South Africa 2017 year ahead – Aries Ingress

This year the focus will be on Government, Parliament, the opposition parties, foreign policy and the economy.

Conflict is a big theme in this chart. The President is fighting for his life in Parliament. Parliament is in conflict with the President. The opposition are at war with the President. There is conflict all around and nobody is happy. Relationships are strained and there is a general level of dissatisfaction is all spheres of government. The opposition are concerned about our image in the world and they are very much with the people of SA in being concerned about the situation in government and foreign policy issues. The opposition parties need to work with the people of SA to highlight the structural problems in our economy and foreign policy.

There are likely to be disruptions in government and these will take the opposition parties by surprise. But they will also give impetus to opposition parties to tackle the problems in government head on. It is going to be a rocky road with many ups and downs and many surprises too. It describes that certain unpredictable issues could present themselves in government and the issues and consequences may not be what was expected.

The youth and the education system need to be treated as a matter of urgency and priority by Parliament, but it looks like things get stuck here and no action takes affect.

The focus of SA is on Government. President Zuma seems emboldened and will forge ahead with his own plans.

The people of SA are very concerned about foreign policy issues. The people of SA are concerned about our debt situation with other countries. Is this appropriate in the long run – these relationships? The people of SA are also very concerned about the economic outlook of the SA economy especially in the long run. There is a tightening of the economy and the long term prospects are foreboding. Foreign debt is a real concern for all. The people of SA are holding onto the fact that the judiciary can save the day.

Aries 2017 year ahead

This is an important year from a career or business perspective.
There are some issues at work that need to be addressed. There may be some relationships that are challenging at the moment and there are some financial issues that you need to resolve. You may feel undervalued at work. Make sure your expectations are realistic. You want to be more creative in your role and want to find more joy in the work that you do. This is causing tension in your world at this time. It is perhaps time to take a risk financially. You are likely to be rewarded financially if you do.

Your career may need to change as your commitments to your children increase. You may need to redefine your career direction taking these factors into account.

It is a good time to focus on your relationship and the commitment you have to your partner and your financial needs and commitments within this relationship. Some things may need to change and you both need to agree on what those changes will be. There are important implications financially at this time.

You may feel like you are taking strain with your friends. Perhaps it is time to be bold and find some new friendships.