Sagittarius 2020 year ahead

This is an important time financially especially with regards your joint financial circumstances in your relationship. You need to make it count personally and jointly. Important that you operate as a team but there appears to be tension. You want more freedom and independence. What is best for yourself and your relationship/partnership? What is best financially for your partnership? This may not be easy to decide. If you were single or independent you may act differently. How does the partnership expect you to act? What is in the best interest of your partnership? Financial matters are top of mind.

Pooling resources to jointly benefit is an important theme. Do you have money to travel? Family trip with your children?

Good time to think about your career and long term prospects in life. Is there any additional knowledge you require to meet your long term objectives? Any opportunities further afield? Will these amount to anything substantial? Financially they may appear to be too good to be true. Look at things carefully and make sure all legal documents are well understood in terms of contractual matters.

Good time for your partner to fall pregnant. Go for treatment if required. May just be what is required at this time if this has been a struggle.