Saturn Pluto conjunction 2020

These planets are conjunct between 28 Feb 2019 to 24 November 2020.
The conjunct is exact on 12 Jan 2020. This is a very powerful and destructive force for change. The only positive thing about this conjunction is that Mars and Uranus are not aspected in this chart and make no connection to this conjunction. These are 2 volatile planets – one associated with war and aggression (Mars) and the other rebellion (Uranus).

4 Aug to 19 Oct 2020 – Saturn conjunct Pluto, Mars in Aries, Mars square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto. This is a very powerful and destructive period. The signature for war is very prevalent. Mars is very powerful at this time and connects to this powerful collection of planets in Capricorn.
Mars in Aries – 28 June 2020 to 7 Jan 2021.

Retrograde planets –

Mars 9 Sep to 14 Nov 2020

Jupiter 14 May to 13 Sep 2020

Saturn 11 May to 29 Sep 2020

Pluto 25 April to 4 Oct 2020

All these players are retrograde during this period too and once they travel direct things could shift dramatically. The signature for war is very powerful in 2020.

Previous Saturn Pluto conjunctions since 1900.

22 July 1914 to 5 July 1915 – WW1

Exact – 4 Oct and 1 Nov 1914 and 19 May 1915

2 Nov 1946 to 3 June 1948 – post WW2

Exact – 11 Aug 1947.

21 Jan 1982 to 26 Sep 1983 – Cold War period (1979 to 1985 – threat of Nuclear War) and Falkland Islands War – Great Britain and Argentina, Iran/Iraq War, Lebanon War

Exact 8 Nov 1982

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