Virgo 2021 year ahead

Your focus in your home and family. There is tension between your role at home and your role in your professional life or in business. This is an excellent time in your professional life to achieve the status and recognition professionally or in business. Your role may need to change. Do you take on more responsibility? You are able to support others through your work and this is very fulfilling. You are able to contribute to other people day to day. Meaningful work is very significant at this time. The importance of having a strong value set when it comes to work – value people as much as profit. Knowing and doing what is right – showing strong and principled leadership is very significant at this time. The rewards and opportunities are there professionally and in business. How do you value your success? Is it financial or is it more than that?

This is also a reminder that as much as work is very fulfilling at this time so too is your family and your children and partner. This is a great time to connect with your children and more importantly to make sure you do things for yourself and with the other members of your family that are joyful and fun. You are in a great space personally and are more inclined to be bold and try new activities.

If you are not in a relationship, this is your time for romance. Get out there and get connected. Find joy and love.