Covid-19 and its impact globally and here is SA

Jupiter conjunct Pluto – this conjunction started on 29 Feb 2020 and ends on 12 Nov 2020. It is exact on 5 April, 30 June and 12 Nov 2020. These dates may become important in this pandemic and with regards the lockdowns.

These planets were last conjunct between 16 Nov 2007 and 5 Jan 2008. The global financial crisis of Dec 2007 to June 2009 which started with the subprime mortgage crisis. It was followed by a period of extended recession – Great Recession between 2012 and 2015.

As I have mentioned before Pluto is associated with the following – atomic bombs, assassinations, bacteria, betrayal, catastrophes, cemeteries, coffins, convicts, crematories, crime, death, decay, decomposition, defiance, demolition, destitution, devastation, dictators, disasters, epidemics, evacuation, executions, extremism, filth, gangsters, garbage, mortality, murder, obituaries, plagues, plutonium, poison, pornography, procreation, prostitution, purging, rape, rodents, rotting, rubbish, sewage, suicides, swamps and bogs, taxation, tyrants, victims, viruses, volcanoes and wars.

Jupiter will magnify these problems. Jupiter is fallen in Capricorn – this creates further problems. Jupiter is not comfortable in this sign. With respect to the Covid-19 virus we must expect the death toll to rise and the cases to increase. Debt problems will escalate post the shut-down here in SA and globally. Those with debt problems prior to this crisis will find themselves in very difficult circumstances. The ripple effect across the economy will multiply exponentially – just like the Covid-19 cases. That is why it is so important for us to flatten the curve so that the health professionals can cope and not become overwhelmed. But there are consequences to extended lockdowns and those are economic. Businesses will find themselves drowning in debt – no income and certain unavoidable expenses. They may very well be forced to close which will increase the number of individuals who find themselves without employment. The impact of lockdown is likely to be extremely severe. This process only completes towards mid to end November.

Government will realise it has a massive fiscal deficit. With businesses not able to trade and generate income, the government will feel the effects of less tax revenue. The government will need to provide financial support for all entities and individuals post shut-down. It is going to be a massive undertaking for everyone.

We can’t take our eye off the ball currently – these are unprecedented times. We need to find sustainable solutions collectively.

What to do when Mercury is retrograde?


The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts and motor cars/modes of transport. So, when Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow extra time for travel, and avoid signing contracts. Double check your email responses, check in with reservations before you take that trip. Review projects and plans at these times, perhaps wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. You can’t stop your life, but plan ahead, have back-up plans, and be prepared for angrier people and misunderstandings.

This Mercury retrograde happens in Scorpio/Libra. At the start Mercury is opposed Uranus – we must expect some volatile interactions. Be prepared for the unexpected. Towards the end of October, Mercury squares Jupiter and Saturn. This implies there will be consequences for decisions taken. It will be interesting to watch the various business rescue scenarios during this period. Outcomes that stick may be tricky.


All of us are grieving. Some have lost loved ones to Covid-19. Others have lost loved ones to other illnesses and they may very well have been sick for a very long time. It must have been devastating not being able to be with these family members or friends in their time of need. Many people have lost incomes, jobs, businesses or livelihoods. Financial stress is very concerning and drowning in debt is incredibly stressful. Being unable to feed ones family and not having money to pay rent or your bond is a desperate situation. For others the loss relates to postponed weddings or family holidays.

We have all lost everyday routine – going to work and connecting with people in the office; missing the school routine of learning, friendship and sport; parents missing the social connections in the school environment whether it is watching sport, music concerts or plays. What about the Grade 12 class of 2020? They missed pretty much missed most of the academic year but also all the milestones – matric dance, sporting contests, charity work, plays and concerts. What about 1st year university students? Or final year students? Most had 6 weeks of university life. 2020 has been salvaged with online classes but there is no community experience of student life, sports and clubs. Mums with new born babies have lost the connection with other mothers in play groups or stimulation groups. The list is endless. We have all lost something in 2020 and we need to acknowledge this loss and process our grief.

I am reminded of the 5 stages of grief – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. This work related to loss from terminal illness. But it is now accepted that these stages of grief can be applied to anyone experiencing loss/grief whether through illness or loss of income or business etc.

I know this process well. I too was once consumed by grief post the termination of a Down’s pregnancy during an IVF journey. It was a very difficult period in my life but a time that was also incredibly powerful and transformative. I would encourage anyone to truly process one’s grief fully. It is not easy nor pretty. But at some stage the grief will need to be processed. When we push our feelings aside and try to control or deny our feelings they will find a way to emerge – perhaps many years later. It will be that much harder to process the grief that was so well hidden and buried. Grief is a completely natural process. We need to give people space to grieve knowing we cannot fix it for them. It is important to just be there and hold the space for them to grieve. This is also not easy.

The Five Stages of Grief Are…

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Denial – this is the first stage – not being able to fully grasp the situation – can’t believe this has happened. We enter this stage so that the loss doesn’t come crashing down on us.

Anger – we direct our anger outside of self – at the world, an institution, the health system. Anger allows us to work through some emotions without feeling vulnerable. Once the anger is exhausted the person has an opportunity to face the loss.

Bargaining – like denial and anger this stage allows us to avoid being vulnerable and asking for help. In this stage we bargain – if only…. It is only natural to try and make sense of the loss. But sadly there are some losses that cannot be explained.

Depression – this stage is the most recognisable stage of grief. We see others face their loss and become overwhelmed with sadness. Those grieving will tend to isolate themselves. It will be difficult to socialise, get out of bed and face the day. It just feels overwhelmingly difficult. You may very well feel like giving up and curling up in a ball and hoping to disappear. Life seems pointless. This is a natural process but can become very destructive if the person grieving doesn’t ask for help. Suicide is a real danger during this period.

Acceptance – this is the final stage, when the person grieving can see some light at the end of the tunnel. They are able to accept their situation and move forward. The healing process can begin and the person can integrate the loss into their life experience.

This process takes time. The grieving process cannot be rushed. The person may not move through all stages in sequence. It is often said that it takes 3 years to process a loss. The first year you are just going through the motions, the second year you are working through all the anniversaries related to the loss and it is only in the third year that you are able to move forward into the light.

We all need to recognise that this is a very difficult time globally. Grief is all around us. But is it also a time of profound change. Once we process the loss and move forward we will have stepped forward into a new reality – into the light.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – Stellium 2020

The last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto came together in this powerful combination was way back in July 1146. During this time they came together in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a sign associated with currency and resources, fields of wheat and cattle – agriculture. 1146 was recorded as a rainy year and the harvest failed in Europe leading to one of the worst famines in the century.

These planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now converge in Capricorn throughout 2020. This is the territory of governments and business. Corporates and governments need to change. Pluto is associated with taxation and debt. Excessive corporate profits are an issue as the income inequality across the globe is highlighted. Corporations needing to be taxed in the jurisdictions within which they operate is also significant. This is a big problem globally especially amongst the technology companies. People and governments are drowning in debt. We are in the midst of a global financial crisis. With the lockdown, global trade has been severely disrupted and many businesses will likely close as they struggle to survive this current period. Record numbers of people will be unemployed as businesses fold and falter. This situation is very concerning. Individuals will be pushing personal debt to the limits. This is just not sustainable. This is a big reset for the global economy.

This is also an important time to make sure that those in power (governments and corporations) do not abuse their power. There is a very real danger at this time.

Pluto is also associated with viruses and this time of Covid-19 has been particularly disruptive as we struggle with this unknown disease and no vaccine. The virus peak will likely drop off after end November 2020. Pluto is very much associated with fear and fear is paralysing. We need to be mindful to be careful and sensible and not fearful. As more information about the disease is revealed and treatment protocols in place hopefully this fear subsides in time.

This convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto has not happened for a very long time – not in living memory or even recent history. And this makes this time so unbelievable extraordinary and powerful. We have to change. We must change. We need to make changes individually and collectively.

Listen to this podcast – we should have paid more attention to the astrologers! 8 minutes 50 seconds into the podcast.

Eclipse 21 June 2020

Eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon align with the Moon’s Nodes. Eclipses repeat approximately every 19 years. See links below for the full explanation.

The Solar Annular Eclipse which occurred on the 21 June 2020 at 0 degrees Cancer has a link with the Total Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer in 2001. See the attached links to the paths of these eclipses. Totality is where the eclipse is most likely to have the greatest influence on the social, political and natural systems of those geographic areas affected.

Each eclipse belongs to a Saros cycle. These cycles start at one of the poles and travel north or south across the earth to the opposite pole. This process takes a very long time.

The Solar Annular Eclipse – 21 June 2020 at 0 degrees Cancer – belongs to Saros 4 North. This family of eclipses started on 25 May 1389 and concludes on 29 June 2633. This is described as a difficult Saros Series. The themes of restriction, restraint, separation, inhibition and illusions are present in this series. The series seems to block progress and it is best advised to wait until the eclipse passes before taking action. The effect of an eclipse is described as lasting about 6 months to a year.

Total Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer in 2001 – belongs to Saros 3 North. This series started on 10 Oct 991 and concludes on 11 Nov 2235. This series is described as excessive. Its main theme relates to young people or news that transforms a situation. The information can cause worry and this can lead to obsession.

The next eclipse at this degree will occur on 21 June 2039 – Annular Solar Eclipse – and will form part of the Saros 5 North Series. As you can see the Saros Series move forward from 3 North in 2001 to 4 North in 2020 and then 5 North in 2039. The 5 North Saros Series is described as a very unusual series involving sudden flashes or ideas that seem to have a psychic or unconscious association. Visions and dreams are the essence of this family of eclipses. It is described as a truly creative series and should leave those enriched.

William Lilly in the 16th Century described the solar and lunar eclipses by degrees of each sign. He divided each sign into thirds – first 10 degrees, 10 to 20 degrees and then 20 to 30 degrees. He describes 0 Cancer (first 10 degrees of Cancer) as a solar eclipse that disturbs the air and stirs up strange weather. It inclines men to arms and to violate National Leagues often deceitfully under the auspices of religion.

It is always interesting to follow the path of the eclipse as this is where it will be felt more significantly. Totality is more pronounced. Then it is interesting to see what the degrees mention of each eclipse and which Saros Series it belongs.


The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, and automobiles.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is important to remain flexible. Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing contracts. Double check your email responses, check in with reservations before you make that trip. It will be interesting to see what happens to travel as things open up here in SA and around the world in the Covid-19 crisis. Will there be a change in plan? It is very possible. We may well see a situation where a decision needs to be reconsidered and changed as more information comes to the surface. What about the situation re SAA and the business rescue process?

Review projects and plans at this time, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. You can’t stop your life, but you can plan ahead. Have back-up plans. Be prepared for irrational comments from people and general miscommunication.

Back up phones and computers. Keep track of keys – always good to keep them in the same place. You may be more prone to loose items in this period. Do your appliances break down? What about car troubles? All these issues are strictly trivial but can be annoying and irritating more than anything else.

This is a good time to sit back and review your plans. Take a moment to reflect. Be patient. Mercury retrograde can be an excellent time to take a step back and re-analyse what you are doing. Refrain from making any drastic changes until after the retrograde period has ended.

Consultations during Covid -19 Pandemic

This confirms that I am available for astrology consultations, the only change is that I will be working exclusively online for the foreseeable future.

I have worked this way with many clients over the years – those living elsewhere in SA and various other cities around the world. The technology works well and we can have a perfectly good consultation this way. I mostly use What’s App voice or video calls as most people use What’s App daily.

To book a consultation please get in touch with me via email –
I will need your date, time and place of birth details to prepare before we chat. The session lasts 60 to 90 minutes as per usual. In addition I provide a written summary post the session which includes all the critical information.

I look forward to hearing from you. These are difficult times with much uncertainty. Astrology gives insight into the future and this definitely provides comfort in uncertain times.

Pluto retrograde – 25 April to 3 Oct 2020

There was a rubella (German measles) pandemic between 1962 and 1965, which started in Europe and spread to the United States. In the years 1964–65, the United States had an estimated 12.5 million rubella cases.

Uranus and Pluto were in a dance with each other between Oct 1963 and June 1968. They were exact in 1965 and 1966 on 16 and 17 degrees Virgo.

Interesting Neptune is currently at 18 Pisces opposed this point in the 1965/66 era.
Immunisations and influenza are both associated with Neptune.

Pluto travels retrograde from 25 April to 3 Oct 2020 and will regress from 24 Capricorn to 22 Capricorn. It will be time once again to relook things that fundamentally must change. This is difficult. Letting go is one of the most difficult things for everyone.

We need to learn to let go and discard material possessions. It will make letting go of other aspects of life perhaps somewhat easier. This business of attachment is a problem for everyone. Holding on when we know things must change. We will need to dig deep at this time. Release and let go. When a planet travels retrograde we have to go over some aspect of our lives again.

Life and death are part of nature. This is a completely natural process. This sense of a continuous upward curve is not a natural cycle. Astrology speaks about cardinal – initiating, fixed – stabilising and mutable – breaking down and transforming. This is a natural cycle and we need to stop fighting nature’s way.

Live in Hope and not Fear

The Vital Factor in Healing – Your role in Coming to Health and Wellness

John Bell

John Bell the author, studied medicine in SA and became interested in holistic care. He completed a 2 year course in the USA and has since established himself as a holistic practitioner. He approaches life in this way. We are all going to die but until this happens we have a lot of living to do.

I decided to look at this reference book again and see what it had to say about viruses.

The author starts off to explain that many micro organisms live within and around the body and do us no harm. But there are some that are dangerous to our existence. An infection may kill one person and yet only affect another mildly. The question arises why? Why me? Why now? Why this? He reiterates that if you are not mentally and emotionally fertile for the viral experience it will not form part of your reality. Infections are spread from person to person and may also be transmitted from animals to people. Germs and microbes inhabit every known place on earth. Germs may contaminate your environment and this fits a belief system that the world is a dangerous place. This idea of contamination around cleanliness may reflect feelings of shame. And we saw in the last post, feelings of shame are not life affirming. What about this sense of contamination of new ideas? This too could be seen as dangerous to the existing way of life.

We need to appreciate that we breathe the same air as other people and should not feel afraid. The world is not out to harm us. Fear like a virus is toxic and pollutes our emotional well-being. He mentions that wearing masks adds to this sense of fear of the unknown. Fear of breathing the same air as others.

How do we navigate this time and our response to this situation? We need to remain positive and optimistic. We need to be open and trusting. Laughter is infectious and contagious. If you smile at a stranger in all likelihood the stranger will smile back at you. These positive responses are contagious. A new idea gives us hope. We need to have hope in these times of despair. A positive idea can spread through a community or the world creating optimism and hope. We need to trust that the world is a friendly and supportive place.

All through this book the underlying emotions associated with disease are negative. He frequently mentions shame, anger and rage. Get in touch with your emotional well-being. It is important to express your emotional needs and not suppress them. We all need to find appropriate ways of dealing with emotional pain. A very good activity is to write down your feelings on paper and then burn them – release these emotions that hold you back. Own your feelings and emotions and release those that are negative and not supportive of life. This is a very profound time to be releasing aspects of life that no longer work for us individually and collectively. We can only work on ourselves and do the inner work required personally. This has been an important time to connect inwardly and not outwardly.

We need to actively not live in fear and work with love, trust, forgiveness and kindness. This is the only way.

I love this little mantra that one can sing to oneself.

“Every little cell in my body is happy.

Every little cell in my body is well.

I’m so glad, every little cell

In my body is happy and well.”

This is a very powerful mantra and singing is very therapeutic to the brain. See the Facebook page Allison Davies – Brain Care not Behaviour Management

Power versus Force

I have just finished reading this incredible book called Power versus Force – David Hawkins

It seems like a very important time to think about these concepts with the world in lockdown. So here goes.

Force automatically creates a counter force. Force must always be justified. Force always moves against something. It is essentially incomplete and must be constantly fed. Force has an insatiable appetite. Force always creates a counter force, its effect is to polarise. This leads to conflict and the cost is high. Force always produces win/loose scenarios and creates enemies. Constantly faced with enemies, force needs to be defended. Defensive strategies are costly. Force is seductive and gives rise to a certain level of false patriotism and nationalism. Force is rooted in the material world. Force is arrogant. Force is self-serving.

Power on the other hand uplifts, dignifies and enables. Power is total and complete. It requires nothing outside of itself and makes no demands of others. Power gives life and energy. Force takes it away. True power originates from consciousness – a visible manifestation of the invisible. Power brings joy. Power originates in the mind. Power is not glamourous, it is unassuming. Power serves others. Power is unlimited. Many political and social movements begin with true power but as time goes on they become corrupted by self-seeking individuals. They end up relying on force and this will lead to their downfall. This pattern is repeated in history time and time again.

This map of consciousness indicates the levels of consciousness. Anything below 200 is not supportive of life, both individually and collectively. People with a consciousness level below 200 see themselves as victims. They see the source of all their problems originating out there. An enormous leap is required to take back one’s power with the realisation that happiness is found within and not out there. 85% of the world’s population is said to resonate below the critical 200 level of consciousness. Many people live in fear. Only 8% of the global population resonate above the level of reason at 400.

Kindness is one of the most significant transformational acts of all. To reach levels of unconditional love and joy requires an inward journey. Love is a state of being. It is a way of relating to the world. Creating space for a world that is forgiving, supportive and nurturing is living in a loving way. Above the levels of 500 the world seems to work effortlessly by synchronicity. The world becomes a place of love and Divinity and Grace. Individual will and Divine Will merge. It is at these levels that there is a realisation of the interconnectedness of the world.

It is important for those operating at the levels of apathy to move to a level of grief, followed by fear and then desire which propels one upward to anger and then pride and ultimately courage. It is at this level of consciousness where one can begin to engage more positively in the world.

Emotions that weaken are to be avoided – shame, hopelessness, guilt, fear, hatred and pride. Pride often comes before a fall.

Emotions that strengthen and uplift are to be encouraged – courage, acceptance, truth, reason, love, beauty, joy and finally peace.

Mankind has the ability to resonate at a higher level of consciousness by simply increasing his or her buoyancy and with an open heart and mind will effortlessly rise to a higher state of consciousness. Force can never accomplish this feat – only power and a journey inward and not outward.