Putin and Ramaphosa – born 1952

Interestingly both leaders were born in 1952. Putin on 7 October and Ramaphosa on 17 November.

Saturn conjunct Neptune square Uranus.

Saturn conjunct Neptune sextile Pluto.

Saturn is exalted in Libra and this emphasises the desire to be in control from a point of view of knowing what is right. Saturn conjunct Neptune speaks about an idealist. Dreaming of a better society. It also speaks about the possibility of being delusional, dreams not in touch with reality. This conjunction speaks about being disillusioned with the system at particular stages in life.

Saturn/Neptune sextile Pluto – desire for power and control especially with Pluto in Leo.

Saturn/Neptune square Uranus – desire to break the system with revolution and create an ideal society.

The years 1992, 1993 and 1994 (Uranus and Neptune transits) were significant for both these individuals in terms of their desire to create changes in society. And we know what happened to SA at that time. 2016/2017/2018/2019 (Uranus and Pluto transits) were equally significant and once again indicated a time of personal and societal change. Pluto speaks about destruction and decay and the need to discard outdated ideals from past. Uranus wants a significant change integrating innovation and technology. We can see what has happened to SA in this time. The dream did not materialise quite as anticipated and something new needs to be created – for self and society.

Pisces 2022 year ahead

The big focus in your chart is your relationship – personal and or business especially long term committed partnerships. There could very well be work collaborations and or partnerships that you need to consider. It seems important to focus on your passions day to day. Focus on the long term dynamics day to day. What needs to change – what can be changed from a work perspective? Look at day to day debt. Focus your energy on daily achievements and being of service to others. You can achieve a lot at this time. Also make sure you expend energy on work that you value. This notion of service to others is important. Work should serve you as much as you serve others.

There is a big focus on resources – personal and shared. There is some tension – money disappearing quicker than you would like jointly. Be careful of being deceived financially. Resources are plentiful – don’t be careless and wasteful.

You would love to use some of those resources to travel abroad. This would be a good time for an adventure.

Health and well-being is important too. Look after your knees!