Aries 2021 year ahead

This is an important time to focus on your personal and professional goals. This is a wonderful time to use your creativity in business to guide the success you desire. It is important that not only do you focus on profit but also the people in your business. Value the relationships you have in business.
There seems to be some issues that you need to resolve and these relate to your home/family situation. You are very focused on the financial aspects of your life – personal and business.
It is a very good time to expand your knowledge and understanding. If there is something you want to study, now is the time to commit and be disciplined. Will this knowledge improve your earning capacity?
You may need to deal with a legal matter. It is time. There may be some surprises that you are not aware of currently. The situation could change significantly.
Perhaps your partner’s work or health changes unexpectedly. How will this impact on your situation at home?