Libra 2017 year ahead

Your focus at this time is your family and your children. There are some challenges. You may not be an content as you would like. The real issue is perhaps finding time for yourself in this mix. The demands of your family and children leave little space for personal pleasure. But this is what is required at this time. What would you love to do that would fill your cup? It should be light and fun. What would you love to do? Creative and or sporty pursuits?

This is a good time to use your creative talents and perhaps benefit financially. You are focussed on the details and this is good.
You are very busy at work but this is becoming emotionally draining. Your daily routine is not good for your emotional well-being at this time. Perhaps make some changes. What about your connections to neighbours, the school and or your siblings? You may need to make some changes to improve things on an everyday basis. There is a real danger that your health suffers as a result of this continued stress.

Make some time for yourself. Take a break before it is forced upon you. Just step back and or aside for a moment to catch your breath. It could be a game changer.

There is tension with regards your joint financial situation. This is a time to be prudent and sensible with your joint financial interests. Look at your joint responsibilities to your family. What is appropriate and prudent financially?