Pisces 2017 year ahead

As usual you are dreaming about far flung places! Your desire to spread your wings is ever present during this year.

It seems like you need to focus on your career and your direction in life. This is an excellent time to look at the financial rewards from your business or career. Your are very determined right now to be more successful financially. This is an excellent time to use this energy in a positive direction. It is also a very good time to focus on your network and make this work for you financially. You may need to take a few risks. You may need to be bold in your decision making. But now is the time. The big issue that you need to resolve is to use your creative talents in your business/career and make sure you are adequately rewarded. This is where there may be some discomfort – what you like to do does not pay as you would like. It is now time to decide how you want to manage this issue.

Your kids are very busy and this creates busy-ness for you too. Is there something that your children inspire in you from a business perspective? You would like your work to be fun and pay the bills. Is this possible right now? Your children’s needs are demanding financially.

Your relationship needs some emotional support right now too. It may not be an easy period for your partner and your relationship. He or she may be under emotional strain at this time which impacts on your emotional well-being too.

It is important that you and your partner focus on the long term financial commitments you share. These may require changes in your business or career as you make a commitment to meet your financial obligations.

Friendship is a big theme this year too.

Solar Annular Eclipse 26 Feb 2017 and the economic implications for South Africa

This eclipse takes place at 8 degrees Pisces conjunct Saturn in the SA chart – 27 April 1994. In the SA chart it relates to all financial matters affecting SA. This would include the nation’s assets and financial status, the treasury, revenue services, banks and financial institutions, the stock exchange, money markets and trade and exports.

This does not look like a positive situation for the SA economy and all matters financial. It focuses on the institutions and those holding positions of authority in this sector. Does this relate to a downgrade to junk status by the ratings agencies? Does the Rand take a pounding in the money markets? What are the implications at SARS and the Treasury? Both these institutions have been in the spotlight – one could argue for the wrong reasons. A dark cloud hangs over SARS and the ‘rouge unit’ narrative. The Treasury under Pravin Gordon have been under enormous pressure just doing their job. There has been pressure to continue to bail out the State Owned Enterprises. We know that President Zuma and Finance Minister Gordon have been at war with each other and the scandals related to the Gupta family and the State Capture report by the previous Public Protector. Both Zuma and Gordon are experiencing a Uranus conjunction to their Sun. This has created a very unpredictable period for both these men. The key periods were early May and end Oct 2016 and we know what happened at end Oct last year. The final crunch period occurs at end Feb 2017. We can expect fireworks again. This will happen at the same time as this solar annular eclipse on 26 Feb 2017.

It all points to the fact that the economy and those involved in leadership positions in our economy will be under great pressure. Things do not look positive for the SA economy in 2017 and this eclipse highlights the issues at stake. The growth rate in the SA economy is around 2% and this is not strong enough to reduce unemployment which is sitting at around 27% currently.

We need to focus on structural reform in our economy and the long term implications of any decisions taken. All decisions made will effect our image in the world and the long term prospects of the SA economy in the global arena. There is also a link between our economy and secret enemies of the nation at home and abroad. We can only hope that these elements are exposed at this time.

This eclipse is part of the Saros Series 19 South. This family of eclipses is associated with an element of pleasant surprise and a lucky break. Eclipses are felt more strongly where they are visible and this eclipse will travel through South America and West and Southern Africa. A partial eclipse will be visible in SA.