Saturn square Uranus – March 2020 to December 2022 – lockdowns and those against this policy intervention in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Time to imagine a better world.

Saturn square Uranus started in March 2020 and will finally leave and part ways in December 2022. It entered aspect in March 2020 and then left shortly afterwards in April 2020. It then entered into aspect again in January 2021 and leaves again in February 2022. This aspect was exact on 17 February, 15 June and 24 December 2021. The tension was mostly felt in 2021. This aspect slowly moves apart in 2022 but does come together again in July and leaves again in December 2022. So the remnant of this square between Saturn and Uranus will still likely be felt in 2022 but to a lesser intensity than in 2021.

Saturn square Uranus is a very tricky aspect which speaks about social unrest and social activism. Saturn represents those in authority and the rules and regulations. Uranus on the other hand represents freedom and independence. It is interesting that during this period most countries around the world entered some kind of lockdown with mixed success. Early on people bought into the concept of locking down for a limited period of time to slow the pace of the virus but as time wore on, more and more people became disillusioned with lockdown and the restrictions on their freedom and independence especially in democracies around the world. There were those in society that were hell bent on following the rules even if they made no sense whatsoever and those that rebelled completely and didn’t want to be locked down or told what to do. It was these folks who valued freedom and independence and wanted more personal responsibility.

Lockdown policies have divided society, so too talk about vaccination mandates and passports. The same applies – there are those individuals who feel it is the right thing to do to protect themselves and society in general and there are others totally against mandates of any kind. They value freedom of choice. These planets are square – 90 degrees apart and this aspect creates enormous tension as both planets demand attention. This aspect also highlights the gap between the older generation and the youth, those invested in the system and those individuals seemingly excluded from the system. Lockdowns have been hugely costly economically and have aggravated differences between rich and poor. The inequality in society has been truly exposed and one could argue that it has significantly worsened. Poorer societies have struggled to cope with lockdown. More people have been left unemployed. It is these children that have had a really rough time with schools closed and not being able to access quality education as there is no WIFI or data available at home. The cost to society will be immense whichever way one looks at the problem.

Saturn speaks about society and the rules and regulations that govern organised living. This is important especially with regards to long term planning in any democracy. It is important to gain a greater understanding of our rights and responsibilities individually and collectively. With rights come responsibilities. In the last few decades a lot of emphasis has been focused on rights but perhaps not as much on the responsibilities attached to those rights.

Uranus speaks about freedom and independence and this planet certainly doesn’t want to be tied down or restricted in any manner or form. It desperately wants to redefine the structure of society and embrace new insights to create a better society in the future. But Uranus is volatile and often destructive and we certainly have witnessed this in SA – July insurrection (Zuma incarceration) and US – storming of Capitol Hill by Trump supporters post election announcement.

Uranus would like to tear things apart to create something new. But Saturn tells us that building important institutional frameworks takes time and needs to be done in an ordered manner. This is the tension we have observed in SA and globally around so many issues.

We do have a short window of opportunity to imagine a better world with Jupiter conjunct Neptune from 19 March to 8 May 2022. This aspect is exact on 12 April 2022. Neptune is the dreamer and the idealist. Jupiter wants goodness, growth and spiritual connection especially in the sign of Pisces. This aspect is reminding us of our interconnectedness. Nothing is separate. We are not islands. Island nations have been quick to shut borders and yet the virus travels across the globe. What happens in one country is bound to have an impact elsewhere around the world. Covid-19 has shown us this. It is everywhere regardless of the interventions. We need to connect with the goodness of humanity and find this in each other no matter where we live. Our connection to nature and all living creatures big and small is also significant. We are part of nature and we are all part of the universe. We need to expand our individual and collective consciousness and embrace our interconnectedness with the natural world.

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Louise Kerby

I am an astrologer practising traditional astrology in Cape Town. I specialise in birth chart readings. I am passionate about people’s stories and their life’s journey. It is very empowering for a client to understand and accept their life story. I am also fascinated by world events and the links to the planetary cycles. It is this notion of history repeating itself that fascinates me.