Libra 2020/21 year ahead

The big focus is your relationship and your shared financial resources. This is not an easy period for you and your partner (personal and or business). What is the impact on your home and family? There may well be some disruptions and surprises. Change is appropriate. Perhaps it is time to move and or relocate? Are there legal matters that need to be resolved?

This is an important time to manage your boundaries and understand your own limitations. Do you find yourself needing time out? Important to rest and recharge otherwise you may be forced to rest. Find yourself in hospital? Is a friend in hospital?

The chart could indicate that your partner is having a difficult time from a work and or wellness point of view. It seems like something significant needs to shift. This could be putting tension on you in your relationship and your joint financial resources may be under pressure.

Your personal financial circumstances seem somewhat constrained. It is important to manage your debt and taxation issues. Is money slipping through your fingers? Be mindful that you are not easily deceived at this time.

What are your professional goals at this time? Is your work fulfilling? Does it make your heart sing?

The chart shows some tension with siblings and or schools and shared resources and or legal matters.