Services Offered – birth chart astrology

I require the following to prepare for the consultation:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Place of birth

The more accurate the birth time, the more able astrology is to make accurate predictions. Astrology needs to build a case for something – so for example if we see an indication once – it is a possibility, twice – it is a probability and three times we can be more certain that something is important now and into the future.

What can astrology reveal about you?

  • Your life’s purpose
  • The nature of your emotional and mental world
  • What drives you?
  • What do you value?
  • How do you embrace responsibilities?
  • What brings you joy?

Astrology deals with everyday matters and gives an understanding of how you engage with the world.

  • Your career and personal goals
  • Your relationship with your spouse/s and business partner/s
  • Your financial situation and your relationship with money including those resources shared with spouse or business partner
  • Your relationship with your parents and siblings
  • Children in your life
  • Your sporting ability and creative talents
  • Your education – school and post school education
  • Travel opportunities
  • Your spiritual life
  • Your friendships
  • Your daily work and sense of duty and service
  • The nature of your health and well-being

Looking into the future – the year ahead

It is very useful for someone in a difficult situation to get an understanding of the dynamics at play and the time frame applicable. Most clients find themselves at a crossroads in life. Change is never easy and most of us are uncomfortable at the notion of change. But timing is all important and knowing this is very empowering.

I provide a written summary post the consultation – cost R900 or $150

Consultations can be done in person or on What’s App, Skype or FaceTime.