Some thoughts on SA and the ANC 2019 and ahead


Looking back, on 8 Jan 1990, Saturn made a conjunction to the Sun – a time for the leadership of the ANC to step up, taking on new responsibilities. A month later on 2 Feb 1990 the ANC was unbanned by FW de Klerk. It sure was a time for the ANC to play a much more significant role in the leadership and direction of SA.

Fast forward to 2019 and Saturn is once again conjunct the Sun in the ANC chart. A full cycle has completed – 29 year Saturn cycle. It is an important time to look at the roles and responsibilities of the ANC leadership. This is significant as once again it requires the leadership to be disciplined in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. It is a time to grow up, take charge, make important long term decisions and show leadership, thereafter earning the respect of others. This period is active from Feb to Nov 2019.

In addition there is a very difficult transit affecting the chart of the ANC – Pluto opposed Neptune – March 2019 to Nov 2020. This is going to be a very difficult time for the ANC as it gets to the bottom of all the illicit activities that have been going on within the organisation. Pluto demands that these allegations be investigated thoroughly. It is a time where the ANC needs to purge those involved in illicit activities and deal with matters that have been swept under the carpet. This is not going to be an easy process but is absolutely necessary for renewal. Strong leadership will be incredibly important at this time.

From March to Dec 2020, Saturn will make a conjunction to Uranus in the ANC chart. This last happened on 26 Jan 1991 after the ANC was unbanned in early 1990. This will once again be a time when we are likely to see the emergence of something new within the ANC. It describes that there will be a clash of the traditional versus more modern/innovative/revolutionary values and ideas. It speaks about a time of renewal if undertaken in a responsible, methodical and structured manner. It is likely to be rocky and unstable during this period of transition. Hopefully after this time they have rid the organisation of the corrupt and rotten members of the party and can move forward on a new trajectory.


The chart of South Africa has the Sun at 6 degrees Taurus. Uranus is currently moving through the sign of Taurus. This is a time where change is disruptive and unpredictable. The sun in a chart refers to the leadership of the country and this indicates that big changes are necessary. It describes that these times will be rocky and turbulent but could also be exciting if we embrace a new direction. We will need to be bold and innovative.

We do need to clean out the rot and this is not going to be a pleasant process. The SA chart describes that for the next 3 years from 2020 to 2022 we have to embark on a major clean out and those responsible for corruption need to be sent to jail.

From Jul 2023 to April 2024 things will shift significantly. Do we have a woman in the presidency? The public will have had enough and demand significant change. The public service will need to be changed fundamentally. This is not going to be easy. Transformed into a public service – truly at service to the people of SA?

Zuma 2019 – dark days ahead

Pluto will square the Sun in Zuma’s chart from Feb to Dec 2019. The key months are Feb, July and December 2019. Zuma’s identity and status will be in tatters during this period.

In addition Uranus will square Pluto in his chart indicating that he has lost control of his situation and things are now well and truly out of his control. This is active between May 2019 to Feb 2020. There will be a radical shift to his power and influence.

And it was good to hear today that the High Court has ruled that the fraud, corruption and related charges against the former President had nothing to do with his official position. Zuma has been ordered to cover his own legal costs which could amount to about R30 million.

ANC in crisis

Another post written in Oct 2017.

The ANC needs to redefine its purpose and reinvent itself. There is no doubt this organisation needs a major shake-up in its leadership and direction. Uranus is always associated with the rebellious and revolutionary. It is an unstable and unpredictable force. It demands change often in a chaotic manner. Its main message is innovation and reinvention. This is a critical time for the ANC – May 2017 to March 2018 (May and Oct 2017/March 2018).
The ANC faced a similar crisis between Dec 1973 and Oct 1974. A major shake-up in the ANC leadership was required. Chris Hani and Thabo Mbeki were co-opted onto the ANC’s National Executive Committee. They were the youngest members to sit on the committee at the time.
It is time again to be bold and get younger leadership involved in the ANC. The organisation needs to reinvent itself and come up with innovative solutions to the problems it faces. It indicates that this will also be a very disruptive and chaotic period in the organisation. Uranus likes chaos and surprises.

ANC needs to reinvent itself – key message in 2018

I wrote this post in Oct 2017 – interesting to reflect on what has transpired so far this year. Expect more change!

April 2018 to Jan 2019 the message is loud and clear – it is time for the ANC to re-invent itself. It needs to look back to the roots of the organisation and find a new sense of purpose and direction. It is time for a new generation of leaders to emerge. Uranus indicates a period of great instability as the reset button is activated. One wonders if the organisation will once again expel disruptive elements within the party. The time is ripe again for this kind of reaction. The key months to be aware of are April and Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. The action is likely to be sudden and unexpected.
Between Oct 1974 and Aug 1975 the ANC found itself in a similar position. This was an important time to redefine the strategy and purpose of the ANC. It was a time of radical change. It was a period of great instability. At this time, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC held a meeting in Tanzania and unanimously expelled eight members. The reason given was that these people were described as being involved in “disruptive factionalist activities based on reactionary racial grounds”. Amongst those expelled were Alfred Kgokong Mqota, Tennyson Makiwane, Jonas Matlou, Ambrose Mzimkulu Makiwane, George Mbele, Thami Bonga, Pascal Ngakane and O. K. Setlhapelo.

Capricorn 2020 year ahead

This is an important time personally. But it seems like you are keeping things close to your chest. You are working behind the scenes looking at opportunities personally. You need to take responsibility for yourself and do what is best for you in the long run. What is going on financially? Take matters in hand and look at your personal financial circumstances. Debt and taxes. Are these matters in order? Are you up to date? Are you drowning in debt? How can you restructure your financial situation? It is time to cut back and look at the long term sustainability of your personal financial situation. Debt/worth and resources – these are important matters to consider and sort out.

How do you define your personal success in the world? Is it all about financial success? There may be something you are missing when you think of success only in this narrow way. How would you define your success if you consider more broadly your influence in the world? Colleagues, friends and your relationship. You may realise that you are not completely content when it comes to these other aspects of your life.

You are struggling on an emotional level. The financial strain may be taking its toll. Make decisions and be firm. Know your limits. Resources and children. You may need to make some adjustments which will be disruptive but consider the long term situation. You need to be able to cope in the long run. It is pointless drowning in debt.

Some family matters may be weighing you down. You are inclined to push these away and not deal with them. This will not be helpful in the long run.