Pisces 2020 year ahead

There is lots of pressure in your chart – firstly you are not content – you are concerned about your career prospects and the financial implications. The financial rewards that you had hoped for are not likely to materialise. It is important to take a long term view and manage all your debt and tax obligations prudently. You need to pay attention – this is not the time to think that all will ok. You are delusionary if this is your approach. It is time to get real. Financial issues are causing you great discomfort and this is affecting your relationship and your joint financial situation. It is time to be decisive and put all your energy into resolving these issues. Children are a concern – perhaps the long term financial implications need to be prioritised. It is time to make serious decisions that will make it easier to navigate this path going forward in the future. You can’t hide away – you need to deal with these matters decisively. There may well be issues with friends or work colleagues. Power struggles. The main message is to look for long term sustainable solutions in your business.

Mercury retrograde – 17 Feb to 10 March 2020

Mercury rules communication, technology, contracts, travel and cars. These are the aspects of life that may become troublesome during this period. Take time, check details in contractual matters – don’t get fussed with delays – these may actually be in your best interest. If you need to sign contracts during this time, be mindful that there may be delays or information could go missing. Did your email reach the recipient? Was there a hiccup with the server? Was you message understood as you intended? This is classically a time when there may be more misunderstandings. Be careful how you word your messages so that there is less chance of anything being misunderstood.

Back up computers and phones. There may be more problems with technical equipment. What about your house alarm?

Travel details may need to be revised. Once again check details. Allow extra time for delays and unforeseen issues. What about baggage going missing?

Pay attention on the roads – you don’t want any unnecessary issues with your car.

Be patient and use the time to reflect. You may need to be more patient.

Ramaphosa – does he have the determination to succeed?

17 Nov 1952

Soweto, Johannesburg

Sun and Moon in Scorpio – this explains a certain level of intensity. The Moon is uncomfortable in Scorpio. Moon rules our emotions and responses to situations and connects us to people. This may well describe how difficult it is for Ramaphosa to connect with ordinary people. He always seems awkward in his responses to situations – shocked at this or that. Scorpio is a mute sign – it has no voice. He feels deeply and yet perhaps finds it hard to articulate his feelings. His Moon is also connected to the star Agena which emphasises that this person identifies with some cause which needs to be healed or corrected on a personal or collective manner.

He was also born with Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Libra. Dreams vs reality and wanting a fair and just society knowing that those in authority are doing the right thing and not abusing their positions of authority in society. Being born in the apartheid era which was clearly an unjust system was good reason to want to change the system to a more equitable, fairer system for all. This was the dream and the challenge lay in making this reality. Saturn and Neptune are conjunct the star Spica in his chart adding to his brilliance in this regard.

He was also born with Mars in Capricorn giving him large doses of drive and determination to make things happen. Mars squares Saturn and Neptune giving him the drive and determination to imagine and change the existing system/status quo in society.

Uranus squares Saturn and Neptune creating the revolutionary spirit to challenge the status quo and imagine a new society embracing new opportunities.

This is the chart of an activist and someone that will be very successful in life through shear grit and determination.


Pluto conjunct Saturn/Neptune – 2019 and 2020 – this is a really challenging situation and requires a fundamental shift in his ideals for the society he imagines. It indicates that the imagined reality is not working and he must not be scared to let go of old models and beliefs around the ideal society and reimagine the possibilities. The dream did not materialise and a new dream needs to be imagined from the ashes of the current destruction. There is an implosion happening and fundamental shifts are required. This is happening to Ramaphosa personally but also very much about the SA he imagined. It has not worked out as planned. He needs to make a fundamental shift personally to create the change required in SA.

Jupiter square Saturn/Neptune – March to Nov 2020 – making space for growth around new dreams and ideals that can create a new reality. This is a time of opportunity even when things look so dismal and delusional.

Saturn conjunct Mars – Feb to Nov 2020 – decisions must be made and taken. Action must happen at this time. Duty to act responsibly and do the right thing. Jupiter conjunct Mars – April to Dec 2020 – giving much energy and opportunity to action matters of importance. This is not the time to be soft – the chart talks about a certain amount of resolve and determination to act. It is now or never for Ramaphosa.

Pluto conjuncts Mars in April 2021 and through to the end of 2022. This describes a situation of no more Mr Nice guy. It is time to get angry and tough. It is time for extreme measures to shift the fundamentals. This is described as a time of being ruthless. Is this when we see what Ramaphosa is made of? There have been many calls for Ramaphosa to grow a backbone – it is time. In 2021 Jupiter will square his Sun and Moon and give him more reason to be positive and optimistic.

We need Ramaphosa to succeed to turn SA around. Here’s hoping he has the balls to do what is required when we have our backs to the wall.