Scorpio 2021/22 year ahead

This is an important time to step back and reflect on your goals and direction in life. You seem uncertain about which direction to go. Perhaps you are torn in different directions and this is not helpful. Work quietly behind the scenes and find direction and clarity. It is appropriate to keep things close to your chest as you are not certain what you want to do. Work and day to day routine seems to be problematic. What needs to change? Trying to please others and not focussed on what you desire? Well-being is important – take time to rest. You don’t want to end up in a situation where forced rest is required.

This is a wonderful time to focus on your relationship. There is much love and blessings in this area of your life. Home and family are important too. The structure and stability of home and family/children are important.

If you are not in a relationship, you may well be surprised. Your situation may change quicker than you think. Be open to the unexpected when it comes to relationships.

It’s a good time to focus on your own financial situation. Money flows more easily.

Published by

Louise Kerby

I am an astrologer practising traditional astrology in Cape Town. I specialise in birth chart readings. I am passionate about people’s stories and their life’s journey. It is very empowering for a client to understand and accept their life story. I am also fascinated by world events and the links to the planetary cycles. It is this notion of history repeating itself that fascinates me.