Critical moments in recent history of the ANC leadership

The ANC leadership finds itself at a crossroads. Currently Pluto is conjunct the Sun, implying that the organisation will implode if the current leadership is not purged. Fundamental change in required for the organisation to survive and remain relevant in South Africa. They faced a similar position in 1978 and 1979.

Between February and December 1992 – Uranus was conjunct the Sun in the chart of the ANC. This refers to a radical change in direction and leadership of the ANC, bringing with it new leadership and new insights.

During this time Nelson Mandela was elected leader of the ANC at the national congress. Prior to this on 11 February 1990, he was released after spending 27 years in prison.

Between February 1978 and July 1979, Pluto squared the Sun in the chart of the ANC chart. This was a time of profound change in direction for the ANC. Once again the leadership of the ANC was under enormous pressure to make significant changes to the direction of the organisation.

This was a turning point in the strategic direction of the ANC. Armed activity outside South Africa was not translating into an organised political base inside South Africa. In October 1978 a small delegation, led by ANC President Oliver Tambo, went to Vietnam to learn lessons that could be applied to the struggle in South Africa. Mac Maharaj and Jo Slovo were key players in this debate. Post this visit there was a sense that a national democratic revolution required the broadest mobilisation of the masses, encompassing all classes and strata of the oppressed, if this mission were to succeed. In this way the ANC could achieve its goal of power for the people in South Africa.

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