Capricorn 2021 year ahead

This is an important time professionally. The real focus is your financial situation and that of your business. Debt and taxation issues are important to resolve. Focus on long term financial sustainability. You can do well financially if you use this time to sort out financial matters. Financial instability is also still a possibility.

You are in a good place personally. But you need to remain grounded – can’t look at life through rose tinted glasses during these times.

Your children add to your emotional well-being. Make sure you find time for enjoyment. Life can’t be only about work and money.

Solar Total Eclipse (NM) 14 Dec 2020

Sun conjunct Moon 23 Sagittarius in place of partnerships – personal and or business.

Partnerships are an important focus in this chart and there is tension. The parties are not content and seem to have different ideas about the direction that should be taken in the partnership/business. Financial matters could be adding an enormous burden to the partnership. These need to be dealt with decisively. Issues relating to debt and taxation must get resolved. You may very well need some legal advice to sort out these matters. It seems like there is little room to manoeuvre – the business/partnership is not in a good place and it is important to get things back on track and re-imagine your future direction if you believe the business/partnership can be salvaged. Focus on the financial well-being of the business. This requires energy, effort and determination. It will not necessarily be easy but could be very good in the long run.

The dynamics at home and with the children are also challenging. It seems like your focus must be to get the business financially functional again. That must be your focus and priority.

Friendships – personal or business can go a long way to providing support at this time.