Sagittarius 2022 year ahead

This is an important time personally. You are very determined to assert yourself at this time. You have focus and determination which will be needed to get things done. There is tension in your relationship. It speaks about things being disruptive. Perhaps your partner wants more freedom and independence? Things are up and down. Perhaps you are looking for more excitement in your relationship? If you are not in a relationship now is a fantastic time to make this your mission.

Home and family provides stability to your life, but it does also speak about the need to purge. Do you want to make changes to your home? Time for a massive clear out. What about the family dynamic?

In true Sagittarius fashion you want to have more fun. You need to get involved in sporty and or creative pursuits. Time with your children is also important. Perhaps this is what you relationship requires? Children. Good time to fall pregnant and take on the responsibility of a child. That will certainly change the dynamics in your relationship – a new chapter so to speak. A conversation needs to happen with your partner about resources – personal and shared the expenses related to your children.

You would love to travel again far and wide. This is all part of your desire to have a great time and be adventurous. It would be wonderful to plan an adventure with your family.

Partial lunar eclipse – 19 Nov 2021

This eclipse speaks about the importance of your personal and professional goals. This is a very important time to set goals and take responsibility for what you want in your life.
The chart speaks also about the love and connection of home and family, creating a beautiful space to celebrate all the good things about family and loving connections.
But it does indicate that there may well be tension – if you are single minded in your pursuit of personal goals, your home and family connections may suffer. They are both equally important and they both need to be celebrated. This is not easy or straight forward but necessary.
This eclipse speaks about the importance of personal responsibility and that starts with taking care of your body and self, learning about personal boundaries and your own limitations.
If you feel you are ready to take the responsibility for a child, then this looks like a very good time. The chart indicates that this has been a long time in the making and the time is now right. Perhaps your home life is ready for a big change and a child could certainly achieve this. A child would cause disruption and indicate the start of a new chapter in your life when it comes to family.
A family member could end up in hospital which could be a blessing in time. There seems to be difficult stuff that needs to be dealt with and now is a good time.
27 Taurus/Scorpio – William Lilly speaks about eclipses in the last 10 degrees of Taurus pertaining to a plague amongst creeping noxious creatures or perhaps rats, mice and such pests that will devour a farmer’s grain or corn crop.