Pluto retrograde – 25 April to 3 Oct 2020

There was a rubella (German measles) pandemic between 1962 and 1965, which started in Europe and spread to the United States. In the years 1964–65, the United States had an estimated 12.5 million rubella cases.

Uranus and Pluto were in a dance with each other between Oct 1963 and June 1968. They were exact in 1965 and 1966 on 16 and 17 degrees Virgo.

Interesting Neptune is currently at 18 Pisces opposed this point in the 1965/66 era.
Immunisations and influenza are both associated with Neptune.

Pluto travels retrograde from 25 April to 3 Oct 2020 and will regress from 24 Capricorn to 22 Capricorn. It will be time once again to relook things that fundamentally must change. This is difficult. Letting go is one of the most difficult things for everyone.

We need to learn to let go and discard material possessions. It will make letting go of other aspects of life perhaps somewhat easier. This business of attachment is a problem for everyone. Holding on when we know things must change. We will need to dig deep at this time. Release and let go. When a planet travels retrograde we have to go over some aspect of our lives again.

Life and death are part of nature. This is a completely natural process. This sense of a continuous upward curve is not a natural cycle. Astrology speaks about cardinal – initiating, fixed – stabilising and mutable – breaking down and transforming. This is a natural cycle and we need to stop fighting nature’s way.

Live in Hope and not Fear

The Vital Factor in Healing – Your role in Coming to Health and Wellness

John Bell

John Bell the author, studied medicine in SA and became interested in holistic care. He completed a 2 year course in the USA and has since established himself as a holistic practitioner. He approaches life in this way. We are all going to die but until this happens we have a lot of living to do.

I decided to look at this reference book again and see what it had to say about viruses.

The author starts off to explain that many micro organisms live within and around the body and do us no harm. But there are some that are dangerous to our existence. An infection may kill one person and yet only affect another mildly. The question arises why? Why me? Why now? Why this? He reiterates that if you are not mentally and emotionally fertile for the viral experience it will not form part of your reality. Infections are spread from person to person and may also be transmitted from animals to people. Germs and microbes inhabit every known place on earth. Germs may contaminate your environment and this fits a belief system that the world is a dangerous place. This idea of contamination around cleanliness may reflect feelings of shame. And we saw in the last post, feelings of shame are not life affirming. What about this sense of contamination of new ideas? This too could be seen as dangerous to the existing way of life.

We need to appreciate that we breathe the same air as other people and should not feel afraid. The world is not out to harm us. Fear like a virus is toxic and pollutes our emotional well-being. He mentions that wearing masks adds to this sense of fear of the unknown. Fear of breathing the same air as others.

How do we navigate this time and our response to this situation? We need to remain positive and optimistic. We need to be open and trusting. Laughter is infectious and contagious. If you smile at a stranger in all likelihood the stranger will smile back at you. These positive responses are contagious. A new idea gives us hope. We need to have hope in these times of despair. A positive idea can spread through a community or the world creating optimism and hope. We need to trust that the world is a friendly and supportive place.

All through this book the underlying emotions associated with disease are negative. He frequently mentions shame, anger and rage. Get in touch with your emotional well-being. It is important to express your emotional needs and not suppress them. We all need to find appropriate ways of dealing with emotional pain. A very good activity is to write down your feelings on paper and then burn them – release these emotions that hold you back. Own your feelings and emotions and release those that are negative and not supportive of life. This is a very profound time to be releasing aspects of life that no longer work for us individually and collectively. We can only work on ourselves and do the inner work required personally. This has been an important time to connect inwardly and not outwardly.

We need to actively not live in fear and work with love, trust, forgiveness and kindness. This is the only way.

I love this little mantra that one can sing to oneself.

“Every little cell in my body is happy.

Every little cell in my body is well.

I’m so glad, every little cell

In my body is happy and well.”

This is a very powerful mantra and singing is very therapeutic to the brain. See the Facebook page Allison Davies – Brain Care not Behaviour Management

Power versus Force

I have just finished reading this incredible book called Power versus Force – David Hawkins

It seems like a very important time to think about these concepts with the world in lockdown. So here goes.

Force automatically creates a counter force. Force must always be justified. Force always moves against something. It is essentially incomplete and must be constantly fed. Force has an insatiable appetite. Force always creates a counter force, its effect is to polarise. This leads to conflict and the cost is high. Force always produces win/loose scenarios and creates enemies. Constantly faced with enemies, force needs to be defended. Defensive strategies are costly. Force is seductive and gives rise to a certain level of false patriotism and nationalism. Force is rooted in the material world. Force is arrogant. Force is self-serving.

Power on the other hand uplifts, dignifies and enables. Power is total and complete. It requires nothing outside of itself and makes no demands of others. Power gives life and energy. Force takes it away. True power originates from consciousness – a visible manifestation of the invisible. Power brings joy. Power originates in the mind. Power is not glamourous, it is unassuming. Power serves others. Power is unlimited. Many political and social movements begin with true power but as time goes on they become corrupted by self-seeking individuals. They end up relying on force and this will lead to their downfall. This pattern is repeated in history time and time again.

This map of consciousness indicates the levels of consciousness. Anything below 200 is not supportive of life, both individually and collectively. People with a consciousness level below 200 see themselves as victims. They see the source of all their problems originating out there. An enormous leap is required to take back one’s power with the realisation that happiness is found within and not out there. 85% of the world’s population is said to resonate below the critical 200 level of consciousness. Many people live in fear. Only 8% of the global population resonate above the level of reason at 400.

Kindness is one of the most significant transformational acts of all. To reach levels of unconditional love and joy requires an inward journey. Love is a state of being. It is a way of relating to the world. Creating space for a world that is forgiving, supportive and nurturing is living in a loving way. Above the levels of 500 the world seems to work effortlessly by synchronicity. The world becomes a place of love and Divinity and Grace. Individual will and Divine Will merge. It is at these levels that there is a realisation of the interconnectedness of the world.

It is important for those operating at the levels of apathy to move to a level of grief, followed by fear and then desire which propels one upward to anger and then pride and ultimately courage. It is at this level of consciousness where one can begin to engage more positively in the world.

Emotions that weaken are to be avoided – shame, hopelessness, guilt, fear, hatred and pride. Pride often comes before a fall.

Emotions that strengthen and uplift are to be encouraged – courage, acceptance, truth, reason, love, beauty, joy and finally peace.

Mankind has the ability to resonate at a higher level of consciousness by simply increasing his or her buoyancy and with an open heart and mind will effortlessly rise to a higher state of consciousness. Force can never accomplish this feat – only power and a journey inward and not outward.

Covid-19 Pandemic

On a personal note I have found the last few days overwhelming, dealing with many conflicting emotions. This issue of lives and livelihoods is very concerning. This is not an either or scenario. We have to think about the impacts of both on our society. This is a complex and complicated scenario. Our economy was in crisis before the global Covid-19 pandemic and this has just accentuated the problems. Poverty and unemployment in SA are real problems. Post this crisis we can expect the situation to worsen. Lockdown has just escalated the economic crisis. There are many people and businesses unable to earn an income. Hungry people – desperate people.

Astrologically this period is defined as a time of death and debt. If the truth be told there will be many businesses that were marginal before this pandemic that suddenly are no longer viable. This is tragic and sad but it is part of a process that we have no power or control over personally. It is way more powerful. Pluto is associated with things unseen. It is very much associated with viruses. Pluto teaches us to surrender. We need to recognise that we are not in control of everything. Saturn teaches us about personal and collective responsibility – staying home for the greater good one could argue. But it is also taking responsibility in so many different ways. This is a time of fundamental change. Good will come from this crisis. We need to understand the long term implications of our lives and lifestyles on the environment. We are part of nature, not separate from nature. We need to recognise that our ever expanding numbers are pushing onto the natural world, reducing space for nature and wild animals. Nature is the true power and we need to surrender to nature. Humanity needs to live in more sustainable ways. This is an exciting time reimagining how things may change because the one certainty is that they will and must change fundamentally. This is a powerful time astrologically and we will all need to make significant personal changes. We are in a war and the enemy is invisible and doesn’t respect our man-made borders. It is showing us the interconnectedness of humanity. Jupiter is the teacher and finder of the truth and it seems like this is difficult currently as there is a tendency towards extreme suppression and control of the situation. This is something we need to be concerned about going forward – those is authority forcing control and power over people.

This time will affect us all differently and we will all be asked to re- evaluate some aspect of our lives. It may concern your business or career. It could be your relationship. It could be your financial situation. It could be your health and well-being. We can’t slip back to old ways. We all need to adjust and find a new path individually and collectively. It is a traumatic time and yet also an exciting time to find a new path that is sustainable long term for the future of humanity and the planet.

The last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto came together in this powerful combination was way back in July 1146. During this time they came together in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a sign associated with currency and resources, fields of wheat and cattle – agriculture. 1146 was recorded as a rainy year and the harvest failed in Europe leading to one of the worst famines in the century.

These planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now converge in Capricorn throughout 2020. This is the territory of governments and business. Corporates and governments need to change. Excessive profits and taxation in the jurisdictions within which they operate. This is a big problem globally. Pluto is associated with taxation and debt.

This convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto has not happened for a very long time – not in living memory or even recent history. And this makes this time so unbelievable extraordinary and powerful. We have to change. We must change. We need to make changes individually and collectively.

Taurus 2020 year ahead

Your focus is your relationship. You are currently investing much of yourself in your relationship/business partnership. There are some struggles within your relationship and family dynamic and these look like they relate to your children. You are emotionally sensitive currently and may be more easily deceived. What does your heart desire when it comes to your relationship? It is time to make sure your relationship is working for you. What needs to change for you to feel more emotionally content?

Your children are a big focus. There are frustrations and these relate to schooling and or neighbourhood dynamics. Is there a complication with a sibling? Things are moving along much slower than anticipated. This is what is causing problems. There is a need to focus on what is controllable and let go the issues that are beyond your control.

It is important to find structure day to day for yourself and your children. This will help you feel like you are in control. Make time for your own creative and/or sporting pleasure. This may also be causing you frustrations. No time – what does this mean? Make time – this is the message. Let go of things that are unimportant and prioritise those things that will bring you joy day to day.

Your joint financial situation is unpredictable and unstable currently. Expect big changes and uncertainty. Are you looking to move money off shore? You seem to be uncertain about what to do. Where is the value?