Cancer 2017 year ahead

This is a very important time to focus on yourself. It is an important period financially. Seems like your financial situation is complex as you are personally doing very well, however it looks like your business or the company you are involved in may have some financial issues. Resources from your business or career may be unstable currently and this may be creating some issues for you personally. It looks like you are hiding some of your personal financial resources – perhaps you don’t want others to know how well you are doing financially. There is lots of activity happening behind the scenes – financially and with regards some personal relationships.

There is tension in the chart between yourself and your partner. Looks like this relationship is good and stable but perhaps there is some secret connection that you are engaged in behind the scenes. Be mindful that this love connection may lead to your own downfall if pursued for any length of time. Are you prepared to risk your relationship for a fling?

Home life is good – but financial pressure may be making things uncomfortable for you at the moment. It seems like you need to get a handle on financial matters. Time to be honest with yourself on many levels.