Gemini 2021 year ahead

Your focus is your children but also your own need to find joy and pleasure through sporty and or creative pursuits.

Work is a focus and things are going very well. You are able to provide the service to others that feeds you positively. Managing your own health and well-being is as important as being of service to others. That is why it is important to also have fun!
There are some frustrations around work and the family routine and day to day activities. Perhaps not getting the go-ahead completely. Still some disruptions and uncertainty at home that you need to navigate.

This is a good time personally and financially. You are in a good position to set yourself up financially for the future. Being responsible and prudent financially is important. Money is coming your way and this will certainly open up opportunities for you.

It looks like you are keen to travel to some place further afield. This is looking promising despite the difficulties with travel abroad and Covid-19.

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Louise Kerby

I am an astrologer practising traditional astrology in Cape Town. I specialise in birth chart readings. I am passionate about people’s stories and their life’s journey. It is very empowering for a client to understand and accept their life story. I am also fascinated by world events and the links to the planetary cycles. It is this notion of history repeating itself that fascinates me.