Cancer 2019 year ahead

The focus at this time is your relationship and or business partnership. The real stress seems financial – personal resources and debt versus resources that are shared. Your partner’s financial situation may be somewhat stressed. Costs related to your children? You need to make sure that you are careful and responsible financially – be mindful of excessive debt. You need to be able to service debt particularly if your financial situation changes. What added responsibility do you need to shoulder if your joint financial resources are not where you would like them to be? If you look at your personal financial situation you perhaps need to ask yourself what is enough? Time to stop obsessing about accumulating more money and being comfortable with what you have, knowing that it is enough particularly if you are careful with your resources and set limits around your spending. You both seem to be very focussed on financial matters and this is important and necessary at this time. What needs to change financially – personally and jointly?
What can you do together to have fun to bring some spice and excitement into your relationship?
You seem to be enjoying your work – make sure you value your day to day work involvement. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.
What is happening at home? Things appear good but you may be avoiding dealing with a family matter or something that needs doing at home. Water/damp?
If you are not in a relationship and you really fancy your chances – get dating. You may be surprised!