Cancer 2016 year ahead

Your work and career are currently a concern for you. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed about what is required of you. It looks like you are not coping and this is staking its toll on you emotionally.

The aspects of this chart that are positive are your ability to write and share your ideas, together with your ability to improve your knowledge base. Will your career benefit from further study? This is an excellent time to apply your mind and study further. You have the ability and this will serve you well for the future.

Your financial situation is not stable currently and it is likely to be like that for a while. Perhaps it relates to your decision to study further and or travel.

Ideally you would like to spend more time at home, with your family and children. It seems like it is time to make some changes professionally and with your work. Your overall health and well-being may be suffering as a result of not enjoying your work routine

Tradition versus Idealism

This is a time once again when the establishment will be challenged by those who dream about a different future.

Saturn square Neptune – Nov 2015 to Sep 2016 – dreams about a new long term future?

This is a stressful planetary aspect with Saturn representing those in authority, traditional values and the need to be responsible at odds with Neptune the planet that rules dreams, lies and deception. This is what I referred to earlier in the year. The reality not being what it seems during this phase.

We have now witnessed this scenario with the UK EU vote (#Brexit) and all the mistrust that has been created with the leave vote. Leaders are now backtracking about claims made (more money for NHS).

Looking back in time this aspect was at play in 1998/1999 – the Y2K problem. There was an incredible amount of pessimism at the time about how computers would handle the change to year 2000.

It was active again in 1979 and 1980. In a political context the Conservatives came to power in the UK with Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. In the US Ronald Reagan became the US President in 1981 just after this cycle completed. The world became more conservative during this time. Closer to home the Rhodesian Bush War ended in 1979 with Mugabe coming to power in 1980. The Yuppies became a phenomenon in the 1980’s – young urban professionals obsessed with financial success and the accumulation of material objects.

It was active again in 1962 and 1963. Marilyn Monroe was found dead on August 5th 1962 after apparently overdosing on sleeping pills. Neptune rules drugs and addiction. John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963. A hurricane and resulting Tsunami caused flooding in East Pakistan Bangladesh killing 22,000. Saturn rules buildings and the land. Neptune is always associated with the ocean. In a hard aspect a natural disaster is also highly appropriate. During this year too Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I have a dream” speech. Neptune is also associated with dreams. Making dreams real – the question we need to ask again at this time is this. Is it practical and possible to find a new way and to dream about a new long term future for humanity?

It was active again in 1944 and 1945 when World War 2 was drawing to a close. WW2 was the most widespread war in world history, involving the vast majority of the world’s nations and ended with 2 opposing military alliances. A new world order was created post WW2. It was an era defined by the decline of the great old powers and the rise of 2 new superpowers – USA and Soviet Union. The world was polarised post this period. The United Nations was established and the rate of decolonisation increased in the world. India (UK), Indonesia (Netherlands) and the Philippines (US) all gained independence.