Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter enters the sign of Aries on 11 May 2022. It leaves the sign on 28 October as it travels back into Pisces for a while and then enters Aries again on 20 December 2022 and continues its journey in Aries until 16 May 2023. Mars the ruler of Aries will connect with Jupiter between 22 May and 5 June and will be exact on 29 May 2022. Mars speaks about energy, action and aggression and Jupiter will magnify these qualities. Expect bold moves whether in the stock market, on the battle field or in the sports arena. Things are likely to become very competitive. Sports records may be broken. New frontiers are likely to open up especially when it comes to education, knowledge, travel and space. This is a time of confidence and bravado.

Mercury retrograde again from tomorrow

Mercury travels retrograde again from 10 May to 3 June 2022. This is a time to go over details related to information and data. More information might reveal itself. Deals may not go through and this may end up being a good thing. Dot i’s and cross t’s. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are more likely. Backup computers and phones. You may have issues with appliances or anything technical. Think gates, garage doors, house alarms. If you have been mulling over changes to any of these things, then now may just be the time you need to sort out your plans.

Ukraine and Russia

Both countries were born in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine on 1 Dec 1991 and Russia on 5 Sep 1991.

In 2013 and 2014 the government collapsed and there was significant protest action with Uranus and Pluto transits. President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia and left behind a lavish palace, indications of a corrupt regime according to the protesters. A decision was made to bring Ukraine closer to Europe and EU. In March 2014, Russia seized Crimea.
2015 and 2016 looked equally difficult indicating massive social unrest amongst people, the land and the public service in general. In this period a agreement was reached with Russia over the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. In 2016 and 2017 the issue relates to the image of the country and its leadership and relations with Russia. All is not what it seems. In 2017 the situation becomes untenable for the people of Ukraine. Poroshenko was President from June 2014 to May 2019.
2019 describes a big change in direction for the country and its leadership and during this period Zelensky was elected as President. He campaigned against corruption, poverty and an end to the war in the east of the country. In 2020 and 2021 pressure mounts in relation to the wealth of the country and its people. It is at this time that Zelensky orders a series of measures against oligarchs, some close to Putin and shuts down 3 pro Russian TV stations. Russia starts deploying troops along the Ukraine border from April 2021.
It looks like this situation may linger for a while until significant changes happen in 2025 and 2026.

Uranus made an aspect to Moon and Saturn in Russian chart between May 2018 and March 2019. This aspect speaks about instability abroad and with Ukraine. An uprising – a crisis. This situation will once again come into focus as Pluto transits in 2023 and 2024. It highlights issues with trade and legal matters that affect people far and wide and in neighbouring countries, together with communication and transportation. This is a destructive period. It signifies an end to the long drawn out conflict, the need to surrender. Pluto rules death, debt and taxation – there are many problems it appears. This war will have been costly in many different ways.
It certainly seems like this situation is unstable for a number of years.

In addition Pluto is about to change signs once again indicating a period of significant social and generational changes.
Pluto ingresses into Aquarius in March 2023 and stays in this sign until Jan 2044. This is a long cycle and this planet was last in Aquarius between 1777 and 1798. It was on 4 July 1776 that the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. America is undergoing its Pluto Return during 2022 and 2023 – this is a very significant period in US history. It is a time of significant change. Discarding old systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Pluto rules – death/debt/taxation.
There is no doubt these next few years create fundamental changes across the world.

29 March to 5 April 2022 – Venus and Mars connect with Saturn

The dominant theme in 2021 and 2022 has been the Saturn Uranus square. This aspect started in March 2020 and concludes in December 2022. The aspect was most intense in 2021 when it was exact 3 times on 17 Feb, 15 June and 24 Dec 2021. March 2020 was the start of lockdowns across the world. SA locked down for 3 weeks initially on 23 March 2020. But this lockdown has morphed into something else over time. Saturn speak about rules and those in authority and Uranus speaks about freedom and independence. These 2 planets are at odds and in a tricky relationship with one another. There are those in society who have been very pro lockdowns and there are others who have been anti lockdown as a means of controlling a virus as their personal freedoms have been trampled on. It has been obvious to see government overreach at various stages of this process. We are still in some sort of lockdown and it seems like governments are having a hard time weaning themselves off these rules and regulations. Especially governments like the ANC who have always yearned after a centralised system. The language of the National Command Council says it all. The National State of Disaster has been extended monthly since the start. The normal running of our Constitutional Democracy with Parliament as the oversight body is put on hold with enormous power vested in a small grouping of ministers.

We watched as the police and military were unable to control the riots which unfolded from 29 June to 7 July 2021. This looting was directly related to the arrest of Zuma and the battle raging on in the ANC. This is most certainly a time of social unrest. Lockdown has forced many businesses and individuals into financial distress. Millions of people have been pushed deeper into poverty with the disruptions to society over these past 2 years. The homeless problem has been exasperated with many more people on the streets and local authorities unable to act with the State of Disaster in place.

Venus and Mars joined this aspect in July 2021 – Venus speaks about love and money and Mars is the aggressor. On 7 July Venus and Mars opposed Saturn and made a square aspect to Uranus. This was a highly volatile time and after 9 days of chaos the situation calmed but not after a massive amount of destruction to business and society. We are still none the wiser as to what unfolded even though an estimated R20 billion worth of damages occurred to infrastructure and businesses in KZN and Gauteng mainly.

In July 2021 Venus and Mars opposed Saturn – now Venus and Mars will be joining Saturn in March/April 2022.

Venus was marching towards Saturn on 20 March and then on 24 March, Mars started its advance on Saturn – the day Russia invaded Ukraine. Mars is associated with a show of force and aggression. This aspect becomes intense in this next week from 29 March to 5 April. It certainly is a volatile time in SA and across the world. There are opposing forces at play – those wanting peace and those wanting war.

This Saturn Uranus square indicates a period of significant societal change – 1930/31 and 1950/51 and 1976/77 and 1999/2000 and now again in 2021 and 2022.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune 19 March to 8 May 2022

Jupiter magnifies what it touches. Neptune speaks about dreams and ideals. Imagining a more beautiful world. But Neptune also speaks about illusions and delusions. Dreams not in touch with reality. We can expect a big pull towards dreams of a better future – peace and not war. But is this a realistic option? Time will tell. Neptune is deceptive. It speaks about lies and manipulation. Jupiter seeks the truth and Neptune may make that hard to find currently. This aspect is exact on 12 April. Will peace manifest in the war in Ukraine?

Neptune rules drugs and alcohol. If you are an addict this may be a time when you struggle to manage your addiction – can’t get enough. Want more and more and more. This is a dangerous situation. Overdose? Escape. Can’t face hardship and just need an escape. The situation is not likely to resolve at this time. But there needs to be an acknowledgement that your current path is not sustainable. Time to be truthful with yourself. Stop deceiving yourself and others.

Neptune rules the oceans and oil. Expect oil prices to rise in this period.

Neptune is ultimately wanting us to find deeper meaning in our lives – not a desire to escape but a deep desire to connect spiritually in a universal way. Finding your way to your truth whether this is via a religious and or spiritual path.

Putin and Ramaphosa – born 1952

Interestingly both leaders were born in 1952. Putin on 7 October and Ramaphosa on 17 November.

Saturn conjunct Neptune square Uranus.

Saturn conjunct Neptune sextile Pluto.

Saturn is exalted in Libra and this emphasises the desire to be in control from a point of view of knowing what is right. Saturn conjunct Neptune speaks about an idealist. Dreaming of a better society. It also speaks about the possibility of being delusional, dreams not in touch with reality. This conjunction speaks about being disillusioned with the system at particular stages in life.

Saturn/Neptune sextile Pluto – desire for power and control especially with Pluto in Leo.

Saturn/Neptune square Uranus – desire to break the system with revolution and create an ideal society.

The years 1992, 1993 and 1994 (Uranus and Neptune transits) were significant for both these individuals in terms of their desire to create changes in society. And we know what happened to SA at that time. 2016/2017/2018/2019 (Uranus and Pluto transits) were equally significant and once again indicated a time of personal and societal change. Pluto speaks about destruction and decay and the need to discard outdated ideals from past. Uranus wants a significant change integrating innovation and technology. We can see what has happened to SA in this time. The dream did not materialise quite as anticipated and something new needs to be created – for self and society.

South Africa 2022 year ahead

1st quarter – the big focus is the economy which seems to be doing well. This is certainly a good time to deal with outstanding debt. We may well be able to borrow money from others as long as the resources are invested in long term infrastructure projects. This chart refers to disruptions at Parliament and could well refer to the recent fire at Parliament. Is this described as a terrorism incident? The chart seems to indicate that this is the case.

2nd quarter – this chart describes problems for our image as a country and describes that the problems are connected to known enemies within SA. There is a big emphasis in this chart on partnerships and many of these could be beneficial. But it could equally describe that some are tarnished by corruption. We will need to be careful about who and what? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The President is certainly driving this agenda. There is much energy being directed to the public service and this concept of ethical, values based public servants needs to be addressed. The public service may benefit financially from investors, but it does describe the situation as unpredictable and risky for investors. Ordinary South Africans continue to be focused on the economy as this seems to have fallen off since the holiday period. It looks like we may have to endure a sporting difficulty. We need to purge the rot – does this relate to administration? There are long standing problems that need to be addressed.

3rd quarter – there is much focus in this chart on trade, travel and the judiciary, legal system. This is certainly an important time for all legal matters and progress looks good for the country and the government. This could well improve our image if we get this right and due process is allowed to proceed. There may be some disruptions and unexpected legal events that we need to manage. The travel and tourism sector looks like it recovers well over this period. The President remains focused on partnerships and once again it looks like some may be devious. This is an excellent time to gain access to resources from others and invest in the public service and infrastructure. We must think long term and be single minded in our pursuit. This could speak about investment in communication and transport.

4th quarter – the economy is not likely to be doing well in this period. Are we able to borrow resources or are investors likely to invest? It seems somewhat unlikely. There is too much uncertainty and policy direction is not clear. Our poor economic situation is tarnishing our image. The currency is likely to loose value at this time. There seems to be a big upheaval coming in government and this chart describes a volatile and unpredictable period especially for the leadership and President. Known enemies of the government are wanting to create disruption and change. Is Parliament able to manage this issue? It seems like they don’t know which way to turn. Ordinary people want accountability and if this means jail then so be it. But does the judicial system have what it takes to hold those accountable? Do we see destruction of infrastructure especially related to public spaces? Do we see a repeat episode of the July 2021 riots? How does this affect the government going forward? Change is necessary but chaotic change is almost always a disaster.

Saturn square Uranus – March 2020 to December 2022 – lockdowns and those against this policy intervention in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Time to imagine a better world.

Saturn square Uranus started in March 2020 and will finally leave and part ways in December 2022. It entered aspect in March 2020 and then left shortly afterwards in April 2020. It then entered into aspect again in January 2021 and leaves again in February 2022. This aspect was exact on 17 February, 15 June and 24 December 2021. The tension was mostly felt in 2021. This aspect slowly moves apart in 2022 but does come together again in July and leaves again in December 2022. So the remnant of this square between Saturn and Uranus will still likely be felt in 2022 but to a lesser intensity than in 2021.

Saturn square Uranus is a very tricky aspect which speaks about social unrest and social activism. Saturn represents those in authority and the rules and regulations. Uranus on the other hand represents freedom and independence. It is interesting that during this period most countries around the world entered some kind of lockdown with mixed success. Early on people bought into the concept of locking down for a limited period of time to slow the pace of the virus but as time wore on, more and more people became disillusioned with lockdown and the restrictions on their freedom and independence especially in democracies around the world. There were those in society that were hell bent on following the rules even if they made no sense whatsoever and those that rebelled completely and didn’t want to be locked down or told what to do. It was these folks who valued freedom and independence and wanted more personal responsibility.

Lockdown policies have divided society, so too talk about vaccination mandates and passports. The same applies – there are those individuals who feel it is the right thing to do to protect themselves and society in general and there are others totally against mandates of any kind. They value freedom of choice. These planets are square – 90 degrees apart and this aspect creates enormous tension as both planets demand attention. This aspect also highlights the gap between the older generation and the youth, those invested in the system and those individuals seemingly excluded from the system. Lockdowns have been hugely costly economically and have aggravated differences between rich and poor. The inequality in society has been truly exposed and one could argue that it has significantly worsened. Poorer societies have struggled to cope with lockdown. More people have been left unemployed. It is these children that have had a really rough time with schools closed and not being able to access quality education as there is no WIFI or data available at home. The cost to society will be immense whichever way one looks at the problem.

Saturn speaks about society and the rules and regulations that govern organised living. This is important especially with regards to long term planning in any democracy. It is important to gain a greater understanding of our rights and responsibilities individually and collectively. With rights come responsibilities. In the last few decades a lot of emphasis has been focused on rights but perhaps not as much on the responsibilities attached to those rights.

Uranus speaks about freedom and independence and this planet certainly doesn’t want to be tied down or restricted in any manner or form. It desperately wants to redefine the structure of society and embrace new insights to create a better society in the future. But Uranus is volatile and often destructive and we certainly have witnessed this in SA – July insurrection (Zuma incarceration) and US – storming of Capitol Hill by Trump supporters post election announcement.

Uranus would like to tear things apart to create something new. But Saturn tells us that building important institutional frameworks takes time and needs to be done in an ordered manner. This is the tension we have observed in SA and globally around so many issues.

We do have a short window of opportunity to imagine a better world with Jupiter conjunct Neptune from 19 March to 8 May 2022. This aspect is exact on 12 April 2022. Neptune is the dreamer and the idealist. Jupiter wants goodness, growth and spiritual connection especially in the sign of Pisces. This aspect is reminding us of our interconnectedness. Nothing is separate. We are not islands. Island nations have been quick to shut borders and yet the virus travels across the globe. What happens in one country is bound to have an impact elsewhere around the world. Covid-19 has shown us this. It is everywhere regardless of the interventions. We need to connect with the goodness of humanity and find this in each other no matter where we live. Our connection to nature and all living creatures big and small is also significant. We are part of nature and we are all part of the universe. We need to expand our individual and collective consciousness and embrace our interconnectedness with the natural world.

ANC and SA – some thoughts from Dec 2019


Looking back, on 8 Jan 1990, Saturn made a conjunction to the Sun – a time for the leadership of the ANC to step up, taking on new responsibilities. A month later on 2 Feb 1990 the ANC was unbanned by FW de Klerk. It sure was a time for the ANC to play a much more significant role in the leadership and direction of SA.

Fast forward to 2019 and Saturn is once again conjunct the Sun in the ANC chart. A full cycle has completed – 29 year Saturn cycle. It is an important time to look at the roles and responsibilities of the ANC leadership. This is significant as once again it requires the leadership to be disciplined in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. It is a time to grow up, take charge, make important long term decisions and show leadership, thereafter earning the respect of others. This period is active from Feb to Nov 2019.

In addition there is a very difficult transit affecting the chart of the ANC – Pluto opposed Neptune – March 2019 to Nov 2020. This is going to be a very difficult time for the ANC as it gets to the bottom of all the illicit activities that have been going on within the organisation. Pluto demands that these allegations be investigated thoroughly. It is a time where the ANC needs to purge those involved in illicit activities and deal with matters that have been swept under the carpet. This is not going to be an easy process but is absolutely necessary for renewal. Strong leadership will be incredibly important at this time.

From March to Dec 2020, Saturn will make a conjunction to Uranus in the ANC chart. This last happened on 26 Jan 1991 after the ANC was unbanned in early 1990. This will once again be a time when we are likely to see the emergence of something new within the ANC. It describes that there will be a clash of the traditional versus more modern/innovative/revolutionary values and ideas. It speaks about a time of renewal if undertaken in a responsible, methodical and structured manner. It is likely to be rocky and unstable during this period of transition. Hopefully after this time they have rid the organisation of the corrupt and rotten members of the party and can move forward on a new trajectory.


The chart of South Africa has the Sun at 6 degrees Taurus. Uranus is currently moving through the sign of Taurus. This is a time where change is disruptive and unpredictable. The sun in a chart refers to the leadership of the country and this indicates that big changes are necessary. It describes that these times will be rocky and turbulent but could also be exciting if we embrace a new direction. We will need to be bold and innovative.

We do need to clean out the rot and this is not going to be a pleasant process. The SA chart describes that for the next 3 years from 2020 to 2022 we have to embark on a major clean out and those responsible for corruption need to be sent to jail.

From Jul 2023 to April 2024 things will shift significantly. Do we have a woman in the presidency? The public will have had enough and demand significant change. The public service will need to be changed fundamentally. This is not going to be easy. Transformed into a public service – truly at service to the people of SA?

Some thoughts on SA and the ANC 2019 and ahead – louise kerby astrologer

Mercury retrograde 2022

In 2022, Mercury will be retrograde fours times.
From January 14 to February 3, from May 10 to June 3, from September 9 to October 2, and from December 29 to January 18, 2023.
It is always a good time to back up phones and computers prior to the retrograde period in case these items get lost or there are technical problems. Be mindful of all communication whether verbal or in writing. Be conscious of delays with any documentation. It may end up being a good thing as more information comes to your attention. Be mindful of applying for any documents whether for travel or work or personal details. Make copies of all information you submit. It is at these times that things go missing or documents emailed are not received. So if these applications are important, make backups.
Be careful on the roads, this is not the best time to be involved in a car accident. It will cause you an inconvenience as you are without your car for a few weeks. You may well loose your car keys – so keep them in the usual place!
Mercury retrograde is usually not a drama just an inconvenience when things go wrong. There may be more misunderstandings than usual.