate news concerning friendships or relationships. The concept of loss and or endings is appropriate. It does however describes that with this unfortunate news things are likely to turn out positively in the end. You will know what must be done to move forward with the situation you find yourself in.