Pisces 2018 year ahead

Your focus during this period is your relationship. There are some things that are bothering you. It seems like you need to have some conversations about the direction your lives are taking. Perhaps you have business concerns that need to be addressed. There seem to be other aspects that are wonderful. Perhaps you dream about travel opportunities together and making lots of money personally. Can you make this happen? Is their an opportunity to get involved in a business partnership opportunity? Is this a dream or can you really make it happen? What do you really want? Perhaps you are not even really sure at the moment.
You are actively engaged in your home and family life. A big focus is your children too. You take your role seriously and want to do the right thing when it comes to matters regarding your children. Make time to do the things that you enjoy too. This is an excellent time to commit to a new creative project. What about making time for sport and or exercise? The key is you need to be disciplined. So if you don’t have enough self-discipline then sign up for a class and make a commitment.
You are not convinced about your work role. Perhaps it is time to give it up and start a new project. Make a commitment to yourself to make these changes.