Aries 2018 year ahead

Your relationship and or business partnership is a big focus at this time. You may think that things are going very well. But perhaps you are deceiving yourself that everything is fine or you are being deceived by your partner. It seems like there are some issues and you may very well require the services of a lawyer to sort out the issues. Your joint financial situation (personal and or business partnership) looks very healthy but there is an indication that things are about to change unexpectedly. Does a huge financial windfall come your way? Equally financial matters may be unstable and unpredictable.

Perhaps the conflict in your relationship relates to your home/property. You seem very determined to get your way in this regard. Do you want to move house or make changes to your current home? Are you on the same page with your partner in this regard?

Your biggest responsibility is your children. There may well be conflict in your relationship about how to manage your home and family life including your responsibilities to your children. This is a good time to look at how you spend your time. You have duties and responsibilities towards your children. Is there time to do the things you enjoy ? Make a commitment to yourself and find time for sport or something creative.