Aquarius 2017 year ahead

You are in a positive space this year. Your focus is your work, career and your direction in life. A focus too is your daily routine. Your work is going really well and this is a good time to apply yourself and get positive results. It may very well be time to look at your opportunities and make some changes. Perhaps you do not feel that you are being rewarded adequately for your efforts. It may be time to assert yourself in this regard.

It seems like there is tension in your life with regards a relationship. You may experience a rocky period going forward. The chart describes the situation as unstable and unpredictable. You need to decide if this is a relationship that works for you. Your work could very well be causing problems – perhaps you are spending too much time at work. This may be causing issues in your relationship.

If you are currently not involved in a relationship you may be surprised and meet someone unexpectedly. Things could develop quicker than you expect. You may be taken by surprise and whisked off your feet. The romancing process may not be comfortable for you. Make sure you don’t lose your sense of self in the process.

Make time for some light relief. You will need a change from just work and the daily grind. It is important to get involved in creative or sporty activities.

You may be finding it hard balancing the work/home/children aspect of your life. This may be causing conflict in your relationship too. It is time to make decisions that work for you. You are likely to find your children more challenging than usual in the year ahead. It may be time to make some changes at home too. It may seem traumatic at the moment but the chart shows that the changes are more than likely to improve the situation in the end.

South Africa 1st Quarter 2017

The people of SA are focussed on parliament. We are in difficult place as a country. Things are described as unstable and unpredictable currently. Strikes and riots are a very real possibility. Our country needs a shake-up. We need to reinvent ourselves. We appear to be looking at new opportunities when it comes to foreign relations. It seems like our President spends most of his time this period traveling abroad. The government is focussed on the higher education sector and needs to come up with long term sustainable plans to stave off this instability in our country.

The point in the chart which represents government is conjunct Facies a very destructive star. This does not bode well for the government of the day and President Zuma. This star is associated with blindness, eye sight problems, sudden death and violence. Facies is associated with focus and in some cases the ruthless pursuit of goals. It can also be associated with cruelty and war. This star was prominent in Hitler’s chart, also Margaret Thatcher.

The media are a thorn in the side of government. Government seem intent on setting the agenda and continues to fuel news with propaganda. The media will find it difficult to uncover the truth. There are powerful influences within government deliberately abusing the power of the media and its influence. The police and military appear to be abusing their power and influence too. This is worrisome if state power is abused to suppress. The workers want government to deal with issues they face in the work place. Workers are also sick and tired of those in power abusing their positions and influence. Workers are undecided if they are with government or not. The jury is out. There could be a split in the ruling party with labour finding a new home. Generally transport and telecommunications are a real concern.

The youth are focussed on higher education and taking the president/government to task on this matter. It seems like other foreign countries have a great deal of influence on/in Parliament and equally Parliament is looking abroad for answers and support. Parliament is very focussed on the our financial status, the banks and treasury. It is working hard to convince foreigners to invest in our country. There is interest from foreign countries in matters dealing with land, farming and mining.

Corruption and lies are a theme in the first quarter and we may find it hard to uncover the truth. Can we trust our relationships with other foreign countries? Do we fully understand the nature of these dealings? The welfare institution like prisons and hospitals are under enormous pressure and the institutional integrity is dissolving before our eyes. These institutions are literally and figuratively falling apart. Substance abuse is rife is prisons and these folks are totally disillusioned.

What we also need to factor is during this quarter is that in 2016 the leadership of the ANC came under enormous pressure with Pluto conjunct Sun (Feb/June and Dec 2016). In addition Zuma and Gordon were both in difficult and unpredictable territory with Uranus conjunct Sun in their birth charts (May/Oct 2016 and Feb 2017). This cycle is not yet complete for both Zuma and Gordon and it remains to be seen what transpires in Feb 2017 when this cycle completes. But we can expect some wild and crazy times towards end Feb 2017 again. Uranus is an unpredictable planet and does things quickly, takes one by surprise and often pulls the carpet from under our feet. Although we don’t have birth times for either Zuma or Gordon the sun is symbolic of your identity and as leaders we can expect some dramatic changes in this period.