Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – Stellium 2020

The last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto came together in this powerful combination was way back in July 1146. During this time they came together in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a sign associated with currency and resources, fields of wheat and cattle – agriculture. 1146 was recorded as a rainy year and the harvest failed in Europe leading to one of the worst famines in the century.

These planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now converge in Capricorn throughout 2020. This is the territory of governments and business. Corporates and governments need to change. Pluto is associated with taxation and debt. Excessive corporate profits are an issue as the income inequality across the globe is highlighted. Corporations needing to be taxed in the jurisdictions within which they operate is also significant. This is a big problem globally especially amongst the technology companies. People and governments are drowning in debt. We are in the midst of a global financial crisis. With the lockdown, global trade has been severely disrupted and many businesses will likely close as they struggle to survive this current period. Record numbers of people will be unemployed as businesses fold and falter. This situation is very concerning. Individuals will be pushing personal debt to the limits. This is just not sustainable. This is a big reset for the global economy.

This is also an important time to make sure that those in power (governments and corporations) do not abuse their power. There is a very real danger at this time.

Pluto is also associated with viruses and this time of Covid-19 has been particularly disruptive as we struggle with this unknown disease and no vaccine. The virus peak will likely drop off after end November 2020. Pluto is very much associated with fear and fear is paralysing. We need to be mindful to be careful and sensible and not fearful. As more information about the disease is revealed and treatment protocols in place hopefully this fear subsides in time.

This convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto has not happened for a very long time – not in living memory or even recent history. And this makes this time so unbelievable extraordinary and powerful. We have to change. We must change. We need to make changes individually and collectively.


Listen to this podcast – we should have paid more attention to the astrologers! 8 minutes 50 seconds into the podcast.

Leo 2020/21 year ahead

This is an important time professionally. Your are very focussed on what you need to achieve in your career/business. The financial rewards and recognition is important to you. As much as you are successful in the world you may feel alone. How do you reconnect with your own emotional well-being?

Your relationship is very important and needs your focus and attention. There are some issues that you need to resolve with your partner and these relate to home and family and the children too. Your joint financial circumstances may change unexpectedly.

It is important to make time for your children. Equally you need to make time for pleasure in your life too. Schedule time for creative or sporty pursuits. It can’t be all about work all the time.