Eclipse 21 June 2020

Eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon align with the Moon’s Nodes. Eclipses repeat approximately every 19 years. See links below for the full explanation.

The Solar Annular Eclipse which occurred on the 21 June 2020 at 0 degrees Cancer has a link with the Total Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer in 2001. See the attached links to the paths of these eclipses. Totality is where the eclipse is most likely to have the greatest influence on the social, political and natural systems of those geographic areas affected.

Each eclipse belongs to a Saros cycle. These cycles start at one of the poles and travel north or south across the earth to the opposite pole. This process takes a very long time.

The Solar Annular Eclipse – 21 June 2020 at 0 degrees Cancer – belongs to Saros 4 North. This family of eclipses started on 25 May 1389 and concludes on 29 June 2633. This is described as a difficult Saros Series. The themes of restriction, restraint, separation, inhibition and illusions are present in this series. The series seems to block progress and it is best advised to wait until the eclipse passes before taking action. The effect of an eclipse is described as lasting about 6 months to a year.

Total Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer in 2001 – belongs to Saros 3 North. This series started on 10 Oct 991 and concludes on 11 Nov 2235. This series is described as excessive. Its main theme relates to young people or news that transforms a situation. The information can cause worry and this can lead to obsession.

The next eclipse at this degree will occur on 21 June 2039 – Annular Solar Eclipse – and will form part of the Saros 5 North Series. As you can see the Saros Series move forward from 3 North in 2001 to 4 North in 2020 and then 5 North in 2039. The 5 North Saros Series is described as a very unusual series involving sudden flashes or ideas that seem to have a psychic or unconscious association. Visions and dreams are the essence of this family of eclipses. It is described as a truly creative series and should leave those enriched.

William Lilly in the 16th Century described the solar and lunar eclipses by degrees of each sign. He divided each sign into thirds – first 10 degrees, 10 to 20 degrees and then 20 to 30 degrees. He describes 0 Cancer (first 10 degrees of Cancer) as a solar eclipse that disturbs the air and stirs up strange weather. It inclines men to arms and to violate National Leagues often deceitfully under the auspices of religion.

It is always interesting to follow the path of the eclipse as this is where it will be felt more significantly. Totality is more pronounced. Then it is interesting to see what the degrees mention of each eclipse and which Saros Series it belongs.

Cancer 2020/21 year ahead

Your big focus is home and family and your children. Your are however not content personally and professionally. There are some constraints and concerns when it comes to the financial well-being of your business/career. It is important to focus on the revenue stream in your business. Look at the long term sustainability of your business. What are your responsibilities with regards debt and taxation? This is an important time to restructure if necessary. You need to be realistic. This is not the time to be fooling yourself.

Very good time to be very focussed on your personal financial situation. You can do very well if you are single minded in your focus and drive.


The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, and automobiles.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is important to remain flexible. Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing contracts. Double check your email responses, check in with reservations before you make that trip. It will be interesting to see what happens to travel as things open up here in SA and around the world in the Covid-19 crisis. Will there be a change in plan? It is very possible. We may well see a situation where a decision needs to be reconsidered and changed as more information comes to the surface. What about the situation re SAA and the business rescue process?

Review projects and plans at this time, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. You can’t stop your life, but you can plan ahead. Have back-up plans. Be prepared for irrational comments from people and general miscommunication.

Back up phones and computers. Keep track of keys – always good to keep them in the same place. You may be more prone to loose items in this period. Do your appliances break down? What about car troubles? All these issues are strictly trivial but can be annoying and irritating more than anything else.

This is a good time to sit back and review your plans. Take a moment to reflect. Be patient. Mercury retrograde can be an excellent time to take a step back and re-analyse what you are doing. Refrain from making any drastic changes until after the retrograde period has ended.